Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur

Unforgettable Jurassic Experience for You!

Animatronic Dinosaur Features

We can fabricate all kinds of Animatronic Dinosaur. Moreover, it’s lifesize & lifelike, and can be displayed in dinosaur parks, shopping malls, museums, etc…

After frame, electric system, sculpture, texture, skin, and painting work. Then, a lifelike dinosaur comes to life.

The Animatronic Dinosaur can be also driven by electrics or pneumatics.

We spare no expense in bringing this realism to life. Therefore, each Animatronic Dinosaur was replicated in every detail.

How We Make Animatronic Dinosaur

Weld the steel frame as per the dinosaur posture. After the welding completes, paint anti-rust on the frame.

Install engines at the specific location in accordance with movements design. Then connecting the electronic components. After that, repeatedly test the movements to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Cover the frame with the foam after movement test. Then experienced sculptors draw and sculpt the dinosaur outline. Most importantly, the outline is created scientifically based on the data of paleontological knowledge.

Draw the dinosaur texture with soldering iron as per scientific paleontology data or customers’ requirement.

Coat and scrape the silicone on the dino skin. After that, glue silk stockings on the foam and flap it till the texture is shown. Finally brush three layers of silicone on the skin.

Because of the three thick layers of silicone, it ensures our dinosaur water proof, sun proof. Above all, they can be outdoor display all years along.

Spray the paint on the dinosaur skin as per the pattern of the animatronic dinosaur design.

What Dinosaurs We Offer

Travel back to the Jurassic period and discover Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptor, etc. The most immersive dinosaur experience is designed to thrill people of all ages. Click to see Animatronic Dinosaur Catalogue.

The dinosaur appearance, texture, color as well as sound can be customized as per your request. Moreover, with the unique animatronic creatures, you can create an unforgettable Jurassic event.

Italy Clients Finalize Dinosaur Product Order

Not only have I made a great business acquaintance with Only Dinosaurs, I feel like I have also made a friend. Thanks Only Dinosaurs Team, I hope we can continue to trade for many years.

Dave Ferrell

Why Us

We provide thoughtful service and quality production as a trusted partner. Furthermore, helping our clients to build the most immersive dinosaur exhibition.

Let Our Animatronic Dinosaur be a Part of

Dinosaur Park

The most extreme Jurassic excitement.

Mini Golf

Get golf and dinosaur entertainment.

Shopping Mall

Unpredicted dinosaur encounters.

Water Park

Meet prehistoric giants in water theme parks.

Safari Park

Dinosaur hunting excitement overload.


Dinosaurs come back from museum.


Both “Sea Freight” or “Air Freight” are available. Thus, we can ship to any destination in the world.

How to Use

We have manual book to guide you how to operate step by step.

How to Install

There are installation video to guide you how to install, step by step.


There is a professional after-sales team to guide you how to maintain.

Our Clients

Our life size animatronic dinosaurs have thrived at Jurassic Falls, Singapore Zoo, Lake Compounce, Dino Expeditions, Dutch Wonderland, Singapore Zoo, Dutch Wonderland etc….