We created 20+ Animatronic Dinosaur Park projects in the past 9 years.
Normally, each dinosaur park has 20+ animatronic dinosaurs.

Our Animatronic Dinosaurs with roaring sound and smooth movements bring blockbuster to the dinosaur parks.  So far, we have 20+ Dinosaur Park Projects all over the world. Such as, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, South Korea, UK, Slovenia, Latvia, Chile, Russia……

It is not easy to run a dinosaur theme park, Only Dinosaurs provides you 5 Tips to Help Your Dinosaur Theme Park Get More Visitors. Nowdays, people would love to take a ride back into the history hence dinosaur theme park will help your theme park attract more tourists.

Just adding props and animatronic dinosaurs will not be enough, you also need to create the environment in which the dinosaur originally lived to make everything look realistic. Dinosaurs lived in a diversified environment which included trees, mountains and rivers hence you will also have to add all those elements to your park to make visitors believe that they have actually time-traveled to the past.

Here are some ideas about how to use animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur costume realistic and dinosaur theme props to decorate your theme park. Maybe they are a little simple, but we believe that you will get some inspiration about the theme park running from these pictures, Then, come and check the pictures below to start a journey and get more rough ideas.