Dinosaur Events: Unveiling the Magic Behind the Scenes

With a decade of animatronic dinosaur expertise, we thrive in crafting tailored design solutions for your dinosaur events.

  • Creative design services
  • Realistic dinosaur manufacturing
  • Worldwide dinosaur shipping 
  • Expert dinosaur installation
dinosaur events-jurassic golf night view

How We Craft Memorable Dinosaur Events

Uncovering the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication behind every aspect of the dinosaur attractions. From design inception to manufacturing and expert installation guidance, witness the magic unfold behind the scenes.

Design Unique Dinosaur Exhibits

Bring Jurassic Park to life! We design & build custom lifelike animatronic dinosaurs for parks, museums, zoos, events, and more.

Pro designers, 5+ years experience.

dinosaur events- Jurassic gate design drawing
A woman in blue overalls is applying texture to an electronic Spinosaurus

Crafted By Our Expert Team

Dive deeper with collaborative dinosaur creation! We craft bespoke animatronic dinosaurs through teamwork.

Expert designers + dedicated builders = unique & flawless results.

Global Dinosaur Installation Services

Expert dinosaur installation services by Onlydinosaurs team. We handle all aspects of dinosaur exhibit installation, from planning to final placement. Trust us with your expertise for your next dinosaur project.

Workers in red overalls are installing an electronic dinosaur

Jurassic Farm In The US, 2023

Our giant animatronic dinosaurs made Jurassic Farm a social media sensation! bring in roaring crowds with our ultra-realistic dinos! 

Customer Testimonials:

Stellar experience! They have a knack for understanding my vision and turning it into reality. Most importantly, the visitors have a blast exploring the farm and interacting with the exhibits. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience.”

Jurassic Golf In The UK, 2023

Jurassic Golf delivers a memorable Jurassic experience for all ages with our life-size animatronic dinosaurs. Critics are raving about this immersive prehistoric adventure!

Customer Testimonials:

“Their animatronic dinosaurs were incredibly realistic and added a whole new level of excitement for our guests. The design team was fantastic at working with our vision and creating a truly immersive Jurassic experience. We’ve seen a huge increase in foot traffic and rave reviews since the update. Highly recommend!”

Leeds Jurassic Trail In The UK, 2023

Dinosaurs invade Leeds shopping center & foot traffic explodes! Jurassic Trail’s massive herd of 10+ animatronic dinosaurs transformed the Leeds shopping center into a prehistoric paradise!

Customer Testimonials:

“Seeing the giant animatronic dinosaurs bring me a wave of wonder and excitement. The details on these creatures are incredible and make them feel incredibly lifelike. The animatronics were impressive, and the interactive displays are engaging, it exceeded my expectations!”

Custom Dinosaur Creations For Your Vision

Bring Dinosaurs to Life! We design, build & install animatronic dinosaurs. Contact us to create your unique Jurassic experience!