Rent a Dinosaur

If you’ve ever wondered: “Where can I rent a dinosaur?” You’re in the right place.

Only one-time use? Why not rent a dinosaur?

Since 2013, we sent hundreds of dinosaur costumes all over the world. And many of our customers provide “dinosaur costume for hire” services around their areas. Such as Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Virginia, etc… 

Usually, you can rent the dinosaur costume in any event & occasion. Examples include Birthday Parties, Comic Cons, Shopping Malls, Schools, Sports, Corporate Events, etc.…

Here is the list of our US and European clients who provide dinosaur rental service:

Rent A Dinosaur in Houston

Jurassic Extreme, Houston, USA

Ravage Production, New York, USA

Floridadinosaur, Florida, USA

Party Rex, Los Angeles, USA

Dinosaur Party, Orange County, USA

Jurassic Promos, San Antonio, USA

Wildwestraptors , Collinsville, USA

Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Evansville Indiana, USA

Southern California, USA

Prehistoric Events, Virginia, USA

Meet-Pete-Dinosaur-Hire, Kent, UK

Party Box, Aberdeen, UK

Science Dome, Bournemouth, UK

Cuzco Animatronics, Vichy, France

Jurassic Event, Radom, Poland

Zivydinosaurus, Jihlava, Czech

Dinosaurus S.R., Slovakia

Profile Events, Dublin, Ireland