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Sourced by: Only Dinosaurs

Imagine being able to see a real, living dinosaur. It’s not just the stuff of movies anymore. At Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK, we make it possible. Through our partnership with the dinosaur park, our team is very honoured to bring those dinosaurs back to life. Let’s look at how Only Dinosaurs cooperates with our customers.

1. Our Client: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

A new era has dawned at Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK! No longer shall visitors be able to see only the traditional array of animals one would expect to find in such a place. Now, there are roaring dinosaurs too!

Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK is a family-friendly wildlife park and has constructed a new dinosaur theme park in its place. All your Jurassic imagination can be met by different Jurassic-themed family rides in the dino park. Dinosaur lovers can take pictures with those life-sized dinosaurs.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

In addition to the dino park, the attraction offers a wide variety of other things to do, from dino racers to stamp trail for kids and dino dig. They all add up to a family day out, which is guaranteed to be interesting and even bring out the kid at heart in everyone.

2. Why Does Customer Choose Only Dinosaurs?

First of all, Only Dinosaurs is an animatronic dinosaur manufacturing expert from China and own a dinosaur habitat (dinosaur factory) to hatch and nurture life-sized moving dinosaurs for the dino park.

In addition, our team also make dinosaur skeletons or dinosaur bones for dinosaur museum and dinosaur attractions. That will make you confused with real and replica fossils!

Sourced by: Only Dinosaurs

Secondly, Only Dinosaurs have completed many dinosaur-theme park projects in Britain. Whether it’s for animatronic dinosaur parks, dinosaur adventure park, or dinosaur-themed park, our team has the knowledge and experience to make even the most ambitious animatronic dinosaurs come to life.

Thirdly, Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK obtained a positive evaluation of Only Dinosaurs from our project leader in the UK. This enhances the confidence of customers to place orders.

Thanks to our amazing customer, Only dinosaurs is so glad to work with them together to bring dinosaurs to the wildlife park and make it happen.

3. How Did This Project Come to Us?

Jamie, in charge of the Dinosaur Park UK project, found us through a Google search. He made an inquiry after browsing Only Dinosaurs’ website full of amazing animatronic dinosaurs.

He also told us their great idea is to build a dinosaur area in the current wildlife park. What they need are lifelike dinosaurs to make the park more like the prehistoric world.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

We recommended to Jamie the dinosaurs that appeared in the Jurassic scene for him to choose from. The final picked four animatronic dinosaurs include the honest Triceratops, the fierce T-Rex, the colourful Dilophosaurus and vivid Stygimoloch.

Sourced by: Only Dinosaurs & Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

In addition, in order to increase the interesting interaction in the dinosaur activity corner, Jamie hopes to increase some dinosaur-related activities.

So we recommended crate Raptor Blue to him. The children scrambled to surround the little guy. Dinosaur eggshell is another recommendation for dinosaur-themed activities in the prehistoric world. People can take photos here and create their own memories of the Jurassic period.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK & Only Dinosaurs 

It was a lot of work, but it was so worth it. Now, every time you visit the park, you can see these prehistoric creatures up close and personal.

4. How Do We Work with Customer to Create the Best Animatronic Dinosaurs?

After receiving the order, we issued the production order to our process team in a moment.

In order to ensure that we can create every robotic dinosaur that meets customer requirements, our team will send dinosaur pictures to customers at each step of the production process. You might ask how their manufacturing is going, just like you can ask about logistical information whenever you want. Look at the picture below! It’s a feedback email from our customer.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

Finally, we completed the delivery according to the time limit. After receiving the dinosaurs, the customers also brought us positive feedback. They believed that the dinosaurs would attract a large number of tourists to the park.

Only Dinosaur was greatly honoured to work closely with Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK to ensure that their Jurassic vision for their dinosaur is brought to life. We take pride in our work and the relationships we build with our clients.

5. Our Dinosaur Models Display in the Dinosaur Attraction

Now we gonna show you a world of dinosaurs in our client’s park. Attention, dinosaur is coming!

The first one is a dinosaur favourited by all ages, yes! This Triceratops animatronic features authentic skin, a detailed skin texture, and a realistic-looking mouth. This animatronic triceratops lifts its head, opens and closes its mouth, blinks its eyes, and moves its tail like a real dinosaur.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

Well, T-rex is the king of dinosaurs in the world of dinosaurs. This T-rex model is incredibly lifelike, with a moving head and tail and the ability to let out fearsome roars. It would make a great addition to any theme park or special event.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK

This Dilophosaurus animatronic is the perfect addition to any Jurassic-themed park. It features blinking eyes, a moving head and tail, and realistic details that are sure to amaze guests of all ages.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK & Only Dinosaurs

Remember the reckless Stygimoloch in the Jurassic world? Don’t know whose wall was knocked open again. Our lovely Stygimoloch is deeply loved by visitors to the dino park.

Sourced by: Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK & Only Dinosaurs

Where are dinosaurs in the UK? now you will know Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park is a great way to see some vivid dinosaurs.

Whether you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise or not, there’s no denying that dinosaurs are fascinating creatures. And thanks to organizations like Ark Wildlife and Dinosaur Park UK, we now have the opportunity to see these dinosaurs roar up close in wildlife parks.

Only Dinosaurs is excited to be working with customers on their amazing Jurassic Park projects in the UK! Our professional team has a wide variety of animatronic dinosaurs available for the best dinosaur attractions, and we’re always looking for new and surprising ways to bring these prehistoric creatures to life.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible dinosaur experience, and we’re always looking for new ideas and suggestions. So if you have an idea for a dinosaur-themed project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We are ready to hear dinosaur stories from your park any time!

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