Why Choose Lifelike Dinosaur Costumes Over The Inflatable Ones?

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When it comes to fantasy creatures and sci-fi movies, it is a dinosaur that intrigues and amazes us. With the wide popularity of the Jurassic franchise, people now love to include dinosaurs in their daily lives. From Halloween parties to science exhibitions, dinosaurs can be of great use for a variety of purposes. With the help of dinosaur costumes, you can easily portray the role of a dinosaur. Over the years, the market for these costumes has significantly got advanced. With animatronic technology, these costumes have now become more realistic. When it comes to lifelike dinosaur costumes, there are two major options available in the market today. They are inflatable ones and realistic ones. Both are in wide use lately. If you intend to buy a dinosaur costume any soon, then take a look at the comparison of both the costume type to make a well-informed decision. 

Dinosaur Costumes Materials

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There’s no doubt that inflatable costumes are made with low-quality materials that don’t give authentic appeal to your look. Realistic costumes, on the other hand, are made with a combination of quality materials that gives them a realistic and durable built. Hence, always go for a real looking dinosaur costume if you want to get hands-on the quality product rather than settling for a cheap material inflatable costume. Though it might cost you less, inflatable costumes can never give you the required appearance and durability you would be looking for in a lifelike dinosaur costume.


In realistic lifelike dinosaur costumes, the animatronic technology powers all your movements that give an authentic look to the costume. You can easily move around, wag its tail, and even roar like a real dinosaur. All this can be done with a few triggers and steering. There’s also a camera connected to a monitor inside that lets you see from inside. When it comes to comfortable movement, lifelike dinosaur costumes should always be your preferred option. 

Here’s video for better understanding:

Variety of Options


Dinosaurs have different types, and if you are looking to get a T-Rex, Velociraptor, even Spinosaurus, you cannot probably find its inflatable version. It’s true, inflatable dinosaur costumes don’t have many options when it comes to dinosaur types. Lifelike dinosaur costumes, on the other hand, have a wide range of options. You just name it, and they’ll have it. You just need to find a reliable provider or online store that can provide you with the best realistic dinosaur costume

Lifelike dinosaur costumes are in demand. From Halloween parties to theme parks, they are used everywhere. People just adore dinosaurs, and when it comes to educating or entertaining people with dinosaurs, you need to make sure that you make a lasting impact. 

This was a comparison between inflatable and lifelike dinosaur costumes, which clearly states the winner. Hands down, the animatronic powered lifelike dinosaur costumes are the ideal choice to make a unique and lasting impression. 

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