We Bring White Polar Bear Cartoon Characters To Life

Hey, have you heard? onlydinosaurs has brought the white polar bear cartoon character into reality. The white, soft, and naive polar bear is standing in front of us! If you have never seen a real polar bear, then you have come to the right place. Let’s witness the miraculous moment together. Of course, if you have already seen a real polar bear, we also need you to join us. Come and take a look at what we have produced. Are the polar bears we produced realistic enough? Okay, without further ado, let’s go and pick your favorite white polar bear cartoon character!

2 Popular Cute Polar Bear Cartoon Characters We Bring To Life

Coca Cola Bear

Coca‑Cola polar bears have a rich history. The polar bear first debuted in a Coca‑Cola print advertisement in France in 1922 and then appeared periodically for the next 70 years. The modern polar bear did not make its debut until the 1993 “Always Coca‑Cola” campaign in a television ad called “Northern Lights.” Since then, the polar bear has appeared in numerous television and print advertisements, becoming one of the most popular symbols of Coca‑Cola.

They are so cute right? Surprisingly, it was a puppy that brought life to this adorable Coca-Cola polar bear.

When asked to develop an innovative commercial for Coca‑Cola, creator Ken Stewart thought about drinking Coke at the movies. As a puppy, Mr. Stewart’s Labrador Retriever had resembled a polar bear. Mr. Stewart saw his dog, thought about polar bears and how they would go to the movies, and the idea for “Northern Lights” was born. In the commercial, the polar bears watch the aurora borealis (the “movie”) and drink from bottles of Coca‑Cola.

coca cola polar bear in event - White Polar Bear Cartoon Characters
coca-cola-store-las-vegas - White Polar Bear Cartoon Characters
coca-cola-store-las-vegas - White Polar Bear Cartoon Characters

Until now, you can still see this cute polar bear character active in some event venues. With its round head, round body, and innocent appearance, its appearance always focuses the attention of the scene on it. Who can resist a cute and furry polar bear that is not aggressive towards you? But don’t take it lightly, it may turn back to its naughty side at any time and put your head in its mouth. Don’t worry, you won’t have a wet head because of its saliva.

It’s a pity that I have never seen a polar bear or a Coca-Cola polar bear in real life, but what is exciting is that we have made these cute animal characters into life-size wearable polar bear costumes.

This super realistic polar bear costume can move like a real polar bear. , it is very cute when it blinks and moves its ears, and it can even make the sound of a polar ice bear. If you see it, you will definitely want to hug it.

Super vivid cute polar bear costume - White Polar Bear Cartoon Characters

Kallik – The Seekers

The Seekers is a children’s novel series written by Tui T. Sutherland and Cherith Baldry under the pseudonym Erin Hunter, who also wrote the Warriors series. Seekers follow the adventures of four bear cubs: Kallik (a polar bear), Lusa (a black bear), Ujurak (a small grizzly bear who can shape-shift into any animal), and Toklo (also a grizzly bear).
Kallik is first seen in The Seekers as a young polar bear cub; she lives in Hudson Bay with her mother Nisa and brother, Taqqiq. The three used to live in a small den on the ice, where Nisa taught her cubs how to survive, but it wasn’t long before the ice began to break up, forcing the three bears to travel toward land.

The Seekers 1
Family tree of kallik

Kallik is a very classic image of a white polar bear, so we used the most primitive crawling form of the polar bear when making it, that is when the polar bear walks on all fours. Different from the standing Coca-Cola polar bear, it is closer to a real polar bear. Whether it is facial expressions, calls, movements, or head-to-body proportions, it is very faithful to the real polar bear, and it is adult alike size, Very convenient to wear and perform some actions. Do you think the polar bear costume in the video below is realistic enough? ​We reveal the tutorial on how to make this polar bear in our blog How To DIY A Super Cute Polar Bear Costume, so that everyone can see how such a realistic polar bear is made from scratch.

The other cartoon style white polar bear cartoon characters

Lars – The Little Polar Bear

The white polar bear cartoone character lars is a very cute character in the movie series The Little Polar Bear (in Dutch: Lars de kleine ijsbeer).

Lars is spunky, cute, and loves making new friends. He is also selfless, honest, and as any kid would, he gets into trouble and is extremely curious. Lars lives with his parents, Nina and Mika, and has a menagerie of wonderful friends, from Robby the seal pup and Lena the Inuit girl to Nemo the seafaring cat and Yuri the hilarious puffin. He won’t let any rule, bully, or monster stand in his way, and goes on exciting adventures throughout the series.

Lars – The Little Polar Bear
Icee Bear – We Bare Bears

Icee Bear – We Bare Bears

Ice Bear is the youngest of the trio, but is, undoubtedly, the strongest, the cleverest, and, in some respects, the most mature of them. His cool, calm, and composed demeanor sets him apart from his more boisterous bear brothers, Grizz and Panda. He was able to rescue his older brothers from certain death without too much hassle and is quick to jump into action if he finds a threat arising. He cares for both of his brothers dearly. He tends to do most of the chores of their arctic home, though he doesn’t seem to mind this. Despite his willingness to pitch in where the others don’t, he still takes days off to relax and unwind.

Not only is he a smart and strong bear, but he’s also essential to the Bears’ brotherhood. Hands down, it’s one of people’s favorite white polar bear cartoon characters.

ICEE Bear – ICEE ads

The ICEE Bear is a classic icon in advertising, representing the popular ICEE frozen beverage. With his red bib and always-present straw, he embodies the chilled, refreshing spirit of the brand. Decked out in a red hat and blue scarf, ICEE Bear radiates a fun and friendly vibe that captivates a wide audience. This cute polar bear cartoon has delighted fans since the 1960s, his cheerful demeanor and charming appearance significantly contribute to the marketing campaigns for ICEE beverages, establishing him as an instantly recognizable mascot in advertising.

ICEE Bear – ICEE ads
Iorek Byrnison – The Golden Compass

Iorek Byrnison – The Golden Compass

Iorek Byrnison – The Golden Compass Iorek Byrnison, a prominent character in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy, first appears in the series’ initial book, “The Golden Compass” (also known as “Northern Lights”). As an armored polar bear or Panserbjørne, Iorek resides in the frigid lands of the North. Compared with the above white polar bear cartoon characters, Iorek Byrnison is more brave and resolute, like a human warrior who saves the world, and is a very outstanding character.


So what’s your favorite white polar bear cartoon character? Is it one of them? We are trying to make different types of polar bear costumes. Whether it is Coca-Cola Polar Bear or Kallik in Speekers, they are cartoon characters that are very close to real polar bears, while the other styles of polar bears mentioned at the end are more cartoon-like. , the polar bear characters appear more cute and naive. If you want to see this type of polar bear, you can contact us and customize your own polar bear.

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