Which Is Your Favourite Ice Age Animal From the ICE AGE Movie

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Ice Age Animals are featured in the movie ICE AGE- Dawn of the dinosaurs movie. You can see three main characters in the film, and all are kids’ favourite characters.

Scrat- the sabre-toothed squirrel, Manny, and Ellie- two giant mammoths are waiting to welcome their new Mammoth after a long wait. The other characters are Diego-the sabre-toothed tiger, and Sid- a sloth who stealthy tries to steal dinosaur eggs. He wants to create a beautiful family of his own with whom he wants to enjoy every happiness in life.

Film Characters in detail

1. Manny- the Mammooth:

Manny the Mammooth 1

Manny- Mammoth is one of the characters in the film which used to live in the unforested plain grasslands of Eurasia and North America. Nothing more is known about these species because they existed 2,00,000 years ago when there were no traces of human existence on Earth. This giant African elephant is not like the present-day elephant as it had large wool balls covering its skin.

This furry skin of these ice age animals made them distinct from the present-day African elephants. The smaller ears of these elephants, unlike the present-day African elephants, prevented heat from escaping the body, and reduce the harmful effects of frostbite. It is a beautiful reddish-brown colour elephant, while many mammoths are ranging from blonde to black.

They had huge teeth, almost the size of its trunk, which helped them to fight with predators and save themselves. Moreover, the giant tusks of the Mammoth enabled them to get food that allows them to cut through the fewer grasses found in the grasslands of Eurasia.


2. Sid- the sloth:

Sid the sloth 1

It is another ice age animal species – a victim of megafaunal extinction thousands of years ago due to climatic change. This giant sloth belonged to the species of present-day tree sloths. But they didn’t resemble the present-day sloths.

These mammoth-sized sloths lived on the ground and ate vegan foods like leaves, plants, unlike the present-day meat-eating sloths. They had huge palms, but they didn’t use them for preying on other animals.

The modern researches prove the fact that they were herbivorous. History states that these animals originated in Argentina and moved to North America gradually.


3. Scrat- the sabre-toothed squirrel:

scrat the sabre toothed squirrel 1

This character is an attempt by the filmmakers to bring about fun elements to the film. However, there is no evidence to prove that there was such a ice age animal in existence during the ice age. Also, he is one of the characters in the movie always in search of Acron throughout the film.

After two years, research threw some light into the existence of large-toothed tiny rats that dwelled and moved around along with the giant dinosaurs. They lived on earth millions of years ago in South America and closely resembled Scrat species with a spout and large teeth.


4. Deigo- Saber-toothed cat:

deigo saber toothed cat 1

The cats of ice age resembled more of a bear and preyed on deers, bison, camels, and sloths. They used their canine teeth to tear the neck of the victim to death.


Interesting Facts About the Film Ice Age -Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The film “ICE AGE- Dawn of the dinosaurs” was one among many animated films that generated a high revenue during the year 2009. It earned an income of 886 million dollars and was the story of prehistoric animals.

The story of the film begins with Manny and Ellie expecting their first baby to complete their family and their struggle to safeguard their young ones from predators. Meanwhile, Sid- the sloth also longs to have a family and starts cosseting three dinosaur eggs in the hope to make a family of his own. When the egg hatches, he is taken aback.

After that, three Tyrannosaurus Rex babies come out of the eggs with a disastrous character. But, many young animals stay away from them as they are afraid of the nature of these three dinosaur offsprings.


Over to you!

In short, this picture is an entertaining movie for kids that used the technique called Animatronics. This technique also helps us to create many animals from prehistoric times to present-day animals. It is with the help of this technology many filmmakers create animatronic animals.

This animatronic technology encourages us to create ice age animals that respond to our surroundings. Moreover, they make sounds when the kids go near them and never fail to entertain these kids with their close to real movements. We also posted the blog 20 Best Dinosaur Cartoon Movies for Kids: The Latest List. Do you have any favorite characters?

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