What If A Dino Comes Alive at the Party?

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Hey, don’t get scared, it’s not a real dino! It can be a T-Rex Suit and a man inside it to scare the people around. Well, it’s such an amazing idea, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the dinosaurs? Maybe they were the scariest creature of all time, but they were attractive, and it’s true that sometimes we love the thrill that scares us, isn’t it?

Remember When You Saw the Dinosaurs for the First Time in Big Screen?

Yes, I am talking about Jurassic Park, the movie by Steven Spielberg. How scary yet amazing experience it was, for the first time the dinosaurs came alive right in front of us at the giant screens.

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That Terrifying Scene of Jurassic Park, When Suddenly You See a T-Rex in Front of You

Surprise the guests at the Halloween Party with the Most Surprising Outfit

Not only the kids, but even the adults also will be surprised to find someone dressed up as a real T-Rex, the terrifying creature ever lived on the earth. The raptors or the triceratops, whom we know as the T-Rex, are the most ferocious dinosaurs who can do what not we have seen in the Hollywood movies.

Why Suddenly the Dinosaurs?

We, Only Dinosaurs have come up with an innovative idea of making T-Rex suit that can be worn in a number of occasions such as Halloween parties or even at weddings. It’s true that people are wearing T-Rex costume at the wedding parties to surprise the wedding couple.

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Sometimes, even the couples are seen wearing this realistic riding t-rex costume to surprise the guests. It’s all because people love surprises- to get or to give, we love surprises.

A T-Rex Scaring People at Public Place

Will People Not Get Fainted When They See Such a Dangerous Creature in Front?

Well, people with heart disease, may face some issues, so to be on the safer side, avoid going near them. Others will be scared a bit, but this dino doesn’t hurt people, so there are no chances of damage.

What About the Kids? How Will They React?

Ohh, the kids will love this Playful T-Rex, they will come near to this and touch with many surprises. Then when the dino suddenly shakes its body, they will burst out with wild laughter. So, if you want to give your kid a surprise, nothing else can be a better option than this amazing toy dino.

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You Can Try for a Dino Prank for Vlogs or Make a Live Video to Catch Every Moment

Nowadays, vlogs, youtube videos, live videos have become so popular that almost everyone is into vlogging. They vlog about various activities they perform, but it’s kind of a difficult thing to find out new and innovative ideas to vlog about. In this scenario, one can easily make a dino prank vlog with this amazing stuff by Only Dinosaurs. No wonder, you will get huge attention and views to your vlog.

A Baby’s Reaction at the Dino Prank!!!

What Are the Other Things Available With the T-Rex Costume?

The realistic dinosaur costume comes packed with a monitor inside it, which allows the person wearing it, to see what’s going on outside. There’s a tiny hole at the nose points of the T-Rex to take a breath. There is also an electric fan fitted inside the costume which helps to maintain the temperature inside.

The fan works nicely with the help of a powerful battery which is carefully placed inside the costume. There are ankles and channels to keep the ride-on T-Rex costume intact and maintain the accurate shape.

Any Special Functions Performed by the Dino?

 These dinos can move, run, jump, scream as the original dinosaurs, blink their eyes. These special features make them look like real dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Costume by Only Dinosaurs

How Long Will This Costume Last?

These costumes are long-lasting, and they are manufactured in such a way so that they can stay for a longer period without any damage. But, at the same time, you need to keep them nicely in a safe place after every use. If you can maintain them nicely, they will last for around five years or more. Though these Dinosaur Suits are washable and water-resistant, still it’s better not to keep them under heavy rain to be on the safer side.

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Can I Customize the Costume?

Of course, you can do that. We will love to design the costume if you have anything in your mind. Even, instead of T-Rex, if you want any other dinosaur in mind like allosaurus, velociraptor, brontosaurus, triceratops, or even the pterodactyls, we would love to design them.

But those customizations may take a bit longer to finish-up the designing part. Normally, it takes a week’s time to complete the designing of a T-Rex suit after someone makes a purchase order. But, if it is a customized design, it might take a few days more.

What About the Warranty?

We provide warranty for each costume you purchase. In case of any damage, we will repair that and resend to you, if there is a valid reason for the damage. You can find out our terms and conditions and product replacement policies to get more information about this. To know personally, you can get in touch with our team by sending a mail to us or calling us at the contact number mentioned in the contact us page.

What is the Cost of a T-Rex Suit?

The cost is based on the type of costume you are looking for and whether you want any customization to it. There are a wide variety of dinosaur costumes available with distinct features and various specifications for each.

Depending upon the product you are looking for, the cost will vary. To get the details about the different types of dinosaur costumes, please visit our official website https://onlydinosaur.com and select the one you are looking for. Then, to know the exact pricing, please get in touch with our team. They will give you the best deal.

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