New Walking Dragon Costumes

New Walking Dragon Costumes

Walking Dragon Costume has become the most popular suit in our custom series. So far, Only Dinosaurs Production has created more than 10 sets of walking dragon costume all over the world.

Recently, Only Dinosaurs Production created 2 brightly colored, unique shape of walking dragon costume according to the requirements of US customer “Prehistoric Adventures“.

Blue Dragon Costume

Green Dragon Costume

Before production, the customer specifically provided the color requirements of them — Colors like the stars in the sky makes our painting staff really “headache”.

Blue Dragon

Green Dragon

In order to paint the colors of dragon costumes perfectly, making the colors of dragon scales meet the design standards, our team had discussion at all steps of painting.

After 2 days’ teamwork, the painting of these 2 dragon costumes finally completed. Customer was very satisfied with our work, and expected the next cooperation.

Blue Dragon Costume Video

Green Dragon Costume Video

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