How to Plan Dinosaur Theme Party?

Walking Dinosaur Costume Theme Party

For every kid, one of the biggest attractions of their birthday is the birthday party. Months before the birthday kids can go on and on about the kind of birthday party they want to host that year.

In case, you want to do something really unique and epic, go for a dinosaur theme party. Add a dash of life to the dinosaur theme celebration with a walking dinosaur costume.

Whether your child is a history enthusiast, Jurassic Park fan or science lover, they will simply be thrilled over the idea of a dinosaur theme party.

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From simple birthday parties to colorful decorations, there is a lot of difference in the birthday parties held today. One of the latest trends in birthday celebrations is theme birthday party. If you are planning your kid’s birthday celebration, research on popular theme party ideas.

Parents are often apprehensive with the idea of a theme party, especially themes like dinosaur, as they feel it will involve a lot of work. Well, planning a birthday party is surely a challenge but a little more efforts can simply make it outstanding.

You simply need to arrange the right resources.  Right from walking dinosaur costume for birthday party to dinosaur shaped cookies and treats. Here are few ways to plan a pre-historic dinosaur theme party –

Dinosaur Costume for Kids Birthday Party
  • Custom dinosaur invitations – Any party planning starts with the invitation. You can easily find dinosaur theme invitation templates online. Simply download a template, edit the content and send out to people you are inviting. You can also send e-invitations with these templates.
  • Riding T-Rex – Add a dash of reality to your theme party with a dinosaur walking down the lawn. You can easily order dinosaur suits online and get a performer to perform as a dinosaur in your party. Just imagine the fun-filled event it will be! Children moving around playing with dinosaurs or clicking pictures with them. You can also plan to organize a performance by the dinosaur to entertain the kids. The dinosaur will be wagging its tail or nodding the head when a person approaches, giving realism to the event. If you want a ride-on t-rex costume, you need to plan in advance to ensure that the suit is delivered on time.
  • Return Gifts – The return favors for a dinosaur theme party need to be in line with the theme too. You can create dinosaur jars, simple jars filled with treats and a custom dinosaur label on the top. One can use just any size or type of jar, and fill it with candies, dinosaur stickers and little dinosaur toys. You can also get custom dinosaur print t-shirts for all the kids attending the party.
  • Decoration – To bring dinosaurs to the environment of your party, use them as props in decoration. You can place small dinosaurs on the table and attach balloons to their tails. Add small green plants around these areas. To bring the birthday cheer, you can also place small colorful birthday caps on the heads of the miniature dinosaurs. Use dinosaur footprints on the floor or hang paper dinosaurs from the roof instead of streamers. You can also create Dino tracks and stick dinosaur paw prints on the floor. One can create a path with these paws leading the kids to the cake or treats table. You can also use balloons that spell out ROAR for the walls. Create DIY dinosaur eggs and use them for decoration.
  • Games – No birthday party is complete without games! For a dinosaur theme party, you should plan games on the same theme. Research on birthday party games, and alter them a bit to include dinosaurs. You can play games like tail the dinosaur or bean bag toss. You will also find several interesting games for dinosaur theme birthday parties online. Research the games in advance so that you have sufficient time to prepare for it. You can also make the kids decorate dinosaur masks or create an excavation hunt based on glues. You can also create an excavation hunt and create a paper map for the participants.
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Selecting a dinosaur costume can be challenging! Look at the different materials of these costumes available in the market.  Only Dinosaurs is a premier supplier of high quality walking dinosaur costume for birthday party.

Their T-Rex costume and other dinosaur costumes come as full body suits with stilts for the performer. The suit also comes with cables to control the movement of eyes and mouth. When the dinosaur opens its mouth, it automatically starts to ROOAR.

These realistic dinosaur costumes also come with cameras fitted in the nose to monitor the area where dinosaur is roaming. Their dinosaur costumes are made using augmented reality and virtual reality options are also being explored.  Look for ways to create dinosaur related props that kids can use to capture photographs and play.

Walking Dinosaur Costume

A life-like dinosaur roaming around the garden will surely be the highlight of your birthday party. These costumes can be easily delivered by air or sea. Shipping via air freight is faster while sea freight is time consuming but economic.

The cost of shipping and final price of the costume will depend on the type of shipping. The dinosaur costumes are dismantled before shipping. It is shipped as dismantled 4 pieces.  So, if you are planning to have dinosaur costume party, make sure you order the realistic looking dinosaur costume in advance.

Kids of all age love dinosaurs! A dinosaur theme party will surely be something your kid will remember across years. Make their special day fun-filled with these innovative dinosaur party theme planning ideas.

Be as creative as possible! Let your child’s obsession with dinosaurs reflect in his birthday party. You kid will be definitely very happy, and you will be able to see this joy in their eyes. Not just your kid, children attending the birthday party will have their eyes lit up when they say real dinosaurs roaming around the venue. There’s also a great list of 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy.

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