How To Make Volcano Cakes for Exploding Party Fun!


Looking for the best volcano cake for your dinosaur birthday party? Look no further because, in this article, we’ll be sharing 6 fun ways you can make a volcano cake — the crowning glory of a dinosaur birthday party. 


This guide will show 6 epic volcano cake ideas you can easily bake. These are tried and true volcano cakes that are easy to make even with the kids! As one blog goes on to say, you can bake (make) this happen! 

  • Smoking Volcano Cake
  • Erupting Lava Volcano Cake
  • Sparkling Volcano Cake
  • Fancy Smoking Volcano Cake
  • Jelly Island Volcano Cake
  • Jurassic Park-Style Volcano Cake with T-Rex


Get ready to create the best dinosaur birthday parties with these volcano cakes! Let’s get to it!

Idea #1: Smoking Volcano Cake

This smoking volcano cake is a giant cupcake in disguise! Cupcake fans (and the birthday celebrant) are in for a real treat with this recipe.   


Volcano cake recipe author: MyCupcakeAddiction 

Effects you’ll love: cool smoking effect from the volcano’s crater with vivid molting lava ganache  

Key ingredients you’ll need: a giant chocolate cupcake, white and dark chocolate ganache, red and orange food coloring, a shot glass for something similar for the dried ice (smoking effect), and a cake board  

Make it extra special with: edible dinosaurs and trees instead of plastic so the kids can eat it, add bone candy for added prehistoric era feels, birthday candles at the crater to look like the volcano is on fire (don’t forget to blow it and make a wish!)

Idea #2: Erupting Volcano Cake

Another great idea to amp up your volcano cake game is to add explosive action to the lava pouring out from the crater! So if you’ve been there and done the smoky effect, this exploding lava volcano cake is for you.


Volcano cake recipe author: Ann Reardon – How To Cook That. A good alternative is Oh So Delicioso’s volcano cake 

Effects you’ll love: bubbling lava that gives off an active volcano exploding experience

Key ingredients you’ll need: glucose syrup and tartaric acid for the caramel lava, white chocolate if you’re going for the ganache, red and orange food coloring, dry ice, and a syringe tube to pour in the lava.

Make it extra special with: rice crispies on the cake for an extra crunch, chocolate balls you can spray with edible paint to look like boulders, and a separate cake as the base of the volcano

Idea #3: Sparkling Volcano Cake

Maltesers, edible dinosaurs decorating the base, and exploding lava to top off the cake! What’s great about this cake is you don’t need dry ice to get some explosive action. All you’ll need are simple mints, coke, and a soda bottle.


Volcano cake recipe author: Juliet Sear as featured on BBC Good Food 

Effects you’ll love: exploding lava with fireworks in the form of sparklers!

Key ingredients you’ll need: Mentos, red food coloring, soda bottle, and coke

Make it extra special with: your favorite chocolate candies, dinosaur party items, or chocolate ganache for the lava instead of soda

Idea #4: Fancy Volcano Cake With Lots of Candy and Smoky Dry Ice

This volcano cake by Tasty is sure to be your dinosaur birthday party’s center of attention. It has a generous amount of chocolates, candies, and lava puddles decorating your volcano cake that make it extra special! No need to make a chocolate ganache for this one, giving you extra time for the extra effects.


Volcano cake recipe author: Tasty  

Effects you’ll love: smokey effect from the dry ice and finger-food perfect for the kiddos and every sweet tooth at your party.

Key ingredients you’ll need: dry ice, mason jar to contain the dry ice, your favorite chocolates, hard candies, peanut butter cups, white cake mix, food coloring in red, yellow, and orange

Make it extra special with: sparklers to add that firework effect to the cake, perfect for making a wish before blowing out the candles

Idea #5: Jelly Island Volcano Cake

This cake is pretty ambitious but it’s worth the oohs and aahs from the kiddos! It has a bold look that makes your volcano cake look like it’s sitting on an island with tropical waters underneath. At the same time, it also has a daring procedure that will need you to take a brave step in your cake-making skills.


Volcano cake recipe author: Kitchen Journal by Kalpana, video by Tasty  

Effects you’ll love: prehistoric dinosaur age with a smoking active volcano and the ocean to match it!

Key ingredients you’ll need: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, gelatin, dry ice, blue or teal food coloring, shot glass to put the dry ice in

Make it extra special with: edible dinosaur cake toppers, sea creatures or aquatic dinosaurs, add extra cake crumbs to create a beach where the dinosaurs can stand on, tropical tree toppers

Idea #6: Jurassic Park-Style Volcano Cake with T-Rex

If you’re mad about cakes like this guy is man about cake, you should check out this volcano cake! The king of the dinosaurs is raving about this cake and so will you.  


Volcano cake recipe author: Joshua John Russell – Man About Cake 

Effects you’ll love: the next-level look of this volcano cake worthy of a spotlight at your dinosaur birthday party! Not only that, the realistic T-Rex beside the cake will surely delight any Jurassic Park fan’s heart.

Key ingredients you’ll need: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, buttercream, food coloring, and a cake board. You can buy a T-Rex stand-up or dinosaur puppet to place beside the cake instead of making your own to save you time.

Make it extra special with: dry ice, red and orange colored ganache for lava, chocolates, candies, and edible dinosaur toppings

Bonus Dinosaur Birthday Party Tips


Can’t find the dinosaur toppings you need for your volcano cake?

Here’s a list of 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy and a great list of useful dinosaur stuff you can check out for a list of sources and more dinosaur birthday party inspiration.  

Lastly, top it all off with epic and realistic dinosaur costumes for you and the whole family and take your dinosaur birthday party to the next level!

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