Vivid Two-person Apatosaurus Costume For Stage Show

US $5,400.00

Item No: CD-093

Size: 6.50*1.0*2.0 Meters

This Apatosaurus Costume will grant you the chance to make your event a success. Our experts developed it with a long tail and neck. If you choose these unique traits offers you the chance to outshine your competitors. Allow the puppeteers to perform the best concert around your products.

For stage shows, you require a well-planned performance. Consider hiring expert performers to make sure to perform in unison. Spectators never get that two people operate the costume. We deliver quality dinosaurs in all we do.

Our developers give you a four-week time frame to have your Apatosaurus Costume made. The legs get covered while performing in this costume to bring out a true Dinosaur look. The costume will bring out an adventurous mood to your guests. We all desire to see dinosaurs roam the world once more. Make it happen by choosing to have a costume with us.

More Info :

Movement: Eyes Blink, Mouth Opens and Closes, Head Moves, Tail Sways

Sound: 8 different MP3 format sound. 4 for eyes, 4 for mouth.

Optional Function: Smoke / Fog ability, Spitting Water ability 

Adaptor, Air Fan, Battery, Camera, Charger, Normal Wooden Crate, Hanger, Monitor, Necklace, Speaker.

All are included. No Extra Fee.

Our team is good at building unique and custom creations, including COLOR.

If you wanna something special, please send us your design. Then we will make it happens.

Vivid Moves

Vivid Moves

Custom Design

Custom Design

Finer Details

Finer Details


Global Shipping

We Bring Them to Life with

● High-density Foam

● Stainless Steel

● Light-weight Fabric

● High-quality Internals

● Color Pigment

the main materials of dinosaur costume

You Can See Them in

● Theme Parks

● Movie Theaters

● Playgrounds

● Shopping Malls

● Restaurants

● Festival Events

● Cosplay Parties

● Birthday Parties

How to Control Our Costume

Play Video about how to control the costume


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