Visible Legs Dinosaur Costume

Regarding the Visible Legs Dinosaur Costume, the performer’s legs can be seen. Because humans have very different leg shapes to the realistic dinosaurs. In order to duplicate every dinosaur detail as realistic as possible, the human legs must be visible.

Yep, you can see the operator’s legs. But trust me. When you are close to a very realistic dinosaur suit, you are shocked and won’t be looking at his legs. After wearing this costume, the performer can simulate a real dinosaur chasing the crowds, walking, running, making scary roars to the viewers. So it will be a good option for the Halloween cosplay party or birthday party.

Come and surprise your guests with our amazing legs shown dinosaur suit!

Start Your Party with Our Open Legs Dinosaur Costume

We offer many realistic visible legs costumes featuring your favorite styles and themes.

How to Operate the Dinosaur Costume

Simple Guidance

It’s simple to operate. Hence check out the video for further details.

Lifelike Party Dinosaur Suit with Visible Legs

Looking for the perfect costume to make you the life of the party? The dinosaur open legs costume is perfect for you! With the performer’s legs seen, not only does it make it more realistic, but also makes the wearer the center of attention.

Feathered Visible Legs T-Rex Costume for Sale

Vivid Feathered Visible Legs T-Rex Costume

Getting a fantastic costume is a perfect way to bring a prehistoric twist to your Halloween party.

Designed in brown and green, this feathered T-Rex costume with open legs is easy to put on and will make you look absolutely fantastic.

He can walk, run to chase the crowds, dance, blink eyes, and even make scary roars.

He will make you stand out from the crowd at any party, so don’t miss out on the fun with the T-Rex costume!

Visible Legs Blue Raptor Halloween Costume

Don’t just love dinosaurs? Hang out with them too. Welcome to our new online collection of dinosaur costumes. These outfits are designed for the fans of these amazing creatures.

She is 13 feet long and 7 feet tall.

The performer can surprise the visitors with the help of her. Such as walking with kids, running to chase crowds, and dancing for the viewers.

She gets ready to roar! How about you?

Visible Legs Blue Raptor Halloween Costume

Open Legs Jurassic Spinosaurus Costume

What’s your Jurassic park like? Your perfect Jurassic Park will have a dinosaur walking around. Some Jurassic parks are always packed, but visitors love and enjoy them.

You don’t have a fun-generating Jurassic Park without a variety of costumes.

With our colorful open legs adult spinosaurus costume, we provide you the chance to make your party the most impressive of all.
This spinosaurus costume has prominent spines on the back with a giant body and long mouth. Spinosaurus is the most fighting force with sharp teeth and claws that can be easily seen.
Don’t you want to take him home?

Vivid Legs Shown Dilophosaurus Costume

Have you been thinking about what costume to wear to your theme park?

Our realistic legs shown dilophosaurus costume is perfect! No matter how big or small your park is, today is the day to try us out!

The big head, combined with carnivore teeth, will cause an automatic scare. You’ll never forget the thrill of running after children and adults around the park while others look on in terror!

Dinosaur Adventure Park Interactive Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Find the Stunning Open Legs Dinosaur Halloween Costume

We are a realistic dinosaur manufacturer in Zigong city Sichuan province, China. If you’re looking for a good time for your holiday, we have the one costume idea that can help – an open legs dinosaur costume for adults. Whether you want to be a T-Rex, a velociraptor, or other dinosaur, we have an easy and fun recipe for your best Halloween costume yet.

Realistic Parasaurolophus Open Legs Costume: It’s about Jurassic! We present to you the best parasaurolophus visible legs costume for your events. Get stronger, braver, and better in no time when you put on one of these iconic dinosaur outfits.

Lifelike Feathered Velociraptor Legs Shown Costume for Party: Want to party like a dinosaur? You’re in luck because we have plenty of open legs dino costumes for adults alike. You may love cos-playing as a velociraptor. Why not slip into one of our cool costumes with seen legs and join the fight against pop culture’s most famous baddies?

Halloween Legs Shown Dilophosaurus Costume: Hey, dinosaur lover! We have the perfect dilophosaurus costume for you here. It is great for Halloween and can also be used for other activities such as dress-up and costume parties. Don’t you have a try?

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers you want to know

How tall is the dinosur costumes for adults?

The dinosaur costume measures 14 feet long, and 7 feet tall.

Can you make the dinosaur costume which fit my size?

Yes, we can.

Normally, our dinosaur costume are made for adults, which fits height between 160cm – 180cm.

If taller than this, we can tailor made the costume which fit your size perfectly.

How much are the accessories?

For each dinosaur costume, we prepare the following accessories:

dinosaur hanger, necklace, chain, speaker, camera, monitor, air fan, battery, charger etc…

They are all included. No extra fee.

For more details, please click accessory below:

How long can an operator wear the costume?

Well, it depends on many factors.

The main factor is weather temperature.

Normally, 30-40 minutes.

How to make a realistic dinosaur costume?

We have a page, which shows how to Make a Realistic Dinosaur Costume step by step.

How To DIY Realistic Dinosaur Costume

How long do they take to build?

Depending what type costume, complexity, level of details, have we done it before? The lead-time can vary greatly from 3 weeks to 2 months. We are very experienced in our craft, and can produce the costumes very quickly.

But with a greater allowance of time, our product will naturally reflect a greater level of details.

Can I repair or maintain the costumes myself?

The dinosaur costumes can be maintained by the buyer, which doesn’t require professional knowledge.

Our costumes and products include maintenance and parts manuals. Assistance is always available by phone from technicians at Only Dinosaurs.

What are the realistic dinosaur costume made of?

The realistic dinosaur costumes are made from stainless steel and foam.

There are two different dinosaur skin. One is Fabric Skin. The other is Silicone Skin.

The silicone skin has very much better skin texture, and shape, but the fabric skin has so much more head movement and of course weight advantage.

Due to its lightweight and flexible movement, nowaways most clients choose fabric skin options.

For more information, please take 3 minutes to check this page:

Do you have any Dinosaur Costume for Kids?

Most of our dinosaur costumes are for adults.

However, our team developed some Kids Dinosaur Costume.

Do you have warranty?

Yes, 24 months.

During warranty period, any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Meantime, we will send tutorial video to guide you how to fix, step by step.

Can you make custom costumes?

Absolutely yes!

During the past few years, we have produced lots of custom costumes. Such as western dragon, wolf, gorilla, cartoon dinosaur, chocobo etc…

Please send us your design, and we will evaluate, then let you know if we can do or not.

Most importantly, our team really love to make something unique, interesting.

Click to view some of our custom work.

How about payment method?

Both wire transfer and paypal are acceptable.

50% upfront, 50% before delivery.

Are dinosaur costumes reliable?

Our dinosaur costumes are built with the finest, time-proven components available. And we pride ourselves in our designs and workmanship.

At least 4-5 years if well maintained.