Make a Roaring Night: Literally in Velociraptor Costume

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Have you ever seen a velociraptor costume? also known as velociraptor suit?

If not, you’re in for a great surprise! These costumes come with an almost-real skin. And they also come with features like blinking of the eyes and a loud, realistic roar.

Because of these amazing qualities, these costumes are the best for a “roaring” party night. They come with many accessories including a power bank, costume hanger, speakers, HD camera, and batteries.

And the best thing is, these costumes are waterproof and snow proof. So, you can use them just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors depending on the requirements of your party.

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Velociraptor costumes

Velociraptor costumes are excellent for parties and they are compatible with baby dinosaur puppets to offer a complete Jurassic experience to the guests.

These costumes are completely lifelike as they are tall, realistic and well, very dangerous too! Imagine a dinosaur walking around in your house that scratches its front claws, swings its tail, looks here and there and blinks eyes? Wouldn’t that be just fantastic?

A lot of hard work goes into making a walking dinosaur costume that comes with all those advanced electric features. The get-up is very easy to wear so that the user may not find it irritating in any way.

The features are also easy to operate just with the press of a button the wearer is able to control the dinosaur’s movements. The circuitry along with speakers and camera are housed securely inside the costume.

There are two types of realistic dinosaur costumes: one in which the legs of the wearer are not visible and the other in which the legs can be seen. Most people prefer invisible legs costume because it looks more real and lifelike

But before you decide on a costume, it is important to know that a large variety of walking dinosaur costumes are available on the market. Some are cheap, others are not.

Depending on their price, they offer a horde of amazing features that you would definitely want to see in your walking dinosaur especially if you’re buying it for a party.

So, let’s find out why exactly a velociraptor costume best suits your needs.

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Why Do You Need to Find a Velociraptor Costume?

When you decide to buy a realistic dragon costume or an animatronic dinosaur, you are definitely not looking for something cheap and unimpressive.

Most of the dinosaur costumes available out there are inflatable, low-quality get-up. These attires might be low priced but they are not really extraordinary.

They don’t include any advanced features and are therefore not at all suitable for a party night. A velociraptor costume, on the other hand, is totally impressive as it comes with many modern electronic features including;

  • Moving arms that appear to be very lifelike
  • Neck movement turning left and right
  • Synchronized dinosaur roaring and breathing sounds
  • Controlled blinking of the eyes
  • Head and body movement

The roaring sounds are so realistic, they can make the guests think if the dinosaur is actually real! Looking at all these features, believe it or not many people ask are these dinosaurs real?

They offer an unforgettable Jurassic experience regardless of their uses. Even at adventure parks, museums and shopping malls, these creatures have the ability to scare the heck out of people around. And they are definitely fun to be with!

These realistic dinosaur and dragon costumes are suitable for events, adventure parks and museums. Although they are easy to operate, they can be worn only by adults.

They are based on hand-drawn sketches of different dinosaurs that actually existed.

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T-Rex being the most popular, there are many other varieties available, such as velociraptor that looks very frightening and the amazing triceratops and carnotaurus.

Most of the costumes are having with legs, which means the legs of the wearer are hidden. The main components of costumes are 3 to 4 layers of silicone and high density foam, which makes it very durable and long lasting.

High quality velociraptor costumes come with a manual, spare parts and maintenance parts.

Some of these costumes do act just like a puppet and they are worn on the shoulder. These are full-body shoulder dinosaur puppets.

The other ones, that cover the entire body of the wearer offer a good level of ventilation along with many other great features. They are more expensive than puppets but totally worth the price. Full-size walking dinosaurs weigh around 25 kgs.

The electronic components of this velociraptor costume are housed in a stainless steel frame. They are also covered with high density sponge that also provides a protective layer for the internal circuitry.

Considering all these advantages of a premium quality dinosaur get-up, the inflatable costumes and other low quality get-ups appear to be very cheap and almost useless.

There is also the facility of customizing your dinosaur costume. So that it fulfills all your requirements regarding the size, texture, color and sound.

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Dinosaurs have the ability to frighten people belonging to all age groups. That is why everyone enjoys having a lifelike walking dinosaur around. A high quality and striking velociraptor costume has the ability to bring back the terror of live dinosaurs on a party night.

These costumes are popular because of they have many advanced and quite impressive features. Imagine partying with a full-size raptor that produces realistic sounds and movements! Won’t the guests be utterly impressed?

These costumes are as high as 1.9 meters. Which is slightly higher than the average height of an adult person. Good quality costumes come with a warranty of 2 to 4 years, which shows they are totally reliable.

Many customers order custom-made dinosaur costumes to find something that fits perfectly. This makes the costumes even easier to use and more flexible and longer lasting.

Check out all the other features and functions and take your pick among a large variety of velociraptor costumes available out there!

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