20 Children’s Day Gift Ideas Kids Will Love This 2022

a little girl holding a purple toy camera

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Struggling to find buy-worthy gifts for Children’s Day? We get you! So we made a list of 20 cool gift ideas to make your search easier. They’re organized in five neat categories:

  • Easy Children’s Day Gift Ideas For Goodie Bags
  • Children’s Day Gift Ideas That Build Self-Confidence
  • The Perfect Children’s Day Gifts To Take Your Kids’ Eyes Off Their Smartphones
  • Children’s Day Gift Ideas That Support Bonding Time For Parents & Kids
  • Out Of The Box Children’s Day Gift Ideas

Lastly, these are items you can conveniently add to cart on Amazon or the manufacturers’ websites. Check them out below.

Easy Children's Day Gift Ideas for Goodie Bags

colorful pencils in a wooden box

Source by: Markus Spiske

Small items that easily fit into goodie bags are the way to go for teachers looking to buy in bulk and make a classroom happy. These drawing supplies and toys are great ideas for busy parents who have more one child at home and need something they can easily prepare. Take a look at these useful goodie bag gift ideas for Children’s Day.

1. Colorful Stationery Kits to Encourage Creativity & Connecting With Loved Ones

a young boy in a blue shirt holding a black pen while writing on a themed stationary

Source by: Byron’s Games Store on Amazon

Make Children’s Day different this year with eye-catching stationary kits. Even a matching wallet to store the kit’s pencils and stamp pads is included in some that make organizing more efficient. Neat examples are like the ones from Red Hill Stationery on Shopee.

Why do stationary kits make great goodie bag ideas? They’re easy to carry in their school bag and because they spark creativity in children while also encouraging them to connect with others. From these, they also learn to express themselves better through drawings and letters.

2. Superhero Mini Action Figures That Inspire Imaginative Play Time

a young boy smiling at Marvel's mini action figures on a white table

Source by: Playskool Heroes on Amazon

Children’s real life superheroes are their parents and teachers. Next to them are the inspiring characters they see in movies like the Avengers or in shows like Paw Patrol.

Toys of a child’s favorite characters the perfect present to delight him or her as these remind them of people that inspire them. These will also fuel their imagination as they engage in imaginative play.

Children's Day Gift Ideas That Build Self-Confidence

a young girl playing with a red balloon at the beach

Source by: Gabriel Baranski

Educational toys and gadgets that let a child develop their skills are meaningful purchases you won’t regret buying. Kids won’t only be delighted with what they received, they’ll also grow happier as they enjoy seeing their own skills grow and benefit others.

The former prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, would agree as he advocated for children to complete their education. India now celebrates Children’s Day as a tribute to his advocacy.

Additionally, these experiences will help build trust in themselves and appreciation of the people around them. See the next affordable gift ideas for Childrens Day in the list below.

3. Unique LCD Writing & Drawing Tablet That Stimulates Creative Skills and Imagination

a black LCD drawing tablet with neon-colored drawings beside a child

Source by: NEWYES Store on Amazon

Are you looking for a Children’s Day gift idea that’s techy and creative? An ultra-thin drawing and writing tablet might just be what you’re looking for.

It’s a gadget that kids can easily bring anywhere which is especially useful as inspiration can strike anywhere. They can easily draw their whenever an idea comes to mind. It’s easy to use too because they can simply press the home button to refresh for a blank page when they’re ready to create a new masterpiece.

4. DIY Indoor Dinosaur Garden That Help A Child Develop Responsibility & Ownership

red and blue plastic toy dinosaurs beside potted green plants and a red volcano

Source by: GROW n’ GLOW on Amazon

Moms and dads of dinosaur-loving kids, this one’s for you! There couldn’t be a more unique idea than giving kids the chance to try gardening indoors and create their very own dinosaur habitat. They’ll love you even more for sure! Here are a few reminders:

  • Because this is essentially a gardening kit, you’ll need to assist them in setting it up. You can use those moments to teach them to take ownership of their dinosaur garden. This will help develop their personal responsibility as they take ownership.
  • Don’t worry about figuring this gift out because it comes with a handy instruction manual.
  • Different plant types are included too which will make the terrarium even more fascinating when it’s fully grown and set-up.

5. A Kid-Friendly Digital Camera to Develop Their Talent for Photography

a young boy taking a picture of a young girl using a blue camera

Source by: VTech Store on Amazon

Are your kids into photography? Or do your kids love having funny photos taken of themselves? An actual functioning digital camera especially made for kids make a great gift idea.

What makes the experience even more fun is the camera’s feature to print pictures right after a photo is taken. Kids can instantly enjoy their pictures in seconds! Learning photography and sharpening one’s talent has never been more fun with this camera.

6. LEGO Craft Kits for Kids That Let Them Practice Fine Motor Skills

LEGO DOTS Secret Boxes DIY Craft Decorations-Kit

Source by: Hip2Save

Did you know LEGO helps children develop their fine motor skills as they construct cool crafts? Toys like LEGO require the use of hands and wrists to build cool objects like the pencil holder above. These movements help strengthen kids’ hand-eye coordination while having fun.

7. Baby T-rex Puppet That's Just Perfect for Imaginative Play

Play Video about Jurassic World Baby T rex YT Thumbnail

Dinosaurs are often larger-than-life creatures to little kids. But how about bringing these beloved animals closer to their reach with a baby T. rex puppet that’s just perfect for imaginative play?

It’s just the right size for little hands and exactly the right kind of colorful that little ones will surely love. It’s an adorable toy that will surely make for a great gift for Children’s Day!

8. A Jurassic Park Board Game That Encourages Socialization and Healthy Competition

a board game box with a T. rex and gray jeep design

Source by: Hasbro Gaming Store on Amazon

Who says board games have to be boring? Bring back the excitement with board games that are inspired by blockbuster movies just like this Jurassic Park version of the classic Hasbro board game. It’s the perfect Children’s Day gift that beats boredom during lazy summers. More importantly, it encourages kids to connect with each other while enjoying healthy competition.

The Perfect Children's Day Gifts to Take Your Kids' Eyes off Their Smartphones

a young girl in a green coat playing with bubbles

Source by: Leo Rivas

Smartphones are great but there’s more to having fun than just the digital games kids can play. You can help them see what other kinds of fun they can have through toys that relax and inspire creative streaks. Here are a few good Childrens Day gifts you can consider.

9. DIY Slime Kit That Gives a Relaxing Sensory Experience

cups of brightly-colored slime beside glitters and balls with two pairs of hands holding slime

Source by: Zen Laboratory Store on Amazon

How does a kid benefit from a toy like this? Here’s how: 

  • Sensory experiences help a child gain a better understanding of their world through their sense of touch, sight, and smell.
  • It also helps them see how things around them work.
  • That way, they get to grow through a positive learning experience that will help them further develop in maturity in later years.

Now what makes this DIY slime kit worth the buy? It’s all the rage with parents and kids because of its safe and super addictive play material. Kids will enjoy slime and play time with this Children’s Day gift idea. Lastly, the slime’s sensory experience also calms nerves of fussy children.

10. Kid-Safe 3D Pen That Encourages STEM Learning & Art Skills

A smiling child wearing 3D-printed green glasses beside a 3D doodling pen

Source by: 3Doodler Store on Amazon

Traditional paper drawings are cool but 3D art is even cooler. And it’s now possible with an art tool like this 3D doodler pen. Kids won’t notice time flying by as they craft unique objects like adorable cartoons, a mini Eiffel Tower, and even a bicycle!

They can have their names printed on art materials too. Kids will also have a tangible product they’ll feel proud of after hours spent making it.

11. Fun Rainbow-Colored Scratchbook That Lets Kids Draw in Two Ways

a small child drawing on a black scratch book with neon colors

Source by: pigipigi Store on Amazon

A scratchbook with fun neon rainbow colors is a creative alternative to the usual paper and crayons gift for Childrens Day. Kids can create cutesy designs with the stencils provided. They can go freestyle too and draw characters with funny faces. All they need to do is to scratch the black layer using the accompanying wooden pick.

12. Cute Mini T. rex Puppet for Dinosaur-Loving Kids

A man in a red shirt holding a small feathered T. rex puppet for kids

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

Remember how Andy from Toy Story spent hours and hours playing with Woody and Buzz Lightyear? Those were play times he cherished when he grew up. Your little one can have those moments too with this adorable mini T. rex puppet! Take your child’s eyes off the screen and onto the screen of his or her own vivid imagination with a realistic dinosaur puppet like this.

Children's Day Gift Ideas That Support Bonding Time for Parents & Kids

a smiling mom and her child covered in splashes of bright paint

Source by: ketan rajput

One of the best gifts we can give to our kids is time. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, children appreciate the time and attention that’s given just to them. That kind of focus helps them appreciate the relationship they have with you and vice versa.

That’s why toys that give space for collaboration or need the help of an adult are awesome gift ideas. There are lots of toys that can create indoor and outdoor activities you can use for Children’s Day celebrations. Make it a special occasion for your kids as you give them the gift of time.

Check out our selection of fun Childrens Day gifts in the next section.

13. Easy to Set-Up Children’s Play Town with Cool Cars & Buildings

a wooden case with colorful toy cars and buildings on top

Source by: Melissa & Doug on Amazon

Create your own city with your little one with this portable play town set! Imagine all the scenes you can recreate together with the brightly-colored cars and spacious roads. It’s also big enough for children as young as three years old to safely hold. A wooden case is also included so you can take it anywhere the family will go.

14. Premium Dinosaur Painting Kit for Kids (And Parents Too!)

a family painting dinosaurs with bright hues of paint

Source by: Artmix Store on Amazon

Kids love experimenting with they can get their hands on. This cool dinosaur painting kit will let them do just that with the bright paints and different dinosaur species. Parents can also join in the fun as the kit comes with plenty of dinosaurs everyone can paint on.

15. Stomp Rocket Launcher for Outdoor Play

children jumping on a yellow toy rocket launcher on green grass

Source by: Stomp Rocket Store on Amazon

Now here’s something to add to your outdoor activities on Children’s Day. The Stomp Rocket Launcher lets kids move their bodies as they jump on the toy to launch the rockets in open air. They can also have fun seeing whose rocket soars the highest with the double launchers included in the set. You’ll have fun together outdoors with a toy like this!

16. Kids' Wooden Toy Pizza Baking Set for Pretend-Baking

two children playing with a toy pizza and oven

Source by: Melissa & Doug on Amazon

Spending quality time together has a therapeutic effect on children. Cooking and baking are great ways to create such moments and make them a special day. A fun toy pizza baking set will help make such a time a reality for you and your kids.

Make it even more fun by actually baking a pizza as they play beside you. You can use this Children’s Day gift to teach them how to make a delicious pizza step by step.

Out of The Box Children's Day Gift Ideas

two children holding a hi-tech camera in front of a blue wall

Source by: stem.T4L

Kids can get tired of receiving the same kinds of gifts year after year. But thankfully, the world doesn’t run out of cool things they can receive. Take a look at these uncommon gift ideas for Children’s Day.

17. Comfortable Stylish Headphones for The Music-Loving Kid

a pair blue and green headphones on top of a wooden table

Source by: noot products Store on Amazon

What’s cool about headphones are their soft padded cushions so kids can comfortably listen to music anytime, anywhere. The various colors headphones come in are a nice and subtle way kids can express themselves. This is a great gift idea for kids who love marching to their own beat figuratively and literally.

18. Colorful Walkie Talkies for Kids

blue and orange walkie talkies with a family sitting in the background

Source by: Selieve Store on Amazon

Walkie talkies are a great hit with parents and kids because of its affordability and different ways the toy can be played with outdoors. Parents can even use it to monitor their children in a fun and refreshing way while outside.

19. Sleek Avengers Digital Watch for Kids

a shock marvel avengers collection release

Source by: Hypebeast

The Avengers have got a cool factor that never fails to wow. They’re a great hit with fans of all ages. Kids will surely appreciate receiving a watch with their favorite Marvel superhero like Captain America or Iron Man on a special day like Children’s Day.

20. Kid-Friendly Hi-Tech Mini Drone

Kid-Friendly Hi-Tech Mini Drone

Source by: Scary Mommy

Did you know this mini drone can be easily controlled with just your kids’ hands? The infrared sensing control technology of a mini drone like this makes it possible. Children will have hours of fun playing with this mini drone without worrying about a hard-to-use remote control.

Concluding the Search for Children's Day Gifts

a young boy peeking from behind two ballons

Source by: Ramin Talebi

What gift ideas did you like the most from the list? Were they the charming dinosaur puppets or the cool hi-tech gadgets?

We hope this post helped make your search easier! We’ll have more helpful articles like this in the future. So if you found this useful, you can subscribe to our blog to get e-mailed of our latest updates.

See you in the next article!

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