15 Easy and Awesome Dragon Makeup Ideas For Any Themed-Party


Dragons – mythical, ethereal, powerful, and surreal. Makes you want to take up your make-up palette and go dragon for your special events this year, doesn’t it? And we got you covered with our list of 15 awesome dragon makeup ideas for 2020!

Scroll through dragon makeup ideas freshly rounded up and vetted by the makers of realistic dragons! This isn’t your ordinary list of top 15, but this is the list of top dragon makeup ideas for the ultimate Halloween or dragon birthday party. Here they are in 3 simple categories:

  • Easy dragon makeup ideas for kids
  • Glam dragon makeup ideas
  • TV/Movie dragon makeup ideas

You’ll love the makeup ideas in this guide if you’re raring to stand out and do something new. Let’s get to it!

P.S. These are best paired with your fiercest dragon impersonation.

makeup ideas for kids

Preparation is key for any dragon makeup idea. Here are a few basics needed in your makeup tray:

  • Foundation
  • Highly pigmented eyeshadow, eyebrow pencils/brow gels/brow pomade
  • Smudge-proof eyeliner
  • Mesh wig cap or fishnet stockings for the dragon scale make-up effect.
  • Make-up brushes, face paint brushes

Easy Dragon Makeup Ideas For Kids


Creating fun party looks for the kids is both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because of their sensitive skin but rewarding when they get to play the epic dragon in the fairy tale. Go the extra mile and let the kids have fun with an epic dragon look complete with an awesome customized dragon costume!

Pro Dragon Tip: Because the makeup is only for half the face, kids can eat as much as they want without worrying about a smudge. 

Idea #1: Blue-green Shimmering Dragon

Idea #2: Baby Dragon With Butterfly Wing Effect

Idea #3: Gradient Blue and Red Dragons

Idea #4: Fierce and Fiery Dragon

Idea #5: Simple Green Dragon With Fangs

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Here are more details to help you cop off these easy dragon makeup ideas for kids.

What You’ll Need
  • Since these are also easy dragon face paint looks for kids, purchase a face paint kit aside from your current stash of makeup. 
  • Soft-bristled makeup brushes, craft brushes, and a makeup sponge 
Get The Look
  • The first step to creating these easy dragon face paint ideas is to wash your child’s face first. A clean face makes for the perfect base.
  • Place your materials all at your side so you can create the look with fewer pauses and have more time to have fun.
  • Paint the base color first. It’s ideal that you choose a solid color.
  • For the dragon scale make-up, sponge on a complimenting color using a mesh wig cap or a stencil if available. 
  • Fill in the eye area with a flat brush using a bold pop of color.
  • Add on some glitter for that fantasy dragon look! 
How To Remove Face Paint or Makeup
  • Face paint can usually be washed off with warm water and a gentle cleanser. But if it’s a little bit thick, you can double cleanse the skin by using a make-up remover first and then proceed with your gentle cleanser.

Glam Dragon Makeup Ideas


Exude the beauty of mystery with these glam dragon makeup ideas that will take your dragon beauty look up a notch! The makeup skills needed are next level as well so make sure you study the steps first before making an attempt. 

Pro Dragon Tip: Get familiar with the procedure and have fun creating your own version of a dragon beauty.

Idea #6: Glittery Green Dragon With Gradient Lips

Idea #7: Icy Queen of the Dragons

Idea #8: Fiery Dragon Queen

Idea #9: The Queen of the Iron Dragons

Idea #10: Piercing Red Dragon Eye Makeup

What You’ll Need
  • A shimmery eyeshadow palette with highly pigmented matte colors
  • Jetblack smudge-proof eyeliner
  • Contact lenses
  • Dragon latex appliance kit
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Long-staying foundation
Get The Look
  • Study the shape of your face as you choose a dragon beauty makeup look. This will help you decide which one would highlight your features best.
  • Prep your skin by gently cleansing it and applying a primer before makeup.
  • Make you sure you don’t skip the primer for the piercing dragon eye makeup idea to help the eyeshadow last long.
  • Follow the instructions on your dragon appliance kit if you’re using one.
  • You can mix the highly pigmented eyeshadows with water or mixing medium as your base color.
  • Outline your eyes, nose, and lips using complimenting colors that elevate the area to highlight your eyes. 
  • Get creative with wings and flicks using your eyeliner to accentuate the fierce and glamorous dragon beauty that you are.
How To Remove Your Glam Dragon Makeup Look
  • The best way to effectively remove makeup is to prepare your skin well before makeup. Meaning, don’t skip the facial wash, primer, and moisturizer before applying makeup. This will help protect the skin from the makeup you’ll be applying.
  • Also, choose high-quality products that are comedogenic and can be easily removed by oil and water as you double cleanse after the party.
  • Use a cold cream or oil-based makeup remover to wipe off the products. Choose one with gentle ingredients especially for the dragon eye makeup idea because the skin around the eye area is sensitive.

TV & Movie Dragon Makeup Ideas


You know you’re made for these looks if you’ve ever dreamed of being the mother of dragons in HBO’s hit show or the cute and lovable dragon from Disney’s blockbuster movie. Get ready to slay with these dragon makeup ideas

Pro dragon tip: compliment the look with your fiercest acting skills and your favorite quote from the show!

Idea #11: Gradient Purple Half-Dragon Half Daenerys Targaryen

Idea #12: Red Half-Dragon Half Daenerys Targaryen

Idea #13: Disney’s Maleficent

Idea #14: Charizard from Pokemon

Idea #15: Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

What You’ll Need
  • A darker eyeshadow or cream paints palette with highly pigmented bold matte colors
  • Jetblack smudge-proof eyeliner
  • Glitter or diamonds from the arts and crafts shop
  • Comedogenic pro paint
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Long-staying foundation and contour kit
Get The Look
  • Gently wash your face and prime it up. Moisturize after.
  • For the Maleficent dragon makeup idea, start with the eyes.
  • For the Daenerys Targaryen dragon makeup idea, look into the essential features of the actress’ face so you’ll get the feel of the look. Then apply the concepts to your own face and rock it! 
  • Use a mesh or fishnet stockings to create the dragon scale make-up effect. On the other hand, dragon scales can also be found at the hobby store or the arts and crafts shop.
  • For the Charizard dragon makeup idea, use different shades of orange, red, and yellow to give your face dimension.
  • For the Toothless dragon makeup idea, use a good eyeshadow primer as this is the focus of the whole look.
How To Remove Your Glam Dragon Makeup Look
  • Double cleanse by using an oil-based make-up remover or cold cream to effectively remove all the products you’ve put on. Then wash your face with a gentle cleanser after.
  • Gently remove any prosthetics you’ve put on, making sure no skin is tugged off.

Bonus Pro Dragon Tip To Up Your Dragon Game


The best accent for any look is yourself. Make your unique personality shine through these awesome dragon makeup ideas by highlighting what you loved most about that particular dragon. Walk the talk and let the dragon makeup idea compliment you. 

Lastly, seal it off with a unique and realistic dragon costume or dragon puppet to take your dragon game to the next level. Get ready to have the best party ever with a dragon by your side and your dragon makeup idea to light everyone up!

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