Types of Realistic Raptor Costumes You Can Think of

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Who would not get excited to see a dinosaur? Thanks to the Jurassic franchise, these ferocious creatures have become familiar and even domestic to humans (pun intended). Though dinosaurs have been long extinct from the earth, their popularity continues to grow with time. With the help of raptor costumes, people are now able to come close to these creatures. Animatronic technology has made these costumes even more realistic. Now, with realistic dinosaur costumes, you can move, jump and sound like a real dinosaur.

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These figurines look larger than life and are often used in theme parks, science exhibitions and other special events where the audience would love to spot a dinosaur. Used for both entertainment and education purposes, these realistic costumes are getting popular each day. There are more than one reasons for choosing these costumes over any other, such as:-

  • Lifelike look
  • Quality materials (stainless steel and foam)
  • Easy Control (Triggers and steering)
  • Movements (eye, head, tail, etc.)
  • Size (5-6 ft. operator)
  • Camera (8.0 mp to watch the surrounding)
  • Battery Backup (12V/5AH/20 Hr.)
  • SoundBox (TF Card)
  • Air Fan (to cool the operator 5W/7 Inches)

You just need to learn the right way to use the dinosaur costume and everything will fall into place.

How to Perform A Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Visible Legs Types of Realistic Raptor Costumes

There are plenty of raptor costumes types that you can possibly think of. Below are a few popular ones to take into consideration:-

DC 02 Realistic Dinosaur Velociraptor Costume
DC 03 Realistic Dinosaur Velociraptor Suit
DC 08 Realistic Dinosaur Raptor Suit
DC 30 Velociraptor 400x300 1
DC 31 Velociraptor 400x300 1
CDC 06 Realistic Custom Velociraptor Costume 1

Hidden Legs Types of Realistic Raptor Costumes

You can’t see the operator’s legs. Because it’s covered in dinosaur skin. From the inside monitor, the operator can see outside from a camera on the dino nose, which is hard to notice.

Realistic Velociraptor Suit Lightweight AB 01 400x300 1
Non Mechanical Velociraptor Suit Lightweight AB 03 400x300 1
HDC 02 Hidden Legs Velociraptor Costume
Lifelike Velociraptor Dinosaur Suit HDC 10
HDC 18 Velociraptor 400x300 1
HDC 16 Velociraptor 400x300 1

Feathered Types of Realistic Raptor Costumes

From the discovery of dinosaur fossil in China during the past 20 years, there are at least 5 kinds of dinosaur have feathers. But all of them are velociraptors with feathers.

Recently more complete fossil found in Siberia shows that Kulindadromeus, velociraptors also have feathers.

DC 06 Realistic Dinosaur Velociraptor Costume
DC 07 Realistic Dinosaur Raptor Costume
HDC 15 Velociraptor 400x300 1
CDC 04 Custom Feathered Velociraptor Costume 1
CDC 08 Custom Realistic Dinosaur Velociraptor Costume 2

If you are looking for a raptor costume, a velociraptor is the best option. A genus of a dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur, velociraptor used to live on the earth some 75 million years ago. A velociraptor costume can efficiently move, walk and run. With the triggers, you can swing tail, move the head, open and close mouth and create frightening sounds as well. They come in two types, hidden legs or visible legs. Make your choice accordingly.

Triceratops Costume

Realistic Triceratops Costume Feature 800x531 1

If you have enough knowledge about the dinosaurs, then you must be familiar with the humongous triceratops. A huge 18 feet long and 8 feet tall build, this realistic dinosaur costume is the ideal choice to make a lasting and impressive impact in front of your audience. Triceratops was gigantic, and these costumes make sure that it creates the same effect.

T-Rex Costume

Ride On Dinosaur Costume

One of the popular dinosaur types that everyone knows about is T-Rex. A T-Rex costume stands 7 feet tall and 14 feet long. Lived on earth 60 million years ago, T-Rex is the scariest dinosaurs. Unlike the velociraptor’s costume that comes with two options of hidden and visible legs, the T-Rex costume comes with hidden legs to give a more authentic look.

A realistic dinosaur costume is the best option to think about. They have everything to make your investment in. To create an authentic look and make your audience stare in shock, you must go for a realistic costume.

If you have been confused about which type you should go for, the above-mentioned list will help you make a well-informed decision.

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