Giant Tortoise Costume

Ultimate guide on how to use our tortoise costume step by step

How to Start and Use

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Battery required:

Green arrow area: 12v 12Ah rechargeable battery * 2.

Red arrow area: 12V 16Ah lithium battery * 1

Please make sure the battery can be
fitted into the container.

Step 1: Turn on the power switch.

Black: Walking power switch.

Green: Monitor power switch.

Red: Fan power switch.

How to start the fan: Turn on the red power switch, then turn on the switch under the fan.

Step 2: Press the remote control “A” button, and the tortoise will be able to start.

It can walk for five minutes each time.

Walk Forward: Adjust the gear to forward gear, and twist the handle to walk forward.

Go Backward: Adjust the gear to the backward gear, and twist the handle to go backward.

Left Handle: For eyes movements.

Right Handle: For mouth movements.

Forelegs Tube: For the forelegs movements.


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