Velociraptor Costume

The Velociraptor Costume Case highly reproduces the ferocious and unique appearance of the real Velociraptor, making it a popular choice for Halloween, role-playing events, or dinosaur-themed parties. Contact Only Dinosaurs today to customize your own Raptor Costume!

Raptor Dino Costume: Tailor-Made For Your Adventure

Our Velociraptor costumes for adults also incorporate animatronic elements for movement or sound effects to enhance the overall experience. The movements include eyes blinking, the mouth opening and closing, the head moving, the tail moving, runs, etc… 8 different roars.

The Velociraptor costumes fit performers heights between 5 feet 3 inches and 6 feet. Each costume is ONLY 20KGS weight. 

​You can customize different Raptor suits for your various venues, such as birthday parties, live shows, photo shoots, props, etc. as you can see in the photos.

High-quality production materials make it extremely comfortable to wear and durable, with an expected lifespan of at least 4-5 years if properly cared for.  And during the 24-month warranty period, we will provide DHL spare parts if any damage occurs. All costs are on our side.

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