Stygimoloch Costume

The name of the stygimoloch means “the demon from the Styx”, and is a member of the pachycephalosaurus. The name of the Styx dragon means “the demon from the river Styx” and is a member of the swollen head dragon family. It looks weird, with developed bone plates and spines on its head. These things may be used to fight.

Stygimoloch can walk upright. It has small forelegs and a long, hard tail. Its thick head indicates that the stygimoloch is a more advanced species in the pachycephalosaurus, because its skull plate tends to be thicker and more developed.

So do you want to become a stygimoloch and experience its life? Here is a chance. You can customize the stygimoloch costume by yourself. After wearing this costume, you can walk, run, make its head up and down, swing its tail, and make vivid dinosaur roars.

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