Dilophosaurus Costume

Dilophosaurus is a dinosaur that lived in the early Jurassic, with a 6-7 meters length and a slender body. It has two irregularly shaped crowns that are approximately semi-elliptical or tomahawk-shaped on its head, so people call it “dilophosaurus”.

Dilophosaurus has many small and sharp teeth, two short forelimbs, two long and sturdy hind limbs, which shows it is an agile dinosaur. And its long & powerful tail can maintain balance when it is walking.

It is undoubtedly that our dilophosaurus costume will be your good choice in the coming Halloween. This realistic dilophosaurus costume can simulate a dilophosaurus running, blinking, opening and closing the mouth, turning around the head, and even making scary roars. You will have a ton of fun wearing this costume and chasing your audience in the cosplay parties.