Top 12 Strongest Animals in the World

the front of a buffalo

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You must have wondered what the strongest animal in that world is. Well, while we can safely conclude that some animals are stronger than humans, deciding on the strongest animal in the world will depend on many factors. Well, most importantly, it will depend on your definition of ‘strength.’

Instead of trying to narrow down on a single winner, we have put together a list that features 12 amazing creatures, all of which possess incredible strength in different ways relative to their sizes.

So, let’s get right to it!

1. African Bush Elephants

African Bush Elephants

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African bush elephants are the world’s largest terrestrial animals and the strongest mammals. They are found in the forests, grasslands, wetlands, and agricultural regions of African countries.

They are mainly herbivores- they eat grass, herb leaves, creepers, etc.- and in contrast to Asian elephants, they have larger and stronger ears. They can carry up to 9 000kg, equivalent to the weight of 130 humans!

Apart from their size (up to 4.5 meters tall and 12 tons) that makes them the most powerful animals, their trunks, containing 40 000 muscles and tendons, can carry up to 300 kg of weight. And for digging, defense, and fighting, their long tusk, growing up to 2 meters, does the magic. Impressive, yeah?

On top of all this, they are also one of the longest living animals in the world. Their lifespan ranges from 60 -70 years.

2. Gorillas

Gorillas stands in the forest 1

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Gorillas, known for their impressive strength, are the largest apes and the strongest primates. They have similar DNA to humans but compared to human beings, the arms of Gorillas are incredibly large, long, and strong – with an arm span of up to 2.5 meters.

These animals weigh up to 200kg and carry over 2000kg- That’s ten times their body weights. They walk with their knuckles and carry weight with almost every part of their body, including feet, hands, backs, palms. Their knuckle-walking and climbing lifestyle strengthen their arms.

Gorillas are estimated to be 15 times stronger than an average human. They are found in Sub Saharan Africa’s tropical and subtropical forests and can live up to 35 – 40 years.

3. Tigers

a orange roaring tiger

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Tigers are the largest and strongest species in the cat family. The Siberian Tiger, which is the largest of all the ten species found in Asia, weighs about 300kg and a staggering 2.5meters long. They can carry up to 550kg – that’s almost twice their body weight.

They are characterized by strong forelimbs, a full head, a long tail (almost half its body length), and heavy and thick fur.

They are big animal hunters, and often, they hunt alone. They can carry kills twice their body weight on the ground and many meters up a tree.

However, on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, Tigers are the world’s most endangered animals. Up until the 20th century, almost 93% of the population was lost. The reasons for their declination are found to be poaching, habitat fragmentation, and destruction. Naturally, their life spans across 10-15years.

4. Eagles

a giant flying engle in the sky

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The strongest bird in the world is none other than the beautiful and graceful Eagle. There are about 60 different species of Eagles in the world, and they are all one of the largest birds in the world.

Eagles live for 15-20years and are primarily found in Africa and Eurasia. But some species of Eagle are also from Australia, Central America, South, and North America.

The King of birds is a large animal hunter. They hunt and carry animals many times their body weights. For instance, the Harpy Eagle, the mighty bird, weighs about 11 pounds, yet it can carry away prey that weighs up to 35 pounds – that’s equivalent to the weight of a medium-sized dog, like a corgi.

several engles standing on the tree

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Like every other bird of prey, Eagles have large and heavy hooked beaks to lift their prey. Also, they have large heads, powerful claws, solid and muscular legs or feet, which make carrying their prey very easy.

However, the most exciting feature about Eagles is their eyes, which have more visual sharpness than humans. Hence, they easily sight and attack their prey from long distances. Also, Eagles fly at heights of up to 4,000 meters and can flap their wings for many hours without rest.

5. Anacondas

a green anaconda on the wooden

Source by: Nationalzoo

While they might not be the deadliest snakes in the world, Anacondas are the strongest snake in the world and can even grow to become the largest and longest as well. In fact, the green Anaconda, one of the four sub-species of Anacondas, weighs about 250kg and length of 10 meters, making it the heaviest snake in the world.

However, that’s not the reason they make the list of the world’s strongest animals. Their impressive ability to squeeze and crush large animals is what puts them on our list. They squeeze their prey with the strength of over ten powerful men, and as a result, they are generally considered apex predators.

They prey on big animals like wild pigs, deer, jaguars, etc. And because of this and their metabolism processes, a single meal provides enough nourishment to make them go weeks or months without eating.

6. Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears Walks In The Street

Source by: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Grizzly bears are fearless and the strongest beer in the world. They live close to humans and are found across the Northwest of the United States and Canada.

Weighing up to 770kg and reaching a height of 2.5 meters when standing on their hind legs, Grizzly Bears are among the largest land animals. They can easily carry up to 70% of their body weights.

Grizzly Bears are strong, very deadly, easily irritated, and can be very aggressive. They attack at the slightest threat to their cubs. They have strong front legs and are strongly built to take down large creatures like elk, musk ox, bison, and reindeer.

The male Grizzly Bears have a lifespan of 22 years while the females live longer, precisely, 26 years.

7. Oxen

a brown oxen

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For over 6,000 years, Oxen, also known as Bullock, have been domesticated and bred by humans to pull carts, grinding grains, irrigation, and for farming purposes. They have a lifespan of 18-22 years.

Their weight of about 650kg makes them the largest breed of cattle, and their ability to pull double their body weight also makes them the strongest breed of cattle.

In many cultures, oxen are considered a symbol of strength, stability, and determination. These large horned mammals can pull heavyweights for an extended period than other animals.

8. Goliath Groupers

a goliath grouper is swimming in the sea

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It takes just a look to know why Goliath Grouper is the world’s strongest fish. With a staggering weight of about 800 pounds and the ability to grow up to nine feet, these animals are known to eat just anything in the ocean. Even sharks are not excluded; they are that powerful and big.

They attack Octopuses, Barracudas, Sea Turtles, and human divers too. Goliath Groupers give fishers a run for their money, and because of their massive size and strength, they are tough to land. 

Presently, Goliath Groupers are considered a critically endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to overfishing. However, conservation efforts over the past few decades have strengthened population numbers significantly.

9. Dung Beetles

a dung beetle is carrying a ball on the ground

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These incredible animals are the strongest insects in the world. And when you consider their strength relative to their body weight, they are, arguably, the strongest animal in the world.

These fantastic creatures don’t grow more than one inch long, and they weigh less than an ounce, but they can carry weights of 1,141 times their body size. For better understanding, that’s like a single human carrying 80 tons or pulling six double-decker buses loaded with people!

Dung beetles use their super extraordinary strength to roll massive rolls of dung back to their homes, but that’s not all. They also need their strength for defense against thieves, and the male dung beetles need their strength to impress females during mating periods.

They are found on every continent except Antarctica and have a lifespan of about 3-4years.

10. Rhinoceros Beetles

a rhinoceros beetle on the wooden

Source by: Pixabay

Another very powerful insect is the Rhinoceros Beetle. They are also called horn beetles, Hercules beetles, and unicorn beetles.

Rhinoceros beetles can grow up to 15cm long, and they are the largest group of beetles in the world. In terms of strength to body weight, they are the second strongest animal in the world.

They can pull 850 times their body weight. That’s equivalent to a human pulling 65 tons of objects. An impressive feat!!

The name ‘Rhinos’ is because of their strong horns. The horns provide support during fights with other beetles and also attract female beetles.

Rhinoceros Beetles are not dangerous. They don’t hurt or bite, and sadly, they also don’t live long. They have a lifespan of just six months.

11. Saltwater Crocodiles

Saltwater Crocodile Lies Down In The Shallows

Source by: Wikipedia

When it comes to the animals with the strongest bite, Saltwater Crocodile is second to none. Not just that alone, the saltwater Crocodile, weighing over 2200 pounds, also doubles as the world’s heaviest reptile.

When estimated, a saltwater crocodile’s powerful jaws produced a bite that generated about 3,700 pounds of bite force. Human jaws, on the contrary, can produce only 200 pounds of bite force, and even the King of the Jungle, Lion, can only generate about 1,000 pounds of force with its bite.

Saltwater Crocodile’s top recorded bite strength is 2.6M kg per m², which is estimated to be even more powerful than a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

They are found in salt and brackish waters in some parts of Asia, Australia, and India.

12. Zebras

two zebras on the ground

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The strength of the kick of red Kangaroo and giraffes are well known. In fact, some believe either of the animals should have the strongest kick. But it might surprise you to know that Zebra’s kick is more powerful.

Zebras are highly sociable animals that roam the Savannah in herds for protection from predators. However, when threatened, an adult Zebra can kill a full-grown male African Lion with just a single kick. They have the strongest kick of all animals.

An estimate puts the force of their kick around 3000 pounds.

They have a lifespan of 20-30 years and are found mainly in East and Southern Africa, where they live their life grazing on grasses.


a brown bear on the grass

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That’s it on our list of the strongest animals in the world. As you can see now that strength is not necessarily about the size, weight, or shape of the animal. And when it comes to strength, there is no single winner.

Animals are blessed with various incredible strengths and powers that it is almost impossible to come up with one particular animal as the strongest of all. 

However, we do hope that this Top 12 list has given you a glimpse of the different types of strengths that exist in the animal kingdom. Now, you can visit a zoo to see some of the animals mentioned in this article.

Alternatively, you can buy an animatronic animal, such as an animatronic dinosaur, to beautiful your park or museum.

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