Top 15 Attractive Birthday Gifts for Kids

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Is your kid’s birthday around the corner and you have no idea what gift to give him/her? Every parent wants to give their kids the best of things, but sometimes we don’t even know the best gift for a child.

We have got you covered. Here, we have a list of the 15 most attractive birthday gifts for kids, considering their age and nature. Yes, we are that good. We help make parenting easy. Ready to select that unique birthday gift for your kid? Then, let’s go!

1. Playstix Set

colorful playstix construction toys

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Playstix set is a colorful construction set that kids can use to construct several fun things. This set comes with a booklet that contains some of the fun things that kids can build; kids can even create something of their own. And yes, if you lose the brochure, it’s online, so you can get another copy.

This game set is open-ended, and kids love open-ended games; though they can get frustrated when they knock things over, it helps them develop problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, resiliency, and creativity. With this playstix set, your kid learns things like sorting, counting, patterning, analyzing data, and graphing while having fun. Now, how is that? Good, right?

2. Flipslide Game

Playing Flipslide Game with colorful block toys

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Were you searching for a screen-free game for your kids? Then try flipslide. The flipslide is a handheld electronic and fast-moving puzzle game. Your kids get to develop their logic and reasoning skills while having so much fun.

Flipslide has a four-game mode; Speed mode, level mode, memory mode and beat the clock in speed mode, so you kids won’t get bored easily. The memory mode enhances your kids’ memory. Flipslide can be an option for screen time and it can be taken to anywhere. It is multi-player, so you can play with your kid. This birthday gift is very good for hand-eye coordination.

3. Coding Robot

A Blue Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

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Yes, coding robot. Do you have a computer freak as a child? Or do you want your kid to learn to code while having fun; then, a coding robot might be the perfect birthday gift to get. Coding robot helps kids learn how to code through interactive play, as well as enhance their STEM skills. There are many coding robots available for kids, as young as 3 years old kids.

4. Light up Tracing Pad

a kid is drawing on the light up tracing pad

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Get this for your little artists. And some of these tracing pads can be given to kids as young as 3 years old. A light-up tracing pad is an attractive birthday gift for kids, especially girls. Light-up tracing pad helps guide your kids’ creativity by letting them trace over 100 traceable images!

If your kids love drawing, coloring, and shading, then make their day with this LED drawing tablet. This drawing pad is like a shadow box and it can be taken around and use anywhere.

5. Sprinkle Art Shaker

the sprinkle art shaker

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Sprinkle Art shaker is a new media tracing pad is like a shadow box as it offers light consistently. This drawing pad is portable and can be overlaid with tracing sheets for striking results. The pad works flawlessly even in well-lit that allows kids to adorn line art in fun ways.

Sprinkle art shaker helps your kid create adorable 3D art with less mess. It’s not fun to clean the mess left behind by your little artists, and you can save yourself the stress and time to clean the mess by getting them this gift set. This game can create a bond between you and your kid, as the two of you can play it together.

6. Dino Patroller

A kid is palying the car and dinosaur toys

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Get a Dino Patroller for your kid. Dino Patroller was recreated from a kid hit TV show. Dino Patroller is the first-ever motorized PAW Patrol team vehicle! Dino patroller is big, colorful and rushes to the rescue of dinos when they yelp for help.

Let your kid go for so many adventures using this Dino patroller. It has room for all six pups, a bay in the back for the dinos, and with the help of a Chase figure, oversized wheels, and a projectile launcher.

7. Adorable Baby T-Rex Puppet

a orange baby t-rex in the grass

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Can you see that? So cute. Is your kid fascinated with dinosaurs? Then this cute baby t-rex is the ideal gift for him/her. This adorable baby T-Rex dinosaur is one of the unique gifts for kids as it can be used as a creative tool to stimulate your kids’ imagination actively.

There is a button inside this baby T-rex dinosaur body, which controls its actions such as blinking eyes and yelling, yes, yelling like a real dinosaur. How cute is that? And for the head movement, you can control this with your hands.

So, if your kid is fearless and a bit more adventurous, why not try a dinosaur puppet instead. Because, what’s cooler than a dinosaur?

8. DIY Craft Sewing Kit

a pink box of mini sewing kit

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Are you searching for something to keep your kids busy, engaged, and learning? DIY Craft Sewing kit is one of the most useful gifts for kids; it is a practical life skill. These sewing crafts kit helps your kids to develop great coordination and fine motor skills. It also encourages their creativity. Do you think it’s attractive enough for a birthday gift?

9. Coding Critters

Animal Learning Resources Coding Critters Ranger

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Coding critters have a Ranger cute puppy and a sidekick, Zip; these two introduce coding to your kids, as little as a 4-year-old child. This gift set will teach your kids how to code with an active, screen-free play that’s good for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This game can also build you an awesome kid. The playset includes a slide, a doghouse, and a seesaw. And guess what? The puppy can sing! Just press the nose to initiate the Play mode.

10. Talking or Counting Cookie Jar

The Learning Journey Learn With Me Count & Learn Cookie Jar

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Can you think of a more delicious way for your kids to learn how to count than using the counting cookie jar! A talking cookie jar is a small birthday gift for kids between 1-3 years old.

With this cute talking cookie jar, your kids learn how to count by dropping cookies into it, and a friendly voice counts them out loud! You can also switch to quiz mode and let your kids find each number on their own! This birthday gift set has ten plastic cookies from 1-10 and chips on top of each one.

11. Silly Skater Unicorn

a beautiful silly skaters unicorn

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Silly skater unicorn is a soft and inflatable uniform on roller skates that enables it to ride or be pushed along; it also has a motion-activated light-up LED. It makes for a very fun-filled playtime.

This gift is an ideal and unique gift for kids between 1-3 years old. This unicorn is designed with a soft, long-lasting rubber material, and it has an air pump used for easy inflation.

12. Indoor Bowling Set

A boy is playing indoor bowling game

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Are you searching for a birthday gift for your kid that will create a bond between you and the kid(s)? We present an indoor bowling set to you. With a collection of indoor bowling balls like Giggle N Go, you can create or strengthen the connections between you and your kid(s).

This game is good for your kids to play, and it does not need electricity at all. Plus, it enhances your kid’s hand-eye coordination and encourages friendly competition as more than one player can play it.

13. An Ice Cream Set

An Ice Cream Set 1

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An Ice cream set! Isn’t that adorable? Which kid does not like ice cream? Let your kid enjoy and have fun with this ice cream set! What an attractive birthday gift for kids!  Imagine the smile on your kid’s face as he/she opens this gift set. That smile is what every parent looks forward to when they present a gift to their kids.

And you don’t have to worry about its storage; it is constructed for easy and effective storage. You can store the ice cream scoop scooper neatly in the plastic container. With this Ice cream gift set, your kids get to interact more, and it also helps them build fine motor skills.

14. Toniebox

the toy of the toniebox

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Are you busy at work, and you hardly return home on time to tuck in your kid? Consider getting a Toniebox. Toniebox is a cute, cube-shaped speaker with two rubber ears at the top. It plays songs and bedtime stories for kids.

You can also pre-record bedtime stories with it for your kid. Toniebox is soft to cuddle, and your kid can cuddle it in their bed as they listen to your recorded bedtime stories.

15. Museum Tour Playset

The Museum Tour Playset

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Do you know that you can bring the museum to your kid as a gift? This museum tour playset brings the museum to your kids! This playset is constructed to educate kids about some works of art by popular artists. 

The playset contains a flexible magnetic whiteboard, six magnets showing famous pieces of art, a double-sided playmat, a 20-page board book, and two wooden museum docent characters.


A Thank You Gift Box

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What are the best birthday gifts for kids? All the above proposed birthday gifts are some of the top best gifts you can get for children because they encourage interaction and according to experts, any toy, gift, or game that encourages interaction is good for kids.

Any gift set you chose from this list is good as your child gets to learn something while having fun. So, which one shall it be? Let me know what you choose and how your kid loves it. Except for these things, the 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy are also good.

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