Top 6 Trending Ideas for Your Next Toy Fair for Kids

116th North American Toy fair showed us the latest trend in toys. Many parents got an idea of the toys kids prefer lately. The foodie fun, throwback toys, compound crazy, etc. occupy a special place in the mind of kids.

The parents are in the pursuit of a game that is informative as well as keeps them busy. The games that have educational value and that pose a challenge to the kid’s creativity. This year saw an increase in the sales of outdoor sports along with puzzles and collectibles. This show also revealed the kids’ preference for their favorite brands like MarvelStar wars, etc. However, the craze of toy fairs is still intact.

So, let us know something about the latest six trending ideas for your next toy fair.

Toy Fair 1

1. Unboxing

The unboxing game is a Roblox game that instructs the children to unbox some boxes to find out the surprise. Even more, the game will ask the kids to hatch chickens or break the eggs to find out what is inside.

It will also provide you a bonus in the form of a speed increase to unbox the square boxes fast. After that, once you find out the hidden secret code or unexpected malfunction, it will help you find out the surprise inside the box.


2. The Ultimate Collector

The all-time favorite toy of kids that increases the revenue of Toy manufacturers is “The Ultimate Collector toy.” There is a fad among the children to use this toy. Therefore, it is a craze that is going to reach an all-time high in the upcoming years.

During the year 2016, the collectibles’ sales figures went up to 1.8 million, which was a 33% increase compared to the last year. Colleggtibles, Tsum Tsums, Line of Pop, etc. are going to be the most preferred toys in the year 2020.



Spiderman 1

Kids love cartoon characters, and the toys based on these characters have no shortage in the market. Thus, Starwars, Marvel, and DC are evergreen models that these youngsters love to own all the time. Spiderman, Power Rangers, Despicable D3 are in the list of children’s most preferred toys this year too.

Well, children prefer to pick not only cartoon characters but also film characters from the pool of toys. They love to dress up as Spiderman, Batman, to feel delighted and happy.


4. Social Gaming

With the advent of social gaming, no kid has to be in solitude while playing games. They can pair up with their friends sitting from their homes and still play together. At first, the companies introduced these games as video games played with the help of an internet connection.

Now, the children play these games with the help of mobile as they can quickly download it on their mobile and play. A total of 150 million dollars revenue the companies got from social Casino gaming.


5. Foodie Fun

Parents can explain the importance of healthy foods in their diet plan through this foodie fun game. They can teach their children the values of responsible eating, avoiding junk food, and including nutrition-rich food in their food plan.

Some of the famous foodie games for kids include:

  • String a fruit or veggies necklace.
  • Blindfolding the child, and then asking which foodie doll is placed in front of them.
  • Paint with yogurt.


6. Baby Dinosaur Puppet

GP 07 Baby Brachiosaurus

Baby dinosaur is the recent trend in a toy fair. That’s because it helps children play and interact with the them. Torch blazing dragon, Roaring Dinosaur, are some of the most popular baby dinosaur puppets that kids love to play. Moreover, these puppets have response stimulators that interact with the kids.


Over to you!

The toy market is expanding and introducing new toys every year. Besides, there are so many interactive toys available, like realistic baby dinosaurs that roar when the children make a roaring sound at them. They move according to the given command and also smile at your kid. As they are so soft and furry, kids love to hug them.

Even more, you can now order custom baby dinosaurs as per your need. To know more details about the custom products, contact us!

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