Top 3 Dinosaur Costume Prank-Funny Scene Clips

Lots of dinosaur fans like previous blog – How to Make Dinosaur Costume Prank . Now we will share Top 3 Dinosaur Costume Pranks.

TOP 1 Jurassic Carpark

Time: Afternoon
Preparation: Puppeteer in dinosaur costume, Two Celebrities Hamish & Andy

Hiding in the car, Hamish & Andy were waiting for the target to be pranked. A beautiful girl came out from the lift, Prank was coming. The girl walked to the parking lot knowing nothing. Suddenly one dinosaur rushed out and roared to her. She started shouting and running back to the lift. “OMG…”

After the Dinosaur Prank worked perfectly, Hamish & Andy got down and ran to comfort the girl, telling her it was only a Prank. Knowing the truth, she was much surprised and roared with laughter.

The video from “Hamish & Andy”

TOP 2 Practical Joke

Time: Morning
Preparation: Puppeteer in dinosaur costume

A man was smoking and using phone comfortably. A dinosaur quietly walked to his back, then frightening roars broke out all of a sudden. He dropped the phone on the ground with deeply shock meanwhile he jumped up and loudly shouted to the dinosaur.

The video from “Jay Karl’s Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes”

TOP 3 Jurassic Prank

Time: Morning
Preparation: Puppeteer in dinosaur costume, one assistant

A man enjoyed his morning running in the forest. Everything went well as usual. What’s up? A dinosaur was chasing after a man. He got much shock and fell down on the path, stepped back a few paces and stood up to run. Finally he jumped into the river and escaped.

The video from “Rémi GAILLARD”