Top 15 Friendliest Dinosaurs Ever

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If you’ve watched the movie, Jurassic Park, you might probably believe that all dinosaurs are big and scary, and they all eat humans. That’s not particularly true. So, if you find yourself really scared of dinosaurs, I have news for you — not all dinosaurs are mean and scary. In fact, some of them are actually pretty friendly and downright cute. So, enough about the T-Rex; let’s have a look at some of the friendliest dinosaurs ever.

The tip here is, if the dinosaur is an herbivore, then it’s probably going to be a friendly one since it’s not after blood. However, you can’t risk guessing it right? Therefore, here is a quick list first so you can take them all in:

If you are wondering what was the friendliest dinosaur ever, you’re in the right place. Let us dive right in.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Yi

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The Yi dinosaur a small sized dinosaur is one of the cutest dinosaurs that ever lived. The Yi lived in Hebei, China, around 159 million years ago. Scientists believe that it was a small animal that lived in trees. It is also thought that it also had an unusually long third finger that helped support it when it wanted to fly and glide on surfaces, which makes it appear like a bat.

The Yi or “Yi Qi” is a Mandarin word that means “strange wing” and is pronounced as “ee chee”. Many scientists believe that the first birds came from the Yi dinosaurs, and they have labeled the dinosaurs as “refreshingly weird” animals since they were dinosaurs that did not look like the traditional dinosaurs but instead looked like bats. Meanwhile, if you’re a big fan of this cool dinosaur, you can get a costume here.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Scutellosaurus

Source by: Wikimedia Commons

The Scutellosaurus is a dinosaur that lived around 196 million years ago in America, like modern-day Arizona. The Scutellosaurus is one of the cutest dinosaurs that have ever been discovered. It was a small and lightly built herbivorous dinosaur that lived on the ground. The Scutellosaurus could grow up to only 1.2 metres, and the “scutello” in front of its name translates to the “little-shielded lizard” while “saurus” means “lizard”. The Scutellosaurus has been analyzed to be a light animal, and it had the capacity of walking on its hind legs. It also had an unusually long tail, and it was estimated to be 50 centimetres at the hips, and it weighed only 10 kilograms.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Wannanosaurus

Source by: Wikimedia Commons

The Wannnosaurus is one of the coolest dinosaurs that have ever been discovered. The Wannanosaurus means the “Wannan lizard”, and it was named after Wannan, the location where it was discovered in Anhui, modern-day China. The Wannanosaurus are Herbivore dinosaurs estimated to have lived about 80 million years ago, and scientists used a single partial skeleton to discover it, including a partial skull roof and a lower jaw.

The overall length of the Wannnosaurus is estimated at 60 centimetres, and a femur length of about 8 centimetres. It was also a herbivorous or omnivorous animal that existed on plants and insects.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Stegosaurus

Source by: Charles Knight

The Stegosaurus is one of the friendliest dinosaurs to have ever been discovered. The Stegosaurus was a lizard-like, herbivorous dinosaur that lived in areas around the United States and Portugal between 155 and 150 million years ago. The Stegosaurus was a heavily built dinosaur with round backs, short legs, and suspended tails, a combination of qualities that made them one of the most recognisable dinosaurs ever. The Stegosaurus is one of the most famous dinosaurs ever. It has been widely recognised in books and films, postal stamps and many other media platforms. It has also been exhibited in many history museums.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Compsognathus

Source by: Wikimedia Commons

Generally, scientists describe the Compsognathus as a small, carnivorous dinosaur that is around the size of a turkey.

The dinosaur lived about 150 million years ago, and scientists discovered remains in parts of Europe around Germany and France. The Compsognathus is one of the cutest dinosaurs to have ever lived, and they have been described as “chicken-sized” dinosaurs. The Compsognathus is regarded as one of the most miniature dinosaurs to have ever existed. It is estimated to be only about 70 – 75 centimetres long and about 21 centimetres height at the hip.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Velociraptor

Source by: Jurassic Park Fandom

The Velociraptor is a dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago. The Velociraptor, commonly referred to as the raptor, is one of the most famous dinosaurs ever, and it is portrayed in many movies like the film series Jurassic Park. The Velociraptor has the size of a turkey and has only a height of 2.07 metres with a weight of about 15 kilograms. The skull is about 25 centimetres, and it had about 26 to 28 teeth on each side of its mouth. The Velociraptor also had large hands with strongly curved claws that were identical to the wings of modern birds.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Shuvuuia

Source by: Wikimedia Commons

The Shuvuuia dinosaur is one of the cutest dinosaurs to have existed. It is believed to have lived around 75 million years ago in modern-day China. It was a small animal with a length of 60cm, with a small skull and a long and thin jaw. This dinosaur has been described as a “unique desert bird” because of its ability to use its jaw without using its skull. It could also run very fast, and its front limbs were short but powerful.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Tethyshadros

Source by: The Dinosaur Database

The Tethyshadros is literally one of the best dinosaurs that existed in prehistoric times. This dinosaur was discovered in the Adriatic-Dinaric Island in 2009 by Italian palaeontologist Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia 2009. It is estimated that the Tethyshadros lived between 70 and 71 million years ago, and the first Tethyshadros skeleton discovered by scientists was nicknamed “Antonio”. The Tethyshadros has a length of about 4 metres and a weight of about 350 kilograms. The skull is also long, while the neck and tail are short. The dinosaur used only two feet for moving about, and it had very long legs, combined with only a few fingers.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Chilesaurus

Source by: Wikimedia Commons

The Chilesaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur that lives around 145 million years ago in South American areas like Chile. The Chilesaurus is one of the most miniature dinosaurs, measuring only 3.2 metres from its nose to its tail. One physical attribute of the Chilesaurus was that it had a long tooth that always pointed forward. The Chilesaurus had a strong arm with which it used to defend itself. It also had a giant claw, and it used to survive by eating plants.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Magyarosaurus

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Also known as the “Magyar Lizard”, the Magyarosaurus, is only 6 metres long. It is believed to have lived in parts of Europe like Romania millions of years ago. The Magyarosaurus weighed only 1.1metric tons, and the central part of its back measured only 105 millimetres. Scientists have stated that the tiny size of the Magyarosaurus is one of the physical attributes that sets it apart the most. No other dinosaurs were found in the region where it was discovered. But I think it looks like the Argentinosaurus on the list of A Fun Guide to Long Neck Dinosaurs [With 10 Dino Names], you can click to check if you are curious about it.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Therizinosaurus

Source by: Wikimedia Commons

The Therizinosaurus is a giant dinosaur that lived in Asia around 70 million years ago. However, despite its large size, it was quite friendly. The Therizinosaurus could grow to as long as 9 to 10 metres, and it had the longest known claws of any land animal, which was up to 50 cm in length. One attractive physical feature of the Therizinosaurus was the way it used its claws to walk and work. Its feet were tough and long, but it was also a slow animal that survived by eating plants.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Pachycephalosaurus

Source by: DK Find Out

The Pachycephalosaurus is one of the best dinosaurs that ever lived. The pachycephalosaurus is a very thick dinosaur that lived in modern-day North American cities like South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Alberta, millions of years ago. It had a very thick skull of up to 9 inches, and it is so thick its name literally means “thick-headed” lizard. It was a herbivore and survived by eating plants. The Pachycephalosaurus likes to ram things with its head. Thank goodness it was friendly.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Lesothosaurus

Source by: Britannica

The Lesothosaurus is another really friendly dinosaur. It looks like the Leaellynasaura from middle Cretaceous Australia which is also a friendly dinosaur. It survived by eating plants and animals. The Lesothosaurus lived in places that are now South Africa, and Lesothosaurus and its prior existence were discovered in 1978 by a scientist named Peter Galton. It was 2 metres long and moved on its two hind feet. The Lesothosaurus also had thin, long legs. However, its arms were small, and its tail is as long as it was thin. Scientists have estimated that it was a really fast runner.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus

Source by: DK Find Out

The Ankylosaurus existed about 66 – 68 million years ago, and it used to live in places that are now known as North America. This dinosaur was a giant weighing between 4.8 and 8 metric tons and measuring up to 8 metres. Scientists believe that the Ankylosaurus had a wide skull with broad horns facing the back of the head. The nostrils of the Ankylosaurus also faced the side rather than the front. It is also the Top 15 Coolest Dinosaurs to Ever Lived on Earth.

Friendliest Dinosaurs: Psittacosaurus

Source by: Robert Nicholls

The Psittacosaurus (pronounced sih-TACK-oh-sore-us, meaning parrot lizard) lived over a hundred million years ago. This friendly dinosaur was just about 4 feet long and 2 feet tall, and despite the fact that it didn’t have any horns, Psittacosaurus was a member of the same family as the famous Triceratops.

Psittacosaurus was believed to be a herding animal existing in herds and groups. It was capable of walking on two legs or four depending on necessity and was believed to be a fast runner. It was also a herbivore like most other friendly dinosaurs on this list. The Psittacosaurus probably tops this list as the cutest dinosaur, and you just might like a realistic baby dinosaur puppet Psittacosaurus.

Other really cool dinosaurs include the Panphagia, Microraptor (which would make a really cool pet), and the Chaoyangsaurus. The bottom line is that not all dinosaurs were mean. Some were actually so cool and friendly, they could probably exist side by side with humans in a safer Jurassic World. Even now, there are still many wild animals that evolved from them and live with us on this blue planet. We should cherish these animals more.

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