Top 15 Coolest Dinosaurs to Ever Lived on Earth


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If you care about dinosaurs, you probably know that dinosaurs are arguably the most fascinating animals to ever walked the surface of the Earth. Whether it is the 25.9 metres tall Argentinosaurus, or the 2.2- 4.92 ft Archeoceratops Oshimai. Dinosaurs are cool animals.

But don’t just take our word for it. Many people are still obsessed with dinosaurs although they disappeared from the Earth about 65 million years ago. If you’re interested in that we have a blog about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Everybody seems to agree that dinosaurs are remarkable animals. From the most giant dinosaurs ever discovered, like the Dreadnoughtus, to the cute and small dinosaurs like the Archeoceratops oshimai and the Bagaceratops, there is no denying the fact that there is a lot to learn about dinosaurs,such as the long neck dinosaur names、the tiny skeleton dinosaurs.

Scientists believe that children who like dinosaurs will grow up to be better learners, and they will have more knowledge and information processing skills, too.

Since we all agree that dinosaurs are probably the most remarkable animals ever, let us take a look at the top 15 coolest dinosaurs ever. You can share these dinosaur videos for kids with your kids.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Earliest Ceratopsian


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Yinlong is seen as the most primitive ceratopsian dinosaur known to man. It was discovered in northeastern China and named Yinlong, meaning ‘hiding dragon’. Yinlong was a herbivore and a relatively small animal of about 1.2 metres long and was a herbivore feeding on small plants.

Coolest Dinosaurs: Agility is the game


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It seems the smaller the size of the dinosaur, the agile and fast it can move. Compsognathus is another animal that gives credence to this as its length is around 60 to 90 centimetres. With its agility comes ease in capturing its prey (which mostly are lizards). The animal could grow to the size of a turkey and could weigh as much as 3 kg. Compsognathus means ‘pretty jaw’. However, it is not the smallest dinosaur as birds are also referred to as the non-extinct species of dinosaurs.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Swimming Spinosaurus


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Many researchers have stated that dinosaurs are land animals that will not likely survive at sea because of the inability of their anatomy to facilitate that. And then came the Spinosaurus to disprove it all. The Spinosaurus is such an intriguing creature. It is a species of dinosaurs with a paddle-like tail that aids swimming, particularly hunting for their prey. Wouldn’t it be a great sight to watch a dinosaur swim by paddling with its tail?! A lifesize animatronic Spinosaurus would sure make a fantastic creature to have in your backyard. At the same time, there are many other styles of Spinosaurus costumes for you to choose from. And it also on the list of Titanosaurs: Top 15 Biggest dinosaurs of the world. and the Top 8 Swimming & Water Dinosaurs.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Choosy Eater


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The Borealopelta markmitchelli is a dinosaur with a great digestive tract. This animal is picky about its food, and it does not eat anything with twigs and branches – only leaves and selective ferns. This attitude may seem weird but it is really great for the Borealopelta markmitchelli’s digestive tract. That means you would have had one less thing to worry about if it was your pet. It also has an armored body with spikes all over the body for protection. How cool is that!

Coolest Dinosaurs: Dreadnoughtus Fear Nothing


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Dreadnoughtus is one of the most badass dinosaurs because of its size. Its name means ‘fear nothing’, and like its meaning, the enormous size of the animal would give credence to that. Dreadnoughtus is estimated to weigh about 65 tons and is 26 metres long making it one of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered. With the enormous size of the Dreadnoughtus, Kong would have a great fight on its hand if it intends to subdue the mighty Dreadnoughtus. However, this fight may not happen as the Fear Nothing dinosaur is a herbivore and probably only interested in minding its business. And it looks like the Patagotitan on the list of A Fun Guide to Long Neck Dinosaurs [With 10 Dino Names], you can click to check if curious about it.

Coolest Dinosaurs: Hatty Pachycephalosaurus


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A distinguishable dinosaur with the hat. What more can you ask for when you have an awesome hat to wear every time? The swag and importance that comes with this naturally fashionable element make Pachycephalosaurus cool. The more interesting part is that the hat is not just there for glamour, it makes such an effective defense system. The Pachycephalosaurus is known for ramming objects, dinosaurs, and other Pachycephalosauruses with its head. You sure do not want to get on its bad side.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Many-colored Gigantoraptor


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Gigantoraptor is the biggest multi-colored bird to live on earth and arguably one of the most beautiful dinosaurs. Apart from aiding the animal’s ability to hide in plain sight in the colorful forests in which it resides, the Gigantoraptor’s colors facilitate mating.

Coolest Dinosaurs: Speedy and Smart Troodon


Source by: Jurassic World Evolution Wiki

Troodon was a small animal with a large brain, and as a result, it is ranked among the smartest dinosaurs ever to live on the earth. The brains of the Troodon is not the only cool thing about Troodon; it was a really fast animal. With an estimated maximum speed of about 40mph run, there is little or nothing its prey can do in escaping – a helpful skill when you are a carnivore. With these two highly important attributes that aid survival, speed, and smartness, it would be amazing to watch how preys manoeuvre this animal when it is on the hunt because they most likely cannot outrun it, and it is difficult to deceive or outsmart it as well.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Many-horned Kosmoceratops


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What is the highest number of horns you have seen in an animal? You would have to multiply it to get the number of horns on the Kosmoceratops, and it might still be less. Unless you can prove that your most horned animal has up to 15 horns, then you would beat the Kosmoceratops hands down in this competition for the most horns.

Coolest Dinosaurs: Body Armoured Ankylosaurus


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The dream animal for the ultimate defense and protective mechanism would be Ankylosaurus. Its armoured plates and spikes naturally protect this animal so much so that there are little or no weak spots to exploit when fighting it. A fight with the Ankylosaurus is almost an impossible fight because of the advantage the animal has as its head and side have spikes on them. The back is covered with an armoured plate. The tail has a club of bones that could be used in defense against any attack. The body mass of the animal is also an advantage as it is quite big. Now, that’s really cool!

Coolest Dinosaurs: The King of the Tyrant Lizards


Source by: Roger Harris, Science Photo Libra

Tyrannosaurus rex (also known as T. rex), as a wild animal because of its ferocity and predatory instinct, is by far the most popular dinosaur ever. T. rex is weighed around 4,000 to 7,000 kg and measured around 14 metres in length. It has a mighty mouth with some 60 sets of teeth and a great biting force that makes it a force to reckon with in any fight with the other animals. With over 90 percent of a T. rex recovered by bulk, it is one of the rarest dinos on which humans have done extensive research.

What dinosaur can kill Rex? An answer would be difficult because though Gigantoraptor has the size of a rex, it will find it difficult to defeat a rex in battle, and Sauroniops have the biting force of a T-Rex, but T-Rex has an advantage in size.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Eye of Sauron


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Sauroniops pachytholus, as the meaning of the name, goes, ‘eye of Sauron’, is a big dinosaur with uniquely structured eye sockets like cartoon dinosaurs. It is regarded as a worthy match for T. rex as the teeth structure is similar and the bone thickness alike. Also, it has an additional feature – the forehead lump. This lump is projected to be used for head-butting during the male mating display. With a length of about 12 metres and bladelike teeth, the eye of Sauron would have probably given T. rex a run for its money if they had existed at the same time. The eye of Sauron is a recently discovered species.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Crocodile-mouth Shaped Dinosaur


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The Baryonyx walker is a distinct dinosaur with various kinds of teeth within the same species. It was so distinct that scientists thought of classifying each of them as a species of its own-differentiated only by the teeth. The Baryonyx walker also has a crocodile-shaped skull, and it is the only dinosaur known to eat fish following the examination of its stomach. The content of its stomach also placed its habitat around the seaside.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Many-teethed Dinosaur


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Nigersaurus is the dinosaur with the highest number of teeth, having over 500 replaceable teeth. That is enormous. The T. rex has great teeth and such a tremendous bite force; however, the T. rex is a Sergeant while Nigersaurus is a General regarding teeth structure and density. The Nigersaurus’s numerous teeth mean, however, are quite tiny and are replaced every 14 days.  If you want to know more about it you can read the blog What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Get to Know the Cool Nigersaurus.

Coolest Dinosaurs: The Parrot Lizard


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The Psittacosaurus is another distinctive dinosaur widely known for its colors, its lizard-shaped body, and its parrot-shaped beak. It has a small structure with about 30 to 100kg in size. It is projected to have a highly developed sense of smell and vision following the examination of the size of the brain. It is cool to see features of these two distinct animals merged in one.

Here are the top 15 coolest dinosaurs to ever lived on earth. Which of these dinosaurs, do you find coolest? I bet you didn’t know there were these many distinct and beautiful dinosaurs. If you want to know more you can read the blog 10 Unique Small Dinosaurs [+ 4 Interesting FAQs About Them] and 10 Dinosaurs with Head Crests That are Fun to Learn About.

If you have a favorite dinosaur and want to have a realistic dinosaur costume, we can help you achieve it.

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