Best 12 Dinosaur Restaurants and Cafes Place In The US – 2023 Reviews


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Only Dinosaurs have been in the business of making high-quality dinosaur props for the longest time. And we’ve seen the concepts that make for an awesome dinosaur cafe. We also know what works for a great dinosaur restaurant.

So, in this article, we’ll be showing you dinosaur restaurants and cafes in the US that serve the best experiences. From the concepts to the dinosaur cafe menu, customers just keep coming back for more! And you just might be the next happy customer they’ll serve.

Here’s a list of the fun and tasty places we’ll be covering from east to west, If you are interested , you can skip to main content:

These places are great places to visit with your family or order takeout from when applicable. You’ll surely enjoy the unique gastronomic experience when you do. So, are you ready to dig in? Here we go!

1. New York's Dinosaur BBQ, Harlem


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This popular dinosaur restaurant in Harlem, New York is a perfect place famous for its casual bric-a-brac atmosphere and savory meals. Repeat customers love having get-togethers at this cozy and upbeat place with their families, friends, and event dates. Repeat orders from Dinosaur BBQ Harlem’s menu from those folks are the best selling smoked honey BBQ wings and Bar-B-Que Pork Ribs.

What’s great about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is their flavorful menu and their dinosaur themed-restaurant that’s a perfect mix of trendy and dinosaur pop culture. It’s also a great place for group celebrations because this dinosaur restaurant also offers catering and a private room for gatherings.

Additionally, customers can also enjoy food at home by ordering Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s bestselling menu online. You can grab a bite for store pick-up or delivery.  

What visitors also loved about this dinosaur restaurant are the friendly servers, tasty fried green tomatoes, and tangy chicken wings. Guests also appreciate the outdoor dining area for an experience of warm food and fresh chilly air.

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2. DinoLand Cafe - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

DinoLand Cafe – Myrtle Beach is the place to be if you’re looking for a real-life experience with animatronic dinosaurs and dragons. Not only that, you get to meet woolly mammoths too!

Visitors get the full prehistoric experience as the decor around each area of the store is made to look like the Jurassic era and the Ice Age. So, it’s a good place to dine in for adults and children who love prehistoric themes.

Reviews from guests who came by often mentioned how much fun their kids had playing with the animatronic dinosaurs, dragons, and other animals on display. Even though waiting to be seated sometimes took a while, it was all worth it because of the fun experience.

Bestsellers from this DinoLand Cafe’s menu are comfort foods like fries, burgers, and alfredo pasta. The dinosaur egg desserts are a big hit too. And to top it all off, customers loved how friendly the servers were.

For a dinosaur cafe, it’s about bringing all the elements together for a great customer experience. Dine at a place with realistic dinosaurs and excellent customer service too.

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3. Jurassic Subs - Bremen, Georgia


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Did you know Jurassic Subs is #1 on Trip Advisor’s list of 10 best restaurants in Bremen, Georgia? Top reviews of this dinosaur restaurant all rave about their delicious subs. Some have even said that they’re more delicious than Subway!

The restaurant has a basic look to the store that’s similar to Subway but makes it way better with dinosaurs. You’ll see miniature T. rex fossil replicas on decoration and dinosaurs on the wallpapers. Vistors’ kids loved the look. Aside from the food, it’s that prehistoric atmosphere that got them hooked!

For adults, this dinosaur restaurant brings it home with tasty subs that are quickly made after you order. Customers appreciated how big the sizes were that gave them value for their money. Other delicious items on the menu that customers raved about were the cheese bread and potato salad.

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  • Location: 209 Davis Blvd, Bremen, GA 30110-2569
  • Opening Hours: 10: 30AM – 9PM (Mon-Sat), 11AM – 8PM (Sun)
  • Contact Number: 770-537-1002
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media:

4. T-Rex Cafe - Disney Springs, Florida


Source by: @t_rexcafe

Fans of animatronic dinosaurs, underwater creatures, and Disney are in for a treat with the T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs. This dinosaur cafe at Orlando draws in the crowds with its unique experience of bringing the prehistoric and aquatic together.

To write about it is an understatement so you should make a personal visit to experience the wonder of this dinosaur cafe. What families get is an interactive experience that features lifelike moving T. rex, other realistic moving dinosaurs, and undulating sea creatures at the Octopus Bar. Guest are also treated to a meteor shower for a twinkling night sky.

The T Rex Cafe menu’s bestsellers are all American food in huge portions like burgers, ribs, and savory fried chicken. Most visitors who reviewed the T Rex Cafe on Trip Advisor loved the food. Some, however, found it overpriced. What made up for the cost was the novelty of the dinosaur-themed-restaurant experience.

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5. Rainforest Cafe - Galveston, Texas


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The Rainforest Cafe is the T-Rex Cafe’s neighbor that’s got people second-guessing their dining options at Disney Springs. Netizens have often asked, “Which is better Rainforest Cafe or Trex?”. We think it all comes down to preference.

Food-wise, it’s still the same American cuisine on the menu. Just with different touch for the jungle experience at Rainforest Cafe, Disney Springs. But if you’re really into dinosaurs and wouldn’t mind foregoing the exotic rainforest for a while, The T-Rex Cafe is the better way to go.

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6. Restaurantosaurus-DinoLand USA


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Another great dinosaur restaurant only found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is Restaurantosaurus. What makes this dinosaur-themed restaurant different from the T-Rex Cafe is its boy scout style and student-friendly interiors that are perfect for young ones.

It’s also appealing to those who are young at heart as the mess halls will remind you of what it’s like to eat at a summer camp. But this time, with a paleontology student twist to the feels.

You’ll see mounts of T. rex fossil replicas and other dinosaurs decorating the walls of this dinosaur restaurant. Prints of Pterodactyl’s shadows and a Pterosaur skeleton hanging from the ceiling are part of the design too. Giving you and your family a feeling like you’re in a real paleontologist student’s camp.

Food on Restaurantosaurus’ menu is student favorites like burgers, fries, onion rings, and chili dogs. Pair it up with a crisp salad and refreshing drinks for an awesome afternoon meal!  

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7. Pangea Dinosaur Grill - Arizona


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Moving on towards the west coast of the US is Arizona’s Pangea Dinosaur Grill. This dinosaur restaurant serves delicious Greek food that’s a good break from the usual burgers and fries. If you’re craving something different but the same prehistoric atmosphere, Pangea Dinosaur Grill will be a good place to visit.

Get a taste of Greek salads, Aegean club sandwiches, and beef souvlaki for a gastronomic trip without needing a plane ticket. Don’t forget the pizza and the seafood too! Aptly named Pangaea Pizza and Plesiosaurus Seafood, you’ll surely have your fill of Mediterranean and prehistoric in one plate.

And what creates the atmosphere are the dinosaur props decorating the store. You’ll see carefully curated fossil replicas on the walls and realistic Jurassic creatures hanging from the ceiling.

What’s unique about this dinosaur-themed restaurant is it’s within an interactive dinosaur exhibit building. So, you and the kids can zip right up to the dinosaur exhibits and get to know over 80 animatronic dinosaurs at Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs.

So aside from eating at a trendy dinosaur restaurant, having other things to do during your visit will make it more meaningful.

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8. The Dinosaur Cafe - Missoula, Montana


Source by: @dinosaur_cafe

Dinosaur Cafe Missoula’s one for the grown-ups. A hidden gem in Montana that’s got regular patrons coming in on the daily for its authentic Cajun cuisine. It’s not your usual sleek or family-style dino cafe, it’s more of a night out with your best buds and some spicy Cajun dino subs.

Guests also loved Dinosaur Cafe’s mouthwatering food that ranges from Gumbolaya to southern-style chicken wings. The portions are generous too.

Despite its name, this dino cafe doesn’t have much dino decor except for its logo. It’s probably the concept of serving delicious “grub” that the owners associated with dinosaurs eating food that’s appetizing to them.

Nevertheless, if you’re in the area of Montana, you can check out this local favorite. Get to know Dinosaur Cafe Missoula better at Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews.

Important Information:

  • Location: 428 N Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59802-4536
  • Opening Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM
  • Contact Number: 406-721-3808
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: @dinosaur_cafe

9. King Tut & Dinosaur Cafe - Vernal, Utah


Source by: @rexcentervegas

Another dino cafe that’s going to be a hit with the kids is Rex Center Las Vegas’ Dinosaur Cafe. It has a huge life sized animatronic dinosaurs prop at the center with prehistoric scenes on the walls for a realistic Jurassic experience. Kids can order dinosaur cafe favorites like pizza, chicken wings, and burgers.

Birthday celebrants who are into dinosaurs can also celebrate their special day here. Choose from three birthday packages that let you play go-cart, laser tag, and mini-golf. The two premium packages offer pizza and soft drinks as food for the birthday party.

But even when it isn’t your birthday, you can still enjoy the facilities whenever you’re there to visit. The dinosaur props you’ll see there is the cherry on top of an already awesome dino cafe and dinosaur play center.

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10.Dinosaur Cafe, Rex Center - Las Vegas, Nevada


Source by: @cabazondinosaurs

Did you know the dinosaurs in the classic 80s film, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”, are the dinos here at Cabazon Dinosaurs? Yup! You’ll find them here together with a dinosaur cafe in a truck!

The Wafflesaurus Truck by Sweetosaur at Cabazon Dinosaurs serves dino-shaped waffles with all sorts of delicious treats! Indulge your sweet tooth with a churro waffle filled with dulce de leche ice cream, chocolate wafer, and rich syrupy caramel.  

They also serve dinosaur cafe delights like coffee, hot chocolate, and milkshakes. Enjoy walking around the area and taking pictures with California’s famous Mr. Rex and Ms. Dinny while holding your chosen sweet treat.

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11. Dinosaurs Sandwiches - San Francisco, California


Source by: @top_sf_restaurants

Are you looking for a dinosaur cafe that serves refreshing Vietnamese coffee and Banh Mi? You’re the next happy customer at Dinosaurs Sandwiches if your answer is yes.

According to locals on Yelp and Trip Advisor, Dinosaurs Vietnamese Sandwiches serves the best Vietnamese coffee and sandwiches in the Bay Area. Hungry guests get to munch on grilled roast pork, crispy tofu sandwiches, and even Vietnamese spring rolls.

The dino cafe menu also has other items you can enjoy like crunchy vegan tofu, shaking beef and grilled chicken sandwiches. Pair it with a nice bag of chips for the perfect brunch meal.

It’s not so much about the dino decor here as the obvious dino details are only in the logo. It’s all about the food and the subtle dinosaur feels of the place through the warm wood materials and colors.

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12. Jurassic Cafe - LA, Universal Studios Hollywood, Californi


Source by: @shobikaren

Jurassic Park fans can’t miss out eating at this dinosaur cafe by Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s the real thing when it comes to the Jurassic Park theme from the exotic menu to the park ranger staff outfits.

And most of all, its location that’s just right within Jurassic World. Surrounded by animatronic dinosaurs and lifelike dino figures, Jurassic Cafe is a Jurassic Park fan’s dream come true.

This dinosaur cafe serves up a Costa-Rican-inspired menu for the avid fan. You can order meals like the slow-roasted mojo pork, the Isla burger, and pomegranate guacamole.

Some vegan guests have their reservations about some orders like the vegan mojo jackfruit. So, it’s best to check out previous customers’ feedback on Yelp if you have specific food choices you need to be mindful of.

So to wrap it up, when you’re at Universal Studios, enjoy your lunch at the dino cafe and the whole day at Jurassic World. It’s exactly the perfect itinerary for Jurassic Park fans.

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The Best Dinosaur Cafe & Dinosaur Restaurant Places By You


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What do you think about the dinosaur cafe and dinosaur restaurant list we just looked through? It’s a pleasant surprise how creative each one is and how unique they are in their themes. They’re all the same dinosaurs but still different at the same time because of the unique way businesses express their love for dinosaurs.

And so it is with you. When it comes to a dinosaur cafe or a dinosaur restaurant, choose to visit one that’s the best expression of you and your family’s unique interests. Enjoy the day and each other’s company.

But if you’d like to go for dinner or something different, this article will prove useful. Drop by in whatever on this list is nearest and make the most of your visit. Stay safe and have fun!

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