Top 10 Traveling Exhibits You Should Visit in 2021


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Traveling exhibits are a great source of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom. Renowned academics, researchers, tourists, and historians across the globe visit these exhibitions to grow their networks to explore the hidden scientific and historic secrets and acknowledge the efforts made by the event organizers.

The traveling exhibits listed in this article are the world’s most renowned international tourism gatherings providing valuable information on diverse topics. Choose your favorite exhibition from the list below and get education and insight from industry leaders.

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Let’s find out what’s more on this list.

1. Antarctic Dinosaurs

Organizer: Field Museum, Chicago

Timings: Thursday to Monday, 9 am to 5 pm

Ticket Prices: $26-40

Exhibition Content: Award-winning design and audience engagement, leading-edge science

Official Website: Field Museum


While others consider Antarctica a forbidding land of snow and ice, Field Museum has something different to show you. Probably one of the world’s best traveling museum exhibits, the Antarctic Dinosaurs traveling exhibition lets you explore never-before-seen fossils and experience a dramatic adventure to Antarctica. The exhibition attracts thousands of visitors, particularly dino lovers, who come here to observe the ever-changing climate and geology of our planet by seeing lush habitats where dinosaurs thrived 65 million years ago.

Antarctic Dinosaur is an amazing traveling exhibition to visit for scientists and explorers who want to witness the extreme conditions of harrowing expeditions in Antarctica.

2. 1867 – Rebellion and Confederation

Organizer: Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau

Timings: Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm

Ticket Prices: $11-17

Exhibition Content: 20 graphic panels, quiz game, video presentation, no original artifacts

Official Website: Canadian Museum of History


We all remember July 01, 1867, the day Confederation was proclaimed that laid the foundation of modern Canada after a long struggle of 30 years. Remembering the sacrifices of people who struggled for their rights, the exhibition explores the journey of transition to forge a more peaceable union. Considered among the most educational and informative traveling exhibitions in Canada, Rebellion and Confederation trace the efforts to draft the British North America Act.

By visiting this traveling exhibition, the visitors better understand a legacy that has been penetrated in Canada’s values, social identity, culture, and institutions.

3. National Geographic Earth Explorers

Organizer: Global Experience Specialists

Location: Las Vegas

Ticket Prices: On request

Exhibition Content:

Structural Design, Experience Design, International Logistics, I&D, Multimedia

Official Website: GES


If you like going to traveling science exhibits and exploring the secrets of the earth, you must visit National Geographic Earth Explorers. This interactive traveling exhibition offers real-time earth exploration with 6 highly-themed and immersive environments. You can discover new places, protect brave explorers, and uncover new realms of scientific inquiry.

Starting from an actual off-road explorer vehicle, the journey takes you through Polar Regions to highly evolved jungle animals. Besides, you can also experience mammal migration with a simulated balloon ride.

4. Lace up! Canada’s Passion for Skating

Organizer: Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau

Timings: Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm

Ticket Prices: $11-17

Exhibition Content: 10 double-sided display panels, interactive panel, educational video

Official Website: Canadian Museum of History 


Ice skating has been one of the most popular sports in the West for centuries. This two-dimensional exhibition is among the highly regarded traveling art exhibits that shed light on the efforts made by the Canadian skaters to achieve their Olympic dream. Besides, it also covers different skating-related topics including figure skating and speed skating. You must visit this traveling exhibition if you love skating to learn about the history of skating in Canada and experience figures in a non-traditional exhibition space.

You can also arrange this traveling exhibition at your preferred venue and give it local flavor by adding your collections.

5. American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith

Organizer: Smithsonian Institution

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ticket Prices: On request

Exhibition Content: 17 historic Smithsonian artifacts, touch-screen interactive, exhibition catalog, digital files, touchable objects, design templates

Official Website: Smithsonian Institution


The Smithsonian traveling exhibits have always been highly educational, informative, and enlightening. American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith is another enlightening traveling exhibition organized by Smithsonian that explores America’s democratic journey and highlights the nation’s struggle to establish a more perfect union.

Some of the main sections you can explore in this traveling exhibition are the origins of America’s democracy, the right to petition, the citizen’s rights and responsibilities, the voters’ changing identity, and the machinery of democracy.

6. Life in One Cubic Foot

Organizer: Smithsonian Institution

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Ticket Prices: On request

Exhibition Content: 35 composite images, mechanical interactive, display cases, digital files, text panels with imagery,

Official Website: Smithsonian Institution


The diversity of nature makes this world a beautiful place to live. Life in One Cubic Foot is among those traveling science exhibits that enable visitors to explore reveals the amazing variety of life and inspires them to become citizen-scientists. The exhibition explores animals and plants by using one-cubic-foot frames called biocubes. Similarly, you can produce background imagery by using digital files and use different biocube-related objects and tools to display local biocube results.

7. "Move Over, Sir!"

Organizer: Union Pacific Railroad Museum

Location: Council Bluffs

Ticket Prices: $20 per day

Exhibition Content: stand-alone collapsible informational panels, pillars, foot curved walls, presentation, sample press release

Official Website: Union Pacific Railroad Museum 


“Move Over, Sir!” is one of the amazing traveling art exhibits that trace the unique contributions made by women to the railroad industry over the past 150 years.

Featuring a unique combination of interactive graphics, historical figures, and statistics, this traveling exhibition tells visitors the hardships women faced while working on the railroad during the U.S Civil War and the two World Wars. Besides, you will also learn the resilience women showed during the Great Depression as well as pays tribute to the women working on the railroad today.

8. The Machine Inside: Biomechanics

Organizer: Field Museum, Chicago

Timings: Thursday to Monday, 9 am to 5 pm

Ticket Prices: $26-40

Exhibition Content: Highly interactive graphics, presentation, exhibition catalog

Official Website: Field Museum


If you are inspired by the quality and originality of graphics used in rom traveling exhibits, you must visit The Machine Inside: Biomechanics. This highly interactive and specimen-rich traveling exhibition explores the amazing science of biomechanics and provides valuable information about the future of biomechanics and biomimicry. You can interact with globally renowned academics and researchers as well as experiment with new adaptations and applications.

Additionally, the exhibition allows the visitors to discover the marvels of natural engineering and explore the exciting promise biomechanics holds for the future.

9. Dinosaurs Around the World

Organizer: Imagine Exhibitions, Georgia

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm

Ticket Prices: On request

Exhibition Content: 27 advanced animatronic dinosaurs, Fossils, Spinosaurus skeleton, Authentic casts, Paleontology table, Sauropod Slide

Official Website: Imagine Exhibitions


Explore the age of Reptiles and see a variety of dinosaurs in next-generation traveling dinosaur exhibits, Dinosaurs Around the World. This dinosaur adventure features 26 different varieties of advanced animatronic dinosaurs and allows the visitors to discover the huge assortment of dinosaurs. Similarly, it offers cutting-edge research design elements that educate you and takes you back to ancient times like never before.

The insights offered by Dr. Gregory M. Erickson, world-renowned Ph.D. dinosaur paleontologist, made this traveling exhibition worth watching as he played a key role in creating realistic animatronic dinosaurs with a natural outlook.

10. Solar Portraits

Organizer: National Geographic

Location: Available digitally for venues outside the US only

Ticket Prices: On request

Exhibition Content:

53 images with labels, educational resources, behind-the-scenes video

Official Website: National Geographic


To raise the importance of green energy, this traveling exhibition shows the contribution made by solar technology in providing privileged societies with an uninterrupted and cost-efficiency source of energy. Captivating and engaging photographs taken by experienced National Geographic photographers reveal the importance of the photovoltaic systems.

This exhibition is unique in several aspects. First, it focuses on an important social issue faced by communities from emerging countries like India, Myanmar, and Uganda. Solar technology is the most viable solution to power shortages in these countries. Secondly, the pictures inspire global leaders and encourage them to take green energy initiatives for cost-efficient, pollution-free, and uninterrupted renewable energy.


Human beings have always been passionate about uncovering the secrets hidden in the universe. While the exploration process is very hectic and requires specific skills and expertise, you can learn incredible information on diverse topics by visiting traveling exhibitions.

From science and history to geology and technology, traveling exhibitions allow the visitors to enlighten themselves by experiencing interactive graphics and 3D models. Similarly, some organizers also enable the individuals to conduct experiments and interact with globally-renowned researchers to increase their knowledge. Most of the traveling exhibitions are research-driven and equipped with the latest technology to offer a memorable exhibiting experience to the visitors.

Finally, plan your visit to any of these 10 traveling exhibitions mentioned in this article. However, do not forget to obtain the necessary information about the timings, COVID-19 restrictions, and prices.

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