3 Growth Stages of T.rex: Journey to the Most Dangerous Dinosaur

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Because of Jurassic World T.rex, most of us are familiar with them. What you don’t know is some T.rex facts about its different growth stages. If you are a die-hard fan of Tyrannosaurus rex, you must not overlook the following 3 growth stages of them.

Take a look at what you’re going to read:

  1. Baby T-rex: birds or dinosaurs?
  2. Juvenile T.rex: why did T.rex grow up so fast?
  3. Adult T.rex: Strengths vs. Weaknesses
  4. Dinosaur Extinction: Why was T.rex go extinct?
  5. FAQs About Tyrannosaurus Rex

1. Baby T-rex: birds or dinosaurs?

Paleontologists believe baby T-rex was born from an egg. Although no T.rex egg fossils existed have been discovered, medullary bones from a pregnant T. rex fossil have demonstrated that it was an oviparous mammal. This bone is exclusively found in female birds, and calcium may be extracted to shell eggs by it.

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The newly known foot claw and a lower jaw of baby T-rex suggest that they were curled up in eggs roughly 17 inches long. So if this egg existed, it can enable a small dog to stay in.

It’s hard for scientists to recreate a baby T-rex hatching in an eggshell without fossils accordingly. Through excellent craft, Only Dinosaurs will bring it to life so that you may enjoy the wonderful experience of hatching a baby T-rex.

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Looking at the picture of a T.rex puppet above, you may have the following questions:

● Did T.rex have feathers?

Paleontologists think Tyrannosaurus rex may have been covered in feathers when they were young, as this kept them warm. There would not be a feathered t-rex, because they can rely on its own heat

● What is the relationship between birds and dinosaurs?

Birds are dinosaurs that are still alive because they evolved from a group of carnivorous dinosaurs called theropods. Tyrannosaurus Rex is also one of them. So birds can be considered distant cousins of dinosaurs.

● What does a T. rex baby look like?

Scientists recognized that baby T. rex was the size of turkeys, sported fuzzy feathers like ducklings. T. rex is commonly thought of as a terrible predator, however their offspring were near vulnerable.

Do you want to have a baby T-rex with feathers too? Look at the picture below, this T.rex hand puppet designed with feathers is an excellent addition to your dinosaur collection. Not only does it in line with scientists’ guess, but it also blinks its eyes, shakes its head, and opens its mouth when you control it.

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2. Juvenile T.rex: why did T.rex grow up so fast?

Due to factors such as disease, accidents, predators, etc., the survival rate of baby dinosaurs in their first year is not high. But thanks to baby T- rex’s growth spurt, that gives him a lot of advantages. For example, growing faster and larger than their prey allows them to obtain more food.

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Firstly, how does a bunch of ancient fossils tell paleontologists their age? Just as looking at the tree rings, paleontologists also determine T.rex’s lifespan by looking at the rings of its bones.

Paleontologists have found growth lines in the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that would experience a spurt during its juvenile years. By the time it was 15, its skull and mandible had rapidly thickened and widened.

You may wonder how fast did the T.rex grow per day? During its 14-year development cycle, Tyrannosaurus Tex grew and added over 2.5 kilos (4.6 pounds) every day. That’s an incredible 1,680 pounds every year.

Only Dinosaurs has designed a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex that is in a period of rapid growth, and it is actually from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Our team pays a lot of attention to the extraordinary texture and beautiful transition of colors of this Jurassic Park T-Rex Hand Puppet. It will 100% give you a big shock.

See how amazing this Jurassic Park T-Rex Hand Puppet is in the unboxing video below!

Most importantly, why did T.rex grow up so fast?

Paleontologists believe this is due to interactions between prey and predators. Tyrannosaurus Rex ate herbivorous dinosaurs, including Edmontosaurus and Triceratops, which grew quickly. Tyrannosaurus Rex, being a predator, must be able to outgrow its prey in size, hence it must likewise grow quicker.

As they digested more food, this, in turn, increased the growth of the young dinosaurs. T. rexes that survived their first year developed rapidly after that, accumulating up to 1,700 pounds per year until they reached a full adult size at age 20.

3. Adult T.rex: Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Tyrannosaurus Rex eventually became the most fearsome dinosaur after an incredible growth in youth. Now let’s see how big is the T.rex? Tyrannosaurus rex matured to its ultimate size of roughly 40 feet long and 9 tons by the age of 15 to 20 years.

Let’s learn about this terrifying ancient reptile from the following two aspects.

● Strengths

As the king of the dinosaur world, the T-Rex head is the biggest horrifying weapon.

On the on hand, its nose has the same sense of smell like a cat, making him an excellent hunter. Do you still remember the terrible Indominus rex in Jurassic World? Owen was spared by dousing himself in gasoline to mask his odor.

On the other hand, the big mouth with 60 teeth can concentrate its muscle strength to bite the prey in one bite. After all, T.rex biting force can reach 6 tons.

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More teeth, more fierce. Take a look at the sharpened teeth in the mouth of this Jurassic World T.rex costume. Is that scary? It has the same horrible T-Rex head as the real t.rex. You can even eat meat by wearing it, just like a T.rex in predation.

● Weaknesses

As hard as it is to believe, such a creepy Tyrannosaurus Rex also had some vulnerable sides.

If you’ve seen Jurassic World T.rex, you’ll be fascinated by its cute and funny t.rex arms. This is actually a source of debate among scientists: why did T.rex have small arms?

One explanation is that they are just byproducts of the evolutionary. T.rex arms serve no use, just like human wisdom teeth. Another hypothesis is that they were able to avoid accidental snapping off in predation.

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Jurassic World fans will not forget that Claire risked her life to release a Tyrannosaurus Rex from its cage in order to against Indominus rex. She even runs ahead of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Actually, it could happen. So, how fast could a T.rex run?

According to results published in the journal PeerJ: A Tyrannosaurus Rex probably only reached around 12 miles per hour. T.rex bones will fracture if it moves any quicker. This also implies that humans have the potential to exceed the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

4. Dinosaur Extinction: Why was T.rex go extinct?

Tyrannosaurus Rex has become a household name dinosaur. Why T.rex is so popular? Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the most dangerous dinosaurs which belong to the top of the food chain in the era of dinosaur rule.  What’s more, Jurassic World T.rex, a successful film image, has long deeply impressed the audience. 


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Although Tyrannosaurus Rex was once the king of dinosaurs, it could not escape the extinction of species. Why did the T.rex go extinct?

One of the most widely accepted explanations is that an asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago, causing terrifying phenomena such as volcanic explosions, tsunamis, and acid rain. The blast wave from the planetary collision destroyed the majority of the organisms in its path. After plants are impacted, the entire food chain will go extinct.

It’s a pity that we won’t be able to see these dangerous creatures that once dominated the planet again. But the magical nature once again gave birth to new life. Humanity is very fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the story of those prehistoric lives on this blue planet. And if you want to know more you can read the article Dinosaur lifespan: How long did a dinosaur live?

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Only Dinosaurs is dedicated to replicating these beautiful and dangerous dinosaurs. For example, dinosaurs puppets by our team are great educational toys to help your children understand what dinosaurs are and why they went extinct. You can also use them as a magic show with your children, who will be amazed by the magical movements of the dinosaurs.

5. FAQs About Tyrannosaurus Rex

● What is the difference between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Tyrannosaurus?

Tyrannosaurus refers to a kind of meat-eating dinosaur, which includes the species Tyrannosaurus Rex (also called T. rex)

● Where do T. rex lived?

In western North America. Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in the Cretaceous Period, about 66-68 million years ago, in the western United States, including Montana and Wyoming.

● What did T. rex eat?

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a ferocious carnivore. Tyrannosaurus Rex dung has been discovered, and it contains broken Triceratops frills. Therefore, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s diet must have included huge herbivorous dinosaurs.

● When did T. rex live?

Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the Late Cretaceous, about 90 to 66 million years ago.

● What dinosaurs are bigger than T. rex?

There are several dinosaurs known to have been larger than Tyrannosaurus rex, including Xinjiangtitan shanshanesis, Puertasaurus reuili, Argentinosaurus, Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi, Supersaurus vivianae, Barosaurus lentus, and others.

Hope this post has mentioned some useful dinosaurs knowledge and inspired you.

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