The Best Animatronics Company List of Top 15 This 2022


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Only Dinosaurs is an animatronics company that has the vetted expertise to prove we’re one of the industry’s best. We’ve collaborated with clients from theme parks to museums to your next-door neighbor’s birthday party. And we have their happy smiles to show the work we’ve created.

We’re not here to humblebrag, though. But rather, we’re here to play the host and share the spotlight with someone else. Because in this article, we’ll be showing you the other animatronics companies who we believe are part of the industry’s best.

We’ll also briefly answer your most asked questions about an animatronics company. Read on to find out more.

Consider this blog post as your animatronics company guide if you’re new to the business and are looking for potential partners. At the end of this article, we hope to have served you well. You won’t need to wonder anymore as to “who makes animatronics?” as this list will cover the who’s you’ll need to know.

Are you ready to start? Let’s begin.

Animatronics Company # 1: Sally Corporation

Sally Corporation, also known as Sally Dark Rides, is at the top of our list because it’s well known in the States as the leading provider of high-quality animatronics. And on top of being an established animatronics company, they also specialize in dark rides. They’re the ones who created Six Flags Magic Mountain’s award-winning animatronics and dark ride — Justice League: Battle For Metropolis.

What also makes this company stand out is its ability to deliver work at a fraction of the cost that can stand beside Universal Studios’. Their Justice League project proves just that and shows that providing a thrilling experience is possible without having to break the bank.

Animatronics Company #2: Garner Holt


Source by: @garnerholtproductions

Did you know that the famous fire-breathing dragon at Disneyland Anaheim was made by this animatronics company from the west coast? Fans of the park and the Fantasmic movie have long enjoyed this iconic attraction by Garner Holt.

This company has also helped others gain their fanbase aside from Disney. With over 44 years in the industry, Garner Holt has served a multitude of clients that includes Disneyland and NASA among many.

And in those years, they’ve turned animatronics into a medium for storytelling that’s unlike any other. They bring a spark to each character and concept they bring to life. With that talent and skill, they’ve truly embodied their company’s promise through the years — “Your Show. Our Business.”

Animatronics Company #3: Storyland Studios


Source by: @storylandstudios

Storyland Studios is an animatronics company that’s home to the most creative minds in the industry which includes both vets and fresh talent. They’re the pros from Disney, Pixar, and Lego that help create the stories this studio creates for its clientele.

They’re a company that’s passionate about the pictures they’re painting as much as the experiences they aim to create. They weave it all together with three kinds of storytelling that can bring your ideas to reality: strategic, spatial, and interactive. Storyland Studios impresses with the talent, the skill, and the way brands get their stories told uniquely and excitingly.

Animatronics Company #4: Animax Designs


Source by: @animaxdesigns

Nashville is often known as the headquarters of music giants. But did you know a giant from another industry is headquartered there too? Animax Designs is an animatronics company based in Nashville that’s been in business for 32 years and running.

They specialize in creating animatronic characters who aren’t only cutting edge in their sounds and movement, but visually pleasing too. They’re so real they can be mistaken for the real thing like the T-rex they created. Except that dinosaurs are factually extinct but you won’t notice that in front of a lifelike animatronic dinosaur by Animax Designs.

Animatronics Company #5: Lifeformations


Source by: @lifeformations

Fans of Warner Bros and Disney are in for a treat with Lifeformations’ creations. They’ve transformed famous cartoons like Beauty and the Beast, Scooby-Doo, and The Flintstones into realistic characters you can interact with.

Imagine giving Scooby a snack or hearing Fred call Velma! Or how about watching the pots and pans at Beast’s castle asking you to be their guest?

The secret to their success is in their company’s mission, which is to delight and go the extra mile for audiences the world over. This animatronics company ensures this comes true by creating lifelike animatronic characters and pairing them with an equally stunning scenery they’ve created too.

Animatronics Company #6: TREW Special Effects


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Have you ever heard of an animatronics company built from his parents’ garage? That’s the story of TREW Special Effects founder Trevor Walker. Through his hard work and high-quality projects, his company has served clients as big as Google and AT&T.

A genius, no doubt, and a hard worker too. You can see all that brilliance and grit in TREW Special Effects’ animatronics.

Lastly, they add this twist as the cherry on top of their already brilliant services. “Tight deadlines, last-minute projects, and unruly clients are our specialty. Trust us to get the job done”. So, if witty and full of grit are your thing, trust TREW to see you through.

Animatronics Company #7: Custom Entertainment Solutions Inc.

Now this one’s for the telcos looking for an extra oomph to their marketing that only an animatronics company can bring. Custom Entertainment Solutions specializes in animatronic faces and toys that are as human-like as a robot can become. They’re also into robotic arms and humanoids that create an otherwordly atmosphere of artificial intelligence when present.

Clients of this kind of animatronics company include Verizon, Samsung, and Intel. They’re also able to create furry mascots for those looking for it aside from human-like creations.

Animatronics Company #8: Walt Disney Imagineering


Source by: @waltdisneyimagineering

Walt Disney Imagineering is the animatronics company that pioneered the technology and made it into the diverse and giant industry it is today. But before they’re thought leaders of the field, they’re first the geniuses behind the Disneyland experience fans have come to know and love.

They’re the pioneering group who introduced the first animatronics show to the world — “The Enchanted Tiki Room”. It all started from there and the rest is history. Now, visitors of Disney’s parks all over the world enjoy animatronic attractions that bring joy and wonder. Shows like Star Wars, WALL-E, and classic Disney characters.

This animatronics company’s expertise is something you have to experience for yourself. And trust us, you’ll come out with a renewed sense of inspiration for engineering and robotics you won’t find anywhere else.

Animatronics Company #9: Billings Productions


Source by: @the_dinosaur_company

Billings Productions is an animatronics company that specializes in prehistoric creatures, humongous bugs, and custom-designed characters where your imagination’s the limit. They’re passionate about these predators from way back and giant insects you only see in movies.

But with their talent and ability, you can now see lifelike moving animatronics of dinosaurs and bugs in zoos and theme parks. Take your pick and Billings Productions will make it nothing less than real.

Lastly, they’re driven by a passion to increase prehistoric life’s awareness together with endangered wildlife. They make this happen by creating experiences through their animatronics that make learning a blast.

Animatronics Company #10: InDepth Engineering Solutions


Source by: Possessed Photography on Unsplash

Another leader in the industry is this animatronics company hailing from Michigan. InDepth Engineering Solutions has over 40 years of experience in engineering, design, and even project management.

They use their expertise in these fields to bring unique animatronic characters from dinosaurs to whimsical creatures that are worthy of your attention. Projects are expertly managed because of their expertise in oversight too.

Aside from being an animatronics company, they’re also experts in creating show equipment, props, and amusement rides. This group will truly bring an in-depth experience to any theme park attraction they create.

Animatronics Company #11: Edge Innovations

You would probably remember the movie ‘Free Willy” if you grew up in the 80s and 90s. And if you’re well-traveled in the 2000s, you might have come across Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood or Pandora at the Disney Animal Kingdom.

All those inspiring attractions were created by Edge Innovations, an animatronics company that has deep roots in film, television, and theme parks. They’ve also worked with famous creatives like James Cameron and Frank Gehry and brought those visionaries’ ideas to life.

It’s that experience and breadth of connections that landed them in our list of top 15. Who knows, your ideas might just be their next project. Let them bring an edge to your ideas through their innovative techniques.

Animatronics Company #12: Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Do you remember the Muppets and their fun musical adventures? How about The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss? These famous puppet shows and animatronics were brought to life by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. They’re so entertaining that they’ve made a home on television and in people’s hearts.

What’s characteristic about this animatronics company is the spontaneity and warmth they bring to their characters. It isn’t just oohs and aahs, but also a sense of connection to its audiences. The animatronics are realistic and so is the connection they make with those who watch them.

Animatronics Company #13: Crawley Creatures

Dinosaurs are a big thing when it comes to animatronics and Crawley Creatures is one of the industry’s best creators. This animatronics company specializes in realistic dinosaurs that can be controlled from a computer, giving their clients precise control over the show. This ensures that it happens exactly as it’s planned.

Aside from prehistoric reptiles, Crawley Creatures manufactures mannequins powered by robotics too. Whatever it is that you’ll need, Crawley Creatures can create it.

Awards they’ve won because of their outstanding work are from BAFTA Awards, The Emmy Awards, and the Royal Television Society. This level of excellence makes them worth mentioning in this list of top 15.

Location: Osier Way, Buckingham, United Kingdom


Contact: +44-0-1280-815300

Animatronics Company #14: P&P Projects


Source by:

They say, it all starts with a story. But P&P Projects dares to challenge, is it a good one? This animatronics company from the Netherlands specializes in bringing experiences to reality with a good story.

Everything starts with a good story to tell and animatronics will be the tool to make it happen. P&P Projects has built its business on that philosophy and has garnered the trust of international brands like Madame Tussaud’s, Lego, and Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Location: LS Someren, The Netherlands


Contact: +31- (0) 493 – 694511

Animatronics Company #15: Make-up Effects Group (MEG)


Source by: @makeupeffectsgroup

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Your Animatronics Company FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Now, you’re probably wondering what to expect when you contact an animatronics company. This section will help give you a general idea about pricing and how manufacturers bring animatronics to reality.

FAQ #1: How Much Does An Animatronic Cost?

There isn’t a direct answer to this question because prices can vary per manufacturer. These prices are also influenced by the cost of the materials themselves and the amount of labor involved in its production.

It depends on the complexity of the animatronics the customer needs to be produced too because every creation is often custom-made. There are products, though, that you can buy straight off the shelf like the ones we have in our animatronic dinosaurs collection.

Some animatronics can cost just a few hundred dollars. While some can have prices beginning at several thousand dollars. The functionality of these is directly related to their prices as well. The simpler the character, the more affordable it is. The more complex, the more expensive it becomes.

For example, Garner Holt‘s animatronic parrots that have 8-12 different functions have a starting price of $11,999. The company has also shared that they’ve even produced one that cost a million because of its complexity and uniqueness.

We see here that a lot of factors come into play. So here’s a summary of what you can keep in mind:

  • The complexity of how it should function
  • Material
  • Labor

Lastly, the best way to know is to reach out to the animatronics company you’d like to partner with and ask for a quote. Then you can compare prices and evaluate if it fits your budget.

FAQ #2: How Are Animatronics Programmed?

At Only Dinosaurs, we program our animatronics with electrics. We also use pneumatics. On the other hand, some manufacturers use hydraulics to program their creations. The kind of programming to be used depends on the complexity of the movement needed.

Your Ideas + An Animatronics Company


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There’s no better way to bring your ideas from concept to reality than through a creative force like an animatronics company. It’s also one of the best ways to make an impact through the realistic experience only animatronics can bring.

So, make the best happen. Dream big, let your imagination be the limit (while staying within budget), and partner with an animatronics company that can bring your ideas to life. We’re one call away – contact us.

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