The Art of creating DIY Dinosaur Fossils: Quick Hack

There is no dearth to the inquisitiveness surrounding dinosaurs. After all, the creatures that romped about the earth hold a special attraction for kids and adults alike. The matter of fact is there’s much to know and learn about dinos. And one of the best ways to keep that learning spirit alive is by indulging in trying DIY dinosaur fossils.

Why fossils?

Basically, the DIY dinosaur fossils are great add-ons. Imagine your dinosaur themed party is in full swing. Aside the outfits and decor, you have also kept a dinosaur dig as a part of a game. All the toys, eggs and even the fossils are kept hidden inside. Kids would love them totally! These fossils are innovative in how they help kids master the art of DIY tactics. Besides, craft is a wonderful way to keep children engaged as well.

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How to create these fossils?

Simple and fun, making dinosaur fossils is an art. It’s just basic salt dough that you need to lay your hands on. Usually, the dough works well as a moulding toy for the kids. Try and accumulate the staple ingredients in the house to make the dough. Next, you can teach your little one to perfect the craft of project dinosaur fossil with ease.

The ingredients listed as under would help you get an idea about the quantities as well:

  • Water- 2 cups
  • Salt- 1 and ¼ cups
  • All purpose flour- 4-5 cups
  • Small toys shaped like dinosaurs- a few

This would be ideal for 10 fossils. Again, it depends largely on the size and shape that you wish to impart to your magical creations. However, you just need to increase or decrease the quantities as per your requirement. In order to make the perfect diy dinosaur fossil, the small toys would come handy to give you the impression in the dough. Ideally, it’s better to experiment and kids would undoubtedly love varied types of the fossils.

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So what’s the way out?

Take a bowl and make a mixture of the salt and dough. Then pour some water. Check to see that the consistency is not runny. Additionally, you can keep a spoon to alternate with your hand if you feel that it’s too sticky. If the dough feels dry, add some more water. In contrast, if it’s too wet, put some more flour. The moment you find that it resembles bread dough, you can start rolling few into small balls. Flatten it using a rolling pin. Using those little toys, make the right impression on the dough. Be careful that you don’t put in much pressure. Mildly press the dinosaur toy inside and then roll up the dough once again.

For an added effect of your DIY dinosaur fossils, dry them for few days. In case, you’re out of time, use the oven for drying quickly. Just remember to bake the fossils at a temperature not exceeding 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Now that they are ready, surprise your kiddos on their birthdays or keep them decked in showcases at your home.

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