17 Best Electric Rides for Kids in 2022 (updated)

A boy rides a red electric ride and the other boy rides an orange one on the grass

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Today, we’re going to share 2022’s best electric rides for kids that your young ones will surely enjoy.

We know that looking for quality electric rides can be challenging because we’ve experienced it ourselves. It can even be frustrating as you’d also have to think about safety on top of fun and affordability.

So we created this list of kids’ electric rides that range from jeep kids cars, skateboards, scooters, to motocross bikes. We hope to help you find the one and save you time.

Here are the rides we’ll cover:

Lastly, to make this guide more useful, we’re highlighting five important points for any parent when making purchases for kids. These are safety, pricing, experience, functionality, and design.

Who says canvassing has to be a headache, right? Let’s make it easy and let’s get those car keys turning!

▶ Kids Ride #1:Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

A boy rides a tractor with trailer with some vegetables on the grass

source by: amazon

Amazon’s #1 electric car for kids deserves the top spot on our list too because of its fun concept and entertaining features. Get to know why, for over 5,900+ parents who gave it a positive review, it’s one of the best ride-on cars for toddlers.

  • Price: $279.99
  • Experience: Customers’ kids loved steering the tractor on their own and loved carrying anything they could load on the detachable trailer as they played around. The music on the FM radio and the adjustable speed added to their enjoyment.
  • Functionality: Key features of this ride-on car for kids include adjustable seats with armrests, wheels for high traction, a detachable trailer, and an FM radio. This electric car also has two speeds to choose from (2 1/4 to 4 1/2 mph). It can reverse, brake, and go on 2nd gear too. Lastly, it has 12V rechargeable batteries.
  • Safety: Parents can adjust the vehicle’s speed using the 2nd gear. Automatic brakes also make this vehicle safe. Additionally, some parents’ reviews recommend lining the tires for better traction and increased safety.
  • Design: The unit comes in bright green and mustard yellow colors that create the ride’s fun look.
  • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 3 to 7 years old

▶ Kids Ride #2: POCO DIVO 3-in-1 Ride-On Car: Digger, Scooter, Excavator

A kid rides POCO DIVO 3-in-1 ride-on car on the ground

source by: YouTube

Are you looking for the best ride-on cars for toddlers? Your search just might be over with POCO DIVO’s 3-in-1 ride-on car for kids. It’s a digger, scooter, and pull-cart all at the same time.

Playtime will be more fun with this toy around. Check out its fun features below.

    • Price: $69.98
    • Experience: More than a toy to play with, customers found that it can be used as a learning instrument too. It’s a construction toy they can connect with the popular kids’ character, Blippi, who teaches about children’s subjects which includes construction machinery. Parents also loved how kids can play in different ways because of its3-in-1 feature where kids can drive, dig, and gather toys.
    • Functionality: It’s a ride-on car that has a handle to make the mechanical arm dig. It transforms into a pulling-cart ride-on car when you attach a rope to the small ring found underneath.
    • Safety: Anti-skid tires are attached to make riding safe for toddlers.
    • Design: The unit comes in a yellow color and is designed as a ride-on car for kids. It has a metal arm with a scraper attached to its end. A steering wheel and a hand lever are attached too.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 3-5 years old

▶ Kids Ride #3: TEMI Ride-On Train With Track

A kid rides TEMI ride-on train with track around a Christmas tree

source by: amazon

Sometimes the best ride-on cars for toddlers aren’t cars, but trains. This is the perfect toy for your train-loving tot especially if they’re fans of cartoons like Mattel’s Thomas The Tank Engine. Read more about this fun toy in the next paragraph.

    • Price: $129.98
    • Experience: Toddlers loved the realistic train ride experience that’s complete with sounds and train tracks. They also appreciated being able to bring their toys through the storage found on the train.
    • Functionality: It’s a battery-operated ride-on car for kids in the form of a train. The toy runs on the train tracks provided and even outdoors with a speed of up to 1mph.
    • Safety: The train is equipped with a backrest and anti-tilt plastic component to keep kids from falling in case they lean back while playing. Tight screws keep the toy together.
    • Design: The toy comes in black, gold, and red colors with six wheels and one steering wheel.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 3 years and older

▶ Kids Ride #4: Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

A kid rides power wheels jeep wrangler on the ground

source by: YouTube

Household brand, Power Wheels, offers kids an outdoor adventure like no other through their ride-on car for kids. Their jeep is just like the real thing! It’s no wonder kids think this is one of the best electric cars for kids after taking a ride on it.

They even have a Jurassic World version for kids who love dinosaurs. How about playing the T-Rex during playtime for a fun bonding moment together? All that needs is a realistic dinosaur costume to bring it all together.

However you’d like to plan your adventure, this awesome electric car for kids will surely make any child happy. Check out its features below.

    • Price: $299
    • Experience: What kids loved most about this electric car was how easy it was to use. They simply needed to press their foot on the pedal to start and take it off to stop. The two seating capacity also added to the enjoyment as kids got to bring their playmates along the ride.
    • Functionality: This can run over terrain like grass and hard surfaces with a speed of up to 5 mph. It can accommodate up to two children with a max weight of 130 lbs. Kids can also store their favorite toys in the space behind the seats.
    • Safety: Parents can control the speed of the car using the high-speed lockout option. Power-Lock brakes also keep the child safe by making the car stop as soon as the foot is lifted off the pedal.
    • Design: It’s designed to look like the real Jeep with its rugged look, roll bars, grille, and back fenders. It comes in 5 attractive designs that will suit any child’s preference. Choose from Disney-themed Jeeps (Princess and Toy Story 4), Hot Wheels Blue, Classic Red, to Jurassic World.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 3-7 years old

▶ Kids Ride #5: Aosom BMW Coupe

A kid rides aosom BMW coupe on the ground

source by: Royal Tech Systems

This one is for the stylish lad or girl with class. Aosom’s electric car for kids is a BMW coupe with a classic look and fun features. Scroll down to check if this Amazon Top 30 qualifier will be the best ride-on car for your toddler.

    • Price: $189.99
    • Experience: Parents and kids loved how beautiful the car looks and how long the battery lasts. Kids can drive the whole day on a flat road or downhill before needing a recharge. But because it’s only 6V, experiences also include a battery lasting less than an hour when driving outdoors.
    • Functionality: Nice and easy driving that’s powered by a 6V battery. It works with wide tires, horns, and headlights. The two-car doors can be opened and closed.
    • Safety: This kids’ car comes with a remote control that parents can use to guide the ride. Seatbelts and a low speed add to the car’s safety which makes it a great buy for toddlers.
    • Design: This one-seater ride-on car for kidstakes after the real BMW with its sleek lines, cool blue shade, black interiors, and wheels.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 3-8 years old

▶ Kids Ride #6: Uenjoy Store Mercedes Benz Ride On Car

A boy rides a uenjoy store Mercedes Benz ride on car on the ground

source by: Mercedes-Benz Classic Store

Now, here’s a different kind of electric car for kids from Uenjoy. It’s one of the best electric cars for kids who are sassy and sophisticated. Let its features catch your imagination’s eye in the succeeding paragraph.

    • Price: $209.99
    • Experience: Both parents and kids loved the experience of having control of the car and riding around in a stylish look. Customers also loved the smooth drive their kids experienced with the car. It worked well on concrete and on the grass.
    • Functionality: Uenjoy’s electric car for kids freely moves about in four directions and brakes smoothly. LED lights and a car horn are also included for all your child’s driving needs. A 12V rechargeable battery
    • Safety: 3 safety features keep your child safe which are emergency brakes, suspension for the wheels, and a slow start. Remote control is part of the package too which parents can use to adjust the speed (3-5 kph). Seatbelts and lockable doors add to the car’s safety.
    • Design: a sleek Mercedes-Benz look available in 5 colors (pink, white, red,  black-white, and white-black)
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 1-5 years old

▶ Kids Ride #7: Kidzone Ride-On Car With Remote Control

Two girls wear a mask and ride kidzone ride-on car on the ground

source by: LifeSavvy

Did you know electric rides for kids now include bumper cars too? What’s more, your kids can have one of their own and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. It’s even one of the best ride-on cars for toddlers on Amazon. Check it out below.

    • Price: $169.96
    • Experience: Parents and kids enjoyed the realistic bumper car experience they got from the toy. The ease in toddlers figuring out how to use it was one of the things customers raved about too.
    • Functionality: It works just like the real bumper cars in fairs and kids’ play places. This ride-on car for kids can do a 360-degree spin using the joysticks on the unit. Kids can drive as fast as 0.75 mph. The embedded lights add to the fun experience.
    • Safety: This toy has seat belts, soft rubber lining the unit (to cushion the bumping experience), and anti-flat tires. The remote control also comes with the package so parents can guide the direction of the car.
    • Design: The unit is made with a tough plastic material, a PVC circle strip, and joystick controls.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 1 1/2 – 8 years old

▶ Kids Ride #8: Uenjoy 12V 2-Seater Ride-On Car With Parental Remote Control

A kid play toys with a Uenjoy 12V 2-Seater ride-on car next to him

source by: amazon

Uenjoy’s 2-seater ride-on car with parental remote control is a good buy for parents who are on a budget. You won’t need to buy one car for each child because the toy’s seating capacity can accommodate up to two kids. You can also make sure they’re safe by guiding the ride using the remote control that comes with the car. Learn more about its features in the next section.

    • Price: $249.99
    • Experience: Kids enjoyed riding the car around on their own without the guidance of their parents using the remote control. Toddlers even as young as 2 years old were able to use this ride-on car for kids.
    • Functionality: Uenjoy’s electric car for kids gives them a real driving experience with its maneuverability and 3 speeds to drive with. The car comes with a luggage handle which parents can use to pull the car when the battery runs out.
    • Safety: A slow start function, 3 speeds to drive with (low, mid, high), and emergency brakes keep the child safe while riding. Doors that can be opened, closed, and locked are included too.
    • Design: This ride-on car for kids comes in a sleek and sporty design that’s perfect for the little urban driver.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 1-8 years old

▶ Kids Ride #9: Best Choice Products 24-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy

Two kids ride 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toy on the sandy ground

source by: YouTube

This is one of those 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toys that take electric cars for kids to a whole nother level. Get to know this large luxurious ride through its features below.

    • Price: $449.99
    • Experience: Its 24-volt power allows for long hours of driving fun. Parents found it easy to assemble and control using the remote.
    • Functionality: It’s a 2-seater ride-on car with a parental remote control that makes room for playmates and supervision. Manual driving mode is also supported so kids can drive on their own with speeds of up to 3.7mph. Toys can be stored in the trunk too that allows kids to bring their favorite toys anywhere they’re driving.
    • Safety: The remote control allows parents to safely direct the car when needed. Adjustable seatbelts and shock suspension are also provided.
    • Design: a glossy finish in a classy black color sets this SUV apart and gives it a luxurious look.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 3 years and older

▶ Kids Ride #10: Motorized Dinosaur Ride


source by: Onlydinosaurs

How about an electric car for kids that’s entirely different for a change? Check out this motorized dinosaur ride for a unique driving experience.

    • Price: $900
    • Experience: It’s a ride-on car for kids that will last through the years even as they grow up. The kind of dinosaur can also be customized according to your child’s favorite species. Having this at home will make any dino-loving child’s dream come true.
    • Functionality: It can move any direction you steer it to. It’s coin-operated and can be a unique way for kids to save up their money while having fun riding a dinosaur at the same time.
    • Safety: Parents can control the dino ride using the remote control that comes with the package. You only need to watch over young ones who aren’t tall enough to ride on their own yet.
    • Design: This motorized ride has footrests and a handlebar for the rider. It has eight wheels and two gears for its movement. It’s designed to be a triceratops and can be customized to your dino of choice.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 4-8 years old

▶ Kids Ride #11: Hauck Lightning - Electronic Go Kart

A boy rides electronic go kart on the ground

source by: Heavy.com

This is an affordable go-kart that’s great for newbies or those looking to upgrade their current favorite. It’s made to go lightning fast while still remaining safe.

    • Price: $659.00
    • Experience: Parents loved the ease in assembly and the fun their kids had on it. Kids easily got the hang of steering the go-kart.
    • Functionality: Thick rubber wheels and race-style designmake for a smooth ride.  An ingenious design makes room for your child as he/she grows through the years.
    • Safety: The wheels get a good grip on the terrain too, so you can worry less about accidents. Its 3-point steering wheel also makes turning responsive and easy.
    • Design: it has a racing-inspired color scheme, steering wheel, pedals, and hand brakes.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 4-9years old

▶ Kids Ride #12: Dreamvan Electric Skateboard With Remote Control

Two kids are lying on the electirc skateboard on the ground

source by: Prolongboarders

Older kids and teens who love skateboarding will love how easy it is to do tricks, speed up slopes, and play for hours on end. Safety is still a priority too! This makes Dreamvan’s electric ride for kids like no other.

    • Price: $179.99
    • Experience:  Kids appreciated how it is to control the skateboard and how light it is to carry around. Customers also appreciated its graphic art and sturdiness.
    • Functionality: It’s an electric skateboard that can run up to 12mph and can take on inclines of up to 10%. It has a remote control for acceleration and braking.
    • Safety: It’s CE certified, meaning it’s met the safety standards set by the European Union.
    • Design: Cool graphic art on 7 layers of maple wood make up this skateboard’s design
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 8 years and older

▶ Kids Ride #13: FLYING-ANT Hoverboard

A boy rides FLYING-ANT hoverboard on the ground

source by: amazon

This white other-worldly designed hoverboard gives kids a fun alternative to skateboards and scooters. It’s also beginner-friendly and certified by safety experts. Check out the features of this electric ride for kids in the next paragraph.

    • Price: $139.99
    • Experience: Customers haven’t left a review yet but so far, it’s all five stars.
    • Functionality: This works by tilting a little bit forward or backward towards the direction you want to take. It moves like a skateboard except that it’s electronic.
    • Safety: UL2272 Certified, read more here.
    • Design: It’s got a glossy white finish, LED lights on its 6.5″ wheels, and non-slip footpads.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: Adults

▶ Kids Ride #14: VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard

Kinds of one wheels electric hoverboard

source by: E-Skaterboard

Did you know there’s a toy that’s got a greater energy supply than 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toys? Yes, it exists and you’ll find it in the form of VIRO Rides’ 33-volt free-style hoverboard. Not only that, it’s got a unique design too that will give you a different experience from what you’ve had with hoverboards. Check it out below.

    • Price: $323.95
    • Experience: Customers enjoyed the experience of using the hoverboard like a snowboard because of its sideways orientation. Riders get better control of the toy than the usual straight-on direction from regular hoverboards.
    • Functionality: It’s a freestyle hoverboard that kids can use as a skateboard or snowboard through its side orientation.
    • Safety: UL 2272 Certified
    • Design: The hoverboard is equipped with two rubber wheels for a good grip on any surface, and LED lights to show which direction your child is going towards. Anti-slip foot pads are part of the design too. Units come in red color.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 8 years and older

▶ Kids Ride #15: Segway Electric Scooter

Two kids ride segway electric scooter on the ground

source by: amazon

Are your kids tired of kicking around just to navigate their scooters? This electric ride for kids from Segway is the perfect solution to that problem. It’s also great for bigger kids who want a more grown-up look.

    • Price: $229.99
    • Experience: Kids enjoyed playing with the scooter’s cruise mode that lets them kick less and glide more. It’s also how quiet the motor is that made them appreciate the unit more.
    • Functionality: Its cruise mode makes it easy to use. Kids just need to press start and make on kick then they’re off! Speeds can reach up to 6.2 mph.
    • Safety: The scooter’s spring shock absorption system keeps accidents at bay from the bumps encountered on the road. Its thumb-throttle feature also gives riders control over the speed. 2-ways to break give your kids the freedom to break in the most convenient way for the situation.
    • Design: This e-scooter has a lightweight built that makes it easy to store and ride around.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 8-14 years old

▶ Kids Ride #16: Razor MX350 Electric Motocross for Teens

A kid rides razor MX350 electric motocross on the sandy ground

source by: amazon

Get ready for an exhilarating outdoor adventure with Razor MX350 that’s specially built to serve all your child’s off-road needs from fun to safety. If you and your family are into these types of recreation, this electric ride for kids is the right match. If you’re also looking for electric cars for 13 year olds but can’t find one since most are made for up to 10 years only, this is a good consideration.

    • Price: $259
    • Experience: Parents loved its long-lasting battery, high-quality built, and easy to use even for kids as young as 6 years old.  
    • Functionality: This is a mini electric motocross bike that can travel as fast as 12mph. Riders can adjust handlebars according to their comfort. It’s also a 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toy.
    • Safety: Its tires are knobby and large which gives the bike a good grip on the ground while cruising and making turns. A twist grip throttle control adds to its safety.
    • Design: comes in blue and gray shades with a sporty design.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 10-13 years old

▶ Kids Ride #17: Razor Dirt Quad 24V 4-Wheeled ATV

A boy rides razor dirt quad on the sandy ground

source by: Dirty Wheels Magazine

4-wheeled ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are awesome 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toys. Kids can take it to outdoor adventures and exhilarating thrills they won’t experience in cars. And this ATV from Razor is the perfect partner for your outdoor-inclined child.

What’s more, this is a great substitute for electric cars for 13-year-olds as ATVs are suited for them too. Read on to find out more.

    • Price: $420
    • Experience:  Customers are impressed by how this ATV can run well on rough terrain considering it’s a kid’s version. People also appreciated its speed and power for its size. Kids found it easy to use after a few times of practicing.
    • Functionality: Built to function like the regular-sized ATV, this one can ride smoothly on rough roads as fast as 8mph.
    • Safety: The ATV has four speeds your child can use. It also has a twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear disc brake for turns and stops. Four pieces of 13″ wheels made of pneumatic tires support this electric ride for kids.
    • Design: Its colors come in black and camo black. It’s also made with a high-torque motor, knobby tires, and shatter-resistant fairings.
    • Kids’ Ages Recommended by the Manufacturer: 8 years and older

The Best Electric Rides for Kids: ...And The Winner Is?


source by: Andy H from Pixabay

We browsed through quite a lot, didn’t we? We hope the options we shared will help you decide what’s the perfect ride for your kids. Choose what’s fun, safe, affordable, and long-lasting to get the most value out of what you’ll be paying for.

On a side note, know that technology isn’t something to be wary of if you’re used to manual children’s cars, scooters, bikes, or even skateboards. Take our animatronic dinosaurs for example.

We used to create manually moving dinosaur goods. But when we maximized the power of technology, that’s when we discovered the awesomeness of animatronic dinosaurs you now enjoy in theme parks and at parties.

In the same way, you and your family will enjoy electric rides for kids as you try out those impressive items. Simply do your research, define your non-negotiables, then your kids are good to go. Happy driving!

FAQ you may care about electric rides for kids

A boy is riding an electric cars on the street

source by: Hobby Help

What range of age are electric rides for?

Children with the age of 1-9 suit for electric rides. The specific age of each electric toy ride will be a little bit different.

How much is an electric kid ride?

Kid electric rides can go for a range of prices, from the above we have seen, the price mainly depends on the quality and brand of each ride. You can expect to get an electric toy ride pay between $69.98-$900

What age of kids may be suitable for battery-powered cars?

battery-powered cars are designed for kids aged from 1 to 9. Whereas, the specific application age needs to take the reference of weight restrictions and safety features.

Can a kid drive an electric ride on his/her own?

A kid should be accompanied by a parent to take the electric ride enjoyment. Because parents should control the remote system, to step in and steer or brake if need be.

Are there any safety features on electric rides for children?

Many safety features have been taken into consideration for children, including seat belts, spring suspensions system, and parent remote control systems.

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