How to learn more about dinosaurs with the help of dinosaur puppet?

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How to learn more about dinosaurs with the help of dinosaur puppet? There is no kid on the planet who doesn’t love dinosaurs. They are always intrigued to know more about the giant reptiles that once roamed the earth millions of years ago. Dinosaurs continue to captivate the interest of the old and young alike. However, the primary reasons why these beasts are so popular is the fact that they were fierce, they were big, and most importantly, they are extinct. While there are other dinosaurs as well that were considerably smaller, no matter their size, they still manage to capture interests. Today, there are dinosaur theme parks around the world that

Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet

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Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet is more like a cute pet. They blink eyes, open mouth, move head and roar. Technically, they are called hatchlings. Because they all came from eggs! Once you meet them, trust me, you will fall in love! It’s operated by your hand. Inside, there are two buttons. One for eyes, the other for mouth. Once press the button, it triggers the movement. Simple & Easy! Movements: eyes blink, mouth opens and closes, head mvoes, four different roaring sound. The speaker has four different baby dinosaur sound. More importantly, you can upload your favourite dino sound yourself. Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet Movement Demonstration Video

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