T.rex show: 19-year-old Dinosaur wrangler and Her Dinosaurs

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For fossil evidence, there is no doubt that dinosaurs are a blast from the past!

But did you know that there are people who train and care for them like any other animal? They are dinosaur wranglers.

What will you think of them in the T.rex show? A good-looking, square-jawed, muscular hero? A mad man with a whip that feeds his monsters with human meat? No, all of them are preconceived ideas.

Let’s meet a great 19-year-old dinosaur wrangler, Emma, who is engaging in her dinosaur show business now.

1. Who is Emma: a young entrepreneur and a dinosaur fan

Emma, a talented girl, has been actively involved in performing arts since she was six years old. Having been in over 50 unique productions, she has taught and worked alongside community youths and developed a desire to nurture children’s creativity and curiosity about the world.

Sourced by: Darwin the Dino

She is a university student in anthropology major with a focus on archaeology and culture. The girl has been interested in prehistoric creatures and the Mesozoic Era since she was little. The dinosaur books piled on her bookshelves are testament to that.

“What is your favourite dinosaur?” Guess what a 19-year-old dinosaur wrangler would say. Yes, Emma, the protagonist of our blog, loves Ankylosaurus and Diplodocus since she was a child, but T.rex was also high on the list!

2. Why would a 19-year-old girl devote herself to the T.rex show business?

So what’s an ambitious nineteen-year-old to do? Start her own business as a dinosaur trainer in the T.rex show at various activities.

Why a dino business, you may ask? It helped her bind two of her greatest passions together: her desire to understand and implement a business model that supports the performing arts and her interest in archaeology which is her current course of study.

Sourced by: Darwin the Dino

Sure, most people think that training T.rex is impossible and laughed at the idea of training dinosaurs, let alone T.rex show. It would have been something out of a movie or a dream because this prehistoric creature was extinct from nature 65 million years ago. But now, it’s Emma’s reality. Since Only Dinosaurs has brought them back to life on this planet.

3. What needs to be considered to develop dino show business?

The first step is research. Where to get a dinosaur costume and puppet that satisfied Emma’s requirements? Customer support, cost, mobility, availability of parts, and how real the puppet looks….all were taken into account in the search for the perfect dinosaur costume.

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Another decision had to be made regarding whether to have built-in human legs or not, and she decided to use the open leg style finally.

You may be wondering why. Because the visible legs dinosaur costume can restore the curve of real dino. As long as the acting of the dino performer and dino wrangler is slick and visually exciting, the audience will ignore the human legs outside. Obviously, Emma has such confidence in her T.rex show.

After a difficult research journey through all available dinosaur providers, she came down to the best option, which was Only Dinosaurs.

4. Why did Emma choose Only Dinosaurs?

The dinosaur costume Only Dinosaurs had in stock was perfect for Emma’s business but its legs are hidden, so the suit had to be modified. From the initial design to after-sales, the team offers all-round service and support Emma’s dinosaur production at every step.

Only Dinosaurs is the leading manufacturer of realistic dinosaur costumes and puppets from China. The team stood out as they actually make the dinosaur suits, make specialized adjustments for individual customers, and provide progress photos as the dinosaur suit is being built.

Sourced by: Only Dinosaurs

The lifelike dinosaurs created by Only Dinosaurs provide everyone with the authentically fearful but amazing experience of seeing living dinosaurs at a reasonable cost.

5. How did Only Dinosaurs Team help Emma achieve her ambition?

At every step, Kevin (Marketing Director) sent her photos to show how things were going and deliver the dino to her. The team has been very engaged, helpful, and reliable.

The photos sent were incredible and helped keep Emma involved in the process, making her feel connected to the dinosaur and the creators alike.

Sourced by: Darwin the Dino

T.rex with feathers in the image above is Emma’s dinosaur, Darwin. It features an awesome dinosaur roar and flexible dinosaur actions. Realistic T.rex skin and texture will make you feel that dinosaurs returned to earth today. Did you notice the collar on its neck? This rivet collar around his neck makes Darwin look cool.

When the camera on her dinosaur malfunctioned after a party, an email that would have reached their team past midnight was replied to almost immediately. That is a testament to Only Dinosaurs’ dedication to their customers. After receiving proper after-sales care, Darwin can restart operations.

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After that, Emma placed another order with Only Dinosaurs for a smaller version of Darwin, a dinosaur puppet. This hairy T.rex baby is so cute that must give an exciting interaction with the audience in the T.rex show.

6. T.Rex show: How does Emma work with her dinosaurs?

Emma’s dinosaur, Darwin, has thrived at parties and walkabouts in her hometown, delighting and intriguing… Just magine you can walk with the dinosaur on the street. That’s crazy!

It is not simple to be a dinosaur wrangler because you’re always accompanied by dinosaurs. But it is possible with the right amount of patience and dedication.

At just 19 years old, Emma is already a veteran dino trainer because of her enthusiasm for dinosaurs. She’s been training this T.rex with feathers since she received the dino package from China, and now she’s bringing her amazing dinosaurs to you!


Sourced by: Darwin the Dino

Thanks for the meaningful startup story from Emma and their praise on Only Dinosaurs. Emma is a brave girl who indulged in those prehistoric creatures and has the guts to start her own dinosaur business. Only Dinosaurs would like to become the best partner in the way of every customer engaged in the dinosaur business.

More options for realistic dinosaur costumes are in Only Dinosaurs.

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