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When you are organizing an event, whether it is a birthday party, stage show, or an expo, the main concern is to make the event successful. Event organizers are constantly looking for new, creative, and out-of-the-box ideas to make the event unique and appealing. One of the latest and trending ideas for parties and events are dinosaurs popping up everywhere. Realistic T-Rex dinosaur suits have become a pop culture prop today, and their appearance is no longer limited to dinosaur parks. The most surprising thing about realistic T-rex costume is that it attracts everyone, young and old. It has been seen that adults are the biggest users of realistic dinosaur costumes rather than kids.

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Did you come across a viral incident where a bridesmaid wore a dinosaur costume to her sister’s wedding because she was told she can wear anything? Well, this is surely a crazy idea, but there are other more reasonable uses of dinosaur costumes that you need to know.

Why T-Rex is so Popular?

Realistic Adult T Rex Costume 600x450 1
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T-Rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs, thanks to the movies like Night at the Museum or Jurassic Park. It was one of the largest and most fearsome carnivores present on the earth in their age. So, if you are wondering what made the T-Rex popular, well there is no concrete answer.  But, T-Rex has a significant impact on the understanding of dinosaurs among people.

These big scary mythical creatures have always allured and interested people. Though there are no T-Rex around nowadays, an accurately created T-Rex costume can make people grin or shock them leaving their eyes open. Inflatable T-Rex costumes can be easily found, but if you want a realistic dinosaur costume, you need to see ahead of inflatable costumes. The T-Rex costume by Only Dinosaurs is truly a game-changer in the market. They provide these costumes for special occasions. These are corporate events, birthday parties, comic schools, sports centers, and more.

When can you use a T-Rex Costume?

There are several places where a dinosaur costume can be an attraction, apart from the dinosaur park. It can include –

  • Halloween – Well, Halloween is the best time to show off your wild inner predator. Gone are the days when you dress up as a clown or witch for Halloween if you want to look different. The dinosaur costume will make sure you do not blend in rather than you will stand out. Don’t opt for the inflatable puppets; rather opt for realistic-looking dinosaur costumes.
  • Museums – Museums are not only for historic exhibits, it has a lot of educational content too. A T-Rex dinosaur roaming through the museum can be an added attraction to the place. It will not only excite the children visiting the museum but also attract adults to take photographs with the dinosaur.
  • Shows – Apart from events, T-Rex dinosaurs are also commonly seen in different comedy and TV shows.

Occasions where you can use T-Rex Costume

  • Festivals and Concerts – If you are organizing a concert or festival, it is important to make sure that your visitors have the best experience. A realistic-looking dinosaur roaming around the premises surely seems surreal. Dinosaur is known to draw cards, and when they are spotted, people want to click photographs with them. Don’t take the excitement away by choosing a lower-quality costume. Find high quality, realistic-looking dinosaur costume. You can also opt for animatronics dinosaurs that imitate the sound and movement of dinosaurs.
  • Birthday Parties – A dinosaur theme party is one of the most trending ideas for unique birthday celebrations. It is also possible to organize a live performance with the dinosaurs and make the party more interactive.

Finding a Realistic T-Rex Costume by Only Dinosaurs


The T-Rex dinosaur costume is the latest product by Only Dinosaurs. Their T-Rex costume is around 8 feet tall and 15 feet long and comes with a sturdy stainless steel frame. It comes with dinosaur sounds, roars, opening and closing mouth, blinking eyes, and more. The eyes and mouth movements are controlled by 2 separate cables. The cables simply make the dinosaur come alive. In this case, the performer stands on the stilts, and their legs are covered. If the performer is experienced, he can make lifelike movements. The T-Rex nose comes with an invisible camera to see the outside.

Price of a T-Rex Dinosaur Costume


Only Dinosaurs is a design-based company that only manufactures only realistic dinosaur costumes. That’s one of the reasons they make sure every part of the costume is perfect to the details. They have also given the entire control of the dinosaur to the performer riding the costume. From monitoring for the outside view to hand brakes to control blinking eyes, all the functions can be controlled.

The price of a T-Rex is mainly dependent on its customizations and the shipping cost. You can get in touch with them for the actual costs. You can choose between air freight and sea freight. While delivery through the air is faster, sea shipping is the most economical way. So, if you have a time of around 30 days, you can choose sea freight to get your T-Rex delivered from the factory to the destination port. For customization in costumes, you need to get in touch with the team and they can help you further. The Only Dinosaurs team has the skills and craftsmanship to fabricate any T-Rex costume. They will understand the uniqueness you are looking for in the costume and design the T-Rex accordingly.

Final Words:

Wave dinosaur tail, blink those deadly big dinosaur eyes while roaming around the area as if you are the king. A T-Rex Dinosaur costume is just the best way to get attraction from crowds. Roaring and stomping, their actions can be scary. Don’t be surprised if your visitors forget that these are fake dinosaurs and scream with fright. These dinosaurs can walk, run, roar, and move around just like real ones. Just make sure the T-Rex does not knock anyone down with their tail!

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