Singapore Zoorassic Park Visiting

On March 2017, our team engaged in Animatronic Dinosaur Installation in Singapore. In the meantime, we were invited to visit Singapore Zoo, where our dinosaur-products were exhibiting from May 2016.

Singapore Zoorassic Park

Zoorassic Park Entrance

9th March, we arrived at Singapore Zoo at noon. After a big Chinese lunch, we were lead to Zoorassic Park of the zoo, had a reunion with T-Rex, Carnotaurus, Psittacosaurus, Mojoceratops, etc.

Stegosaurus Model Singapore Zoo

Animatronic Carnotaurus Zoorassic Park

It looked very good for them to be here. With powerful roars & smooth movements, these lifelike prehistoric creatures gave pleasure to thousands of tourists who come here for interacting with them.

Life Size T-Rex Model Singapore Zoo

Animatronic VelociRaptor Zoorassic Park

The Zoorassic Park blended dinosaurs into nature environment, enlightened tourists (especially children) on environmental protection and resource conservation.

Animatronic Iguanodon Zoorassic Park

Zoorassic Park Allosaurus Robot

At the end of the journey, our client kindly invited us to join their Ice Age & Giant Insect theme exhibition.

Mojoceratops Model Singapore Zoo

Zoorassic Park Spinosaurus Model

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