Shoulder Dragon Puppet

From the stories of our childhoods to the thrilling adventures of today, the dragon has always held an indelible place in our hearts.

We made realistic dragon puppets, and the shoulder dragon puppets are one part of our dragon puppets. They are more lifelike because they are more closed to the real dragon in size.

The performer can control the dragon to open and close mouth, shake head, blink eyes, even make roars by arm easily.

Dragon shoulder puppet for sale with sharp and fierce features own rebellious eyes and back fin. No one won’t be more refreshing than you when she is standing on your shoulder. It’s suitable for parties and events.

All the dragon puppets on shoulder can be customized. You can get in touch with us and tell us your requirement. We will make your dream become reality!

The Most Glamorous Dragon Shoulder Puppet

Take the dragon puppets on shoulder along with you to the party and let them impress everyone!

Realistic Dark Shoulder Dragon Puppet

Our fly dragon shoulder puppet has a marvelous appearance with attractive color, wings, and sharp claws. With her on your shoulders, you must be the most eye-catching in publicity stunts, corporate events, family fun days, exhibitions, etc.

Check out the video for further details.

Alive Dragons on Your Shoulder

Because you have to admit, who doesn’t want a shoulder dragon? We know we do! The shoulder dragon puppet is the perfect choice for anyone that likes to be the center of attention. Just put your hand inside and wow your audience with its vivid movements. What’s great about this puppet is that it is so variable. What will it do next?


Blue Dragon Puppet on Shoulder

Our blue shoulder dragon is the perfect prop for adding a touch of fantasy to role-play, shows, and puppetry performances. With its vibrant blue color, it’s definitely eye-catching.

Made from high-quality materials, which are durable. This puppet dragon is easy to move, so that no matter where it goes, it will always bring people lots of joy!

Such a great dragon, don’t you want to take it home?

Lifelike Brown Shoulder Dragon Puppet

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this dragon toy puppet will spread a little enchanted magic in your life.

It’s made of high-quality materials that provides the right amount of cuddly softness. The dragon’s movement is powered by your arm, making it easy to blink eyes, shake head , and even roar.

What else can make playtime or storytelling more fun? Come and own your brown puppet dragon!


Kingly Golden Dragon Full Body Puppet

Introduce our new member of thr dragon famliy. An cool golden shoulder dragon puppet with scaly texture!

Our gloden shoulder dragon puppet is a true steal for the price. It’s an awe-inspiring piece of high-quality craftsmanship that you can use to create any number of mesmerizing performances.

The dragon can rise up its vibrant, gloden wings, and when it roars, its voice come out loud and clear. This dragon puppet is a must-have for anyone in need of a magical friend who will always lend them a hand (or paw).

Full Body Red Dragon Shoulder Puppet

This mysterious dragon has the ability to speak, but although it is very loyal, it likes to play pranks on people.

This shoulder dragon puppet has a varying range of clear and vibrant red color and is made of high-quality materials. What sets this puppet apart from other similar ones is that it has vivid movements. It can blinik eyes, shake head, and even open its mouth to roar.

You can use it as a decoration at home or play with your kids together. It is a good option to develop your children’s creativity and imagination.


Find Awe-inspiring Dragon Puppet on Shoulder

Of all the puppets in the puppet kingdom, dragons are probably our favorites. Children who love fantasy and adventures will be thrilled with our dragon shoulder puppets which feature vivid movements and a huge personalities.

Purple Dragon Shoulder Puppet for Halloween: Enthralling and totally engaging, this puppet is the ultimate way to get everyone talking at your next Halloween party. A beautiful, lavender-colored dragon with bold color patterns and incredibly smooth movements, it’s a high-quality puppet that’s extremely easy to use. The dragon’s face is hand painted and its body has a high gloss finish — you’re sure to be in awe of this puppet every time you watch it perform.

Black Shoulder Dragon Puppet for Event: What’s the best thing to do on the holiday events? Of course it’s pretending to be monsters! So it’s time to take your shoulder dragon arm puppet and join in the events. This black shoulder dragon puppet is perfect for Halloween events, readings, and anytime you want to have a little fun with your audience. And don’t forget to take-up your make-up palette and go a dragon makeup. With the help of them, you will beocme the superstar in the events.

Juvenile Green Flying Shoulder Puppet Dragon for Party: How can you resist that cool dragon when it is crawling on your shoulder? It will play with you and make you happy in the party. When you feel lonely and need someone to cheer up, its green body will fly to your side and hug you tight. It is a toy full of vitality with vivid movements, great elasticity and cute design, which is sure to bring you lots of joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers you want to know

What special function can your dragon do?

Due to its small body size, there is not much empty space to utilize.

We usually add Spitting Water Function.

What are the realistic dragon puppets made of?

Internal: stainless steel

External: foam & silicone

Can you make custom puppets?

Absolutely yes!

Our talented team can make all kinds of dragon puppets, such as red dragon shoulder puppet, blue dragon shoulder puppet, etc...

Can you add a false arm & glove?

Yes, we can.

After we add false arm & glove, the baby puppets look more realistic.


How long does the shipment take?

We usually ship via DHL, FedEx, UPS, which provide worldwide shipment.

It usually takes 7-10 days, door to door.

How long do they take to build?

Depending what type puppet, complexity, level of details, have we done it before? The lead-time can vary greatly from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. We are very experienced in our craft and can produce the costumes very quickly.

But with a greater allowance of time, our product will naturally reflect a greater level of details.

If you need it in a hurry, contact our sales.

We may have some stock baby puppets, which are ready to ship out NOW.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, 24 months.

During the warranty period, any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Meantime, we will send a tutorial video to guide you on how to fix, step by step.

Are baby puppets reliable?

Our baby puppets are built with the finest, time-proven components available.

And we pride ourselves in our designs and workmanship.

At least 4-5 years if well maintained.

Does it make sounds?

Yes, all our baby puppets have a speaker to roar.

So it looks more realistic.

Typically, there are four different sound options to switch.