Realistic Riding T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for adult

Realistic Riding T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for adult

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Are you looking for something cool to attract more audiences? Well, the Riding T-Rex Dinosaur Costume would be a good option.

In this article, you can find the best Riding T-Rex Costume on the market. Let’s check out the details below.

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What is Riding T-Rex Dinosaur Costume?

Riding T-Rex Dinosaur Costume is a full body dinosaur suit. And it gives the wearer appearance of riding on dinosaur. The performer’s legs are covered, standing on a stilts.

There are two cables to control the eyes and mouth movement. When the mouth opens, it starts to ROOAR automatically.

Therefore, all these combine a realistic riding T-Rex dinosaur costume.

Realistic Riding Dinosaur Costume-3

What can a Riding T-Rex Costume Do?

Eyes Blink of Riding T-Rex
Mouth Movement of Riding T-Rex

On the rope, there are two cables. The left cable is for mouth. And the right cable is for eyes.
Simply pull the cable. A riding T-Rex comes to alive.

Movements are including Eyes Blink, Mouth Opens and Closes, Head Moves, ROOOAR, Walk Around

An experienced performer can make the Riding T-Rex lifelike movements. Usually, they are also used in theme parks and in an educational context at various museums.

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The size and weight of Riding T-Rex Costume?

The Riding T-Rex Costume is 4.2 Meters Long * 1.2 Meters Wide * 1.5 Meters High.
(14 Feet Long * 4 Feet Wide * 5 Feet High)

The Riding T-Rex Costume is only 20KGS.

Realistic Riding T-Rex Costume Size-1
Realistic Riding T-Rex Costume Size-2

How to restore & transport the Riding T-Rex Costume?

The riding T-Rex costume can be dismantled into four pieces.

Main body, two legs and tail.

The shipping box is 2.4 Meters Long * 1 Meters Wide * 1 Meters High. (8 Feet Long * 3 Feet 4 Inches Wide * 3 Feet 4 Inches High)

Total Weight is 100KGS.

Riding T-Rex Costume Package-1
Riding T-Rex Costume Package-2
Riding T-Rex Costume Package-3

How about shipping? Can you ship to my door?

Yes, we can arrange shipping to your door.
There are two shipping options. Air Freight & Sea Freight

Dinosaur Costume by Air Freight

Air Freight: Air Freight is the fastest and most expensive means of shipment.

The price is depends on destination airport. Usually, within one week, it could reach destination airport.

Dinosaur Costume Sea Shipping

Sea Freight: Normally, it takes around 25 – 30 days from our factory to destination port.

It is the most economic way. And that’s why 90% customers choose this option.

In order to get the shipping cost to your door, your address is required.

Can you make different Riding Dinosaur Costumes?

Absolutely Yes!

We are able to create any kind of riding dinosaur costumes. Such as Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, Allosaurus etc…

Send us your plan. Then we can talk further.

Realistic Riding T-Rex Costume-3

Is it safe to stand on the stilts?

Before formal performance in the event, the operator MUST have practice to get used to the stilts. If not, there is high risk to fall over.

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How about Price?

There are several custom-made charges & shipping cost, which affects the final price.

So please contact our sale team for more.

Still have questions, leave us comment below or email us at