Remote Walking Dinosaur Manual

Ultimate guide on how to use our remote walking dinosaurs step by step

Any problem with how to install, how to operate the walking dinosaurs?

No worries, we will walk you through on this page.

1. How to Install

Required materials: The neck, flange, and leg screws.

Step 1: Find the neck to body screw position.

Step 2: Tighten the neck screws. (same as the flange and legs installation)

2. How to Operate

Play Video about Turn On the Remote Control Video Cover

1. Turn on the Remote Control.

Check if the Forward/Return Rod is in the lowest position.

After the lowest bit, close the prompt key.

Play Video about Farword&Turn Video Cover

2. Forward and Turn: Push the Forward rod. (While pushing the Forward/Backward push rod, and pushing the “Turn” push rod, The product starts to turn.)


Push the rod slowly and evenly to avoid startup too fast.

The push rod controls the walking speed.

Push the rod to the middle, the product walks at medium speed.

Push to the highest position, which is the fastest walking speed of the product.

Play Video about Backward Video Cover

3. Backward: Pull down the Backward button.


Push the rod to backward the product,

The push rod controls the backward speed.

Push the rod to the middle, and the product back at medium speed.

Push to the highest position, which is the fastest back speed of the product.

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4. Brake: Turn the Forward/Backward button to the lowest position, then turn on the Brake button.

When the product is on the ramp or the product needs to be discontinued.

The product will be safely parked on the ramp.

Play Video about Body Movement Video Cover

5. Body Movement: Eyes Blink, Mouth Open and Close, Neck Up and Down, Neck Left and Right, Tail Sways, Hands Move.

6. Body Movement Speed Control.

Turn the knob slowly, speed is controlled.

The knob is not turned: Regular speed.

Go to the middle position: Medium speed.

Go to the top position: Fastest.

3. How to Charge

Play Video about How to Charge Remote Walking Dinosaurs Video Cover

Step 1: Turn on the Power switch & Stop switch of the walking dinosaur.

Step 2: Connect the charges with the dinosaur.

Step 3: Connect the charges to the socket.

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