Realistic T-Rex Costume for Adults

Realistic T-Rex Costume for Adults

Only Dinosaurs Production is specialized in fabricating Realistic Dinosaur Costume in China, especially Realistic T-Rex Costume. It’s not children’s pajamas or inflatable mascot suit, but realistic dinosaur suit with natural skin.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume for Adult

Do you notice the skin of this T-Rex costume? Fined texture and color are all based on the scientific data of the real T-Rex. According to these data we restored the real natural skin T-Rex.

Realistic T-Rex Costume for Adult

Realistic T-Rex Costume

Realistic T-Rex Suit for Adult

Only Dinosaurs Production is the expert in fabricating Realistic T-Rex Costume for Adults. We can customize the natural skin T-rex suit as per your favorite color. If you want to order our Realistic T-rex Pets, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Natural Color T-Rex Costume for sale

Natural Color T-Rex Costume

Natural Color T-Rex Suit for sale

Natural Color T-Rex Suit

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