Realistic Dragon Costume

Meet Our lifelike Dragon Costume with roar and movement.

Dragon Costume Red Color

Realistic Dragon Costume Features

Our Realistic Dragon Costume is inspired by western dragon fairy story. It has shining eyes, sharp horns, flapping wings and lifelike scales. Where the dragon goes, it is a superstar.

Dragon Costume Classification

Yep, we can see the human legs. But trust me. When you are close to a very realistic dinosaur, will be shocked and won’t be looking at his legs.

Weight: Within 30Kgs
Type: Visible Legs Dragon Suit
Dimension: 4.3m Long, 2.2m High
Materials: Stainless steel & Foam
Movements: Mouth, eyes, head, tail, wings, sound
Timeline: Basically 20 Days
Size: Suitable for 1.60m to 1.80m Performer
Accessories: Monitor, camera, speaker, air fan, battery, sound box etc.

Humans and their legs have a very different shape to dragons. We created salient dragon skeleton shape on the legs. So it looks as close as to the real one.
Weight: Within 30Kgs

Type: Hidden Legs Dragon Suit
Dimension: 4.3m Long, 2.2m High
Materials: Stainless steel & Foam
Movements: Mouth, eyes, head, tail, wings, sound.
Timeline: Basically 20 Days
Size: Suitable for 1.60m to 1.80m Performer
Accessories: Monitor, camera, speaker, air fan, battery, sound box etc.

The dragon puppet is sitting on your shoulder, just like a pet. The operator’s right hand is controlling the eyes, head and mouth movements.

Weight: Within 5Kgs
Type: Dragon Hand Puppet on shoulder
Dimension: 3m Long
Materials: Stainless steel & Foam
Movements: Mouth, eyes, head, wings, sound
Timeline: Basically 20 Days
Accessories: Speaker

Warranty & Payment & Lead Time


24 months guarantee


Wire Transfer & PayPal


3 Weeks’ Manufacturing & 4 Weeks’ Shipping

How We Work

The Making of the realistic dragon costume.

02 work1 4


Over 5 years’ experienced sculptor creates the shape of the dinosaur.

02 work2 5


Fabricated workers draw textures with soldering iron.

02 work3 6

Skin Work

Outstanding workers coat silicone with the scraper on the skin.

02 work4 7


Over 3 years’ skilled painter creates realistic dinosaur color.

02 work5 8


Bubble wrap & Foam were packed on the dinosaur. Protect during the shipment.

02 work6 9


After packing, the truck comes to collect the dinosaur costume in our factory.

Packing & Shipping

Both Sea freight and Air freight are available

Shipping Options

Only Dinosaurs can ship any of our products by either “Sea Freight” or “Air Freight” to any destination in the world. More importantly, with years’ shipping experiences, we have effective solutions to control the shipping cost.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance is highly recommended. As it covers against any damage incurred during the transportation. Normally, it’s charged at 2% of the total of the goods being shipped. As a result, we would be more than happy to arrange the insurance for you.

Shipping Door to Door

We work with Sea Freight companies all over the world. Therefore, they offer us an international network of agents and customs brokers. Due to this reason, these professionals assist allows we arrange delivery from our factory to your site directly.

Custom Work

If you need something unique, our team provides custom dragon costume. Please tell us your design, and we make it happens.

Shape Customization

The shape can be customized. We can make dragon suit as per your design.

Sound Customization

Choose & load your favorite dino sound into the TF card.

Texture Customization

Tell us your texture requirement (picture or video), we can duplicate the same.

Color Customization

Just provide your favourite color picture, and then our painting expert will make the masterpiece.

The Most Popular Realistic Dragon Costume Gallery

Here you can find our Most Popular Realistic Dragon Costume. Recently, more and more customers prefer hidden legs dragon costume.

What Realistic Dragon Costumes do

Realistic Dragon Costume is a frequent visitor in comic con, park & public festival etc. People like to make selfies with our lifelike dragon.


Kids never forget the day they met real dinosaurs.


Become Spotlight to amusement park!


Dinosaur will draw crowds wherever it goes!


Dinosaur is a sport amateur.


Jurassic excitement overload!


Entertain audiences in cosplay.


The realistic dragon costume price is starting from $4,000.00

If  you need any custom work or have any questions, please email:

Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers you want to know

Custom Dragon France 10
Can I use the dragon suit in the rain?

We would say better not. As heavy rain will ruin the skin.

How much are the accessories?

The accessories are all included, no extra cost. Click HERE see accessory list.

Do you have warranty?

Yes, 24 months. During warranty period, any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Lifespan of the dragon suit?

4-5 years if well maintained.

Can you make custom dragon?

Absolutely yes! please send us your design, and we make it come true. See our previous custom costumes.

How about Payment terms?

Wire transfer and paypal are acceptable.