The Most Realistic Dinosaur Suits for Sale

— A Definitive Guide About Dinosaur Costume

A girl is catching the chain of a feathered dinosaur

You are planing to buy realistic dinosaur suits, but still have many questions? Wait a second. After you read this article, then make the final decision.

Realistic dinosaur costume industry has rapidly developed in recent years. Thus you probably have seen them somewhere in birthday parties, event, school etc… In this article, you can find the best realistic dinosaur costumes for sale from Only Dinosaurs. Let’s check out the details below.

Part 1: Visible Legs Dinosaur Suits for Sale

A grey velociraptor on the ground

Take a realistic raptor suit as an example, the performer’s legs can be seen. Because humans have very different leg shape to the realistic dinosaurs. In order to duplicate every dinosaur detail as realistic as possible, the human legs must be visible.

Yep, you can see the human legs. But trust me. When you are close to a very realistic dinosaur suit, you are shocked and won’t be looking at his legs.

After wearing the realistic dinosaur costume, the performer can simulate a real dinosaur blinking eyes, walking, running, and making scary roars to the viewers. So it will be a good option for the Halloween cosplay party or birthday party.

Play Video about Visible Legs Blue Raptor Halloween Costume Cover

Part 2: Hidden Legs Dinosaur Suits for Sale

A brown T-Rex is standing on the ground

You can’t see the operator’s legs (just like the T-Rex costume above). Because it’s covered in dinosaur skin. From the inside monitor, the operator can see outside from a camera on the dino nose, which is hard to notice.

We created a salient dinosaur skeleton shape on the legs. So it looks as close as to the real one. And also, it can do the movements like the visible legs dinosaur costume.

Play Video about Stunning T-Rex Halloween Costume for Sale Cover

Part 3: Silicone Skin Dinosaur Suits for Sale

The silicone skin is traditional craftsmanship from 20 years ago. Technically, it’s more reliable & durable. However, it is almost 30KGS (10 KGS heavier than the fabric skin).

Part 4: Fabric Skin Dinosaur Suits for Sale

The fabric skin is new technology, which is developed in recent year. The most advantage is weight. Hence, the dinosaur suits with fabric skin is only 20KGS. In contrast, it is 10KGS lighter than silicone skin dinosaur costumes.

Part 5: Necessary Accessories for Each Dinosaur Suit

Well, the dinosaur costume is the core. However, it can’t work well without the following accessories.

Hanger of Dinosaur Costume removebg preview
Necklace of Dinosaur Costume removebg preview
Battery removebg preview
Charger 400x3001 removebg preview
Speaker removebg preview
Monitor removebg preview
Camera removebg preview
Air Fan removebg preview
Flight Case removebg preview

All above accessories are included in the dinosaur costume purchase package. No extra fee. In another word, when you receive, nothing else requires. You can wear the suit and have fun.

Part 6: How to restore & transport the dinosaur suit

Probably, the dino suit is having fun in different venues, right?

If so, easy storage & transportation have to be consider in the first place.

Basically, there are three options:

1. MPV

The minimum required space is 8 feet in length * 3 feet in width * 3 feet in height.

2. Trailer Truck

Normally, such a trailer is for 2 dinosaur suits.

If store like the above pic, the minimum inner space for 2 dinosaur suits is 10 feet long * 7 feet wide * 7 feet tall.

3. Simple Trailer

Simple Trailer

As you can see, simply connected hooked onto your vehicle.

Part 7: How about Shipping? Can you ship to my door?

Yes, we can arrange shipping to your door.

There are two shipping options. Air Freight & Sea Freight

air shipping

Air Freight: Air Freight is the fastest and most expensive means of shipment.

The price is depends on destination airport. Usually, within one week, it could reach destination airport.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight: Normally, it takes around 25 – 30 days from our factory to destination port.

It is the most economic way. And that’s why 90% customers choose this option.

In order to get the shipping cost to your door, your address is required.

Part 8: Can you make custom costumes?

Absolutely Yes!

During the past few years, we’ve created lots of custom costumes. Such as Chocobo, Ogretail, Nadder, Charizard and all different kinds of dinosaur, dragon costumes.

Basically, our team has craftsmanship & skills to fabricate any custom costumes. That is to say, the color, appearance, texture as well as sound can be customized. More importantly, our team has passion to make anything special & unique.

Part 9: How could you see outside if in the dinosaur suit?

On the nose of each dinosaur suit, there is a invisible hole – camera. On the other hand, inside of the dinosaur costume, there is a monitor to see outside.

Part 10: What do these dinosaurs do exactly?

These dinosaurs are mobile. They walk, they can run, their tail swings, head moves, mouth opens and closes and roars just like a real dinosaur would have 60 million years ago. Check the video below to see how it performs.

Part 11: How much?

This is probably the most important thing. But it is hard to give exact number. As different dino suit has different cost. Additionally, the price is based on shipping cost (where you are located), tax (different country, different policy) etc…

In order to know the cost, please contact our sales team.

Bonus #1: How to Make Realistic Dinosaur Suit DIY

If you are good at making handmade items, this is should be helpful.

We created a page, which shows how to Make Realistic Dinosaur Suit DIY.

Bonus #2: FAQ About Dinosaur Costume

How to put on? (No need assembling. Simple!)

Please check this video to see how to put on.

Any warranty on the product?

Yes, 24 months. During warranty period, any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side. Meantime, we will guide you how to fix step by step until problem solved.

Lifespan of the dinosaur suit?

4-5 years if well maintained.

Any height restriction of the performer?

Usually, the dinosaur costume is suitable for 160cm – 180cm. However, you are taller than that, we need to customize the costume.

Is it hot in the suit?

We have a small electrical fan inside. So it’s fine.

How long can an operator wear the costume?

Normally, 30-40 minutes.

Where are they fabricated?

Our facility is located in China.

Can I rent your dinosaur suit?

Sorry, but we don’t have rental services.

But some of our clients can provide realistic dinosaurs to you, check the page: Rent A Dinosaur for more information!

How long is the turn around?

Manufacturing takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Shipping takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 7 weeks. You can expedite shipping and get it very quickly, but it is definitely more expensive.

Is it ok to perform in the rain?

Better not.

We tested our dinosaur costume, performing in the rain, it works fine if small rains within 10 minutes. No color fade etc...

But if heavy rains and long time, it is not recommended.

Still have questions, email us at 

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