Realistic Dinosaur Puppets: Future Of The Toy’s Industry

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Whether it is Velociraptor, Triceratops or T-Rex, every dinosaur has its appeal. These wild creatures once lived and ruled this earth. But after they vanished with a giant meteor crash, human civilization became fond of it. Especially when we were kids, all of us wanted to know more about them. We use to act like dinosaurs after watching Steven Spielberg “The Jurassic Park”. And that fun has bought to life by team of only dinosaurs.

After the Jurassic Park was released, not only kids but also adults became enamored of their existence. And certain builders created the dinosaur parks either for family fun or offering education purposes. Slowly and steadily as the dinosaur parks started emerging in every city successfully, all kinds of accessories were made. And some of them were so realistic that it became fun for the kids.

Yes, there was a time when the show “Barney The Dinosaur” was kids’ favorite. But in these modern times, kids are more on their phones at an early age instead of watching these educational TV shows like the kids in the 90’s. So, to get the kids out of their houses and be social and connected to their real selves, we created the Realistic Dinosaur Puppets.

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Lots of excited screams along with children cheers were made possible with one of the most favorite accessories made by men were Realistic Dinosaur Puppet. These dinosaur hand puppets are designed in such a way so they look cute, realistic and adorable to little kids. These puppets are made so realistic that your kids will have the fun of their life. They will become aware of the existence of these magnificent and enormous creatures.

How You Can Introduce Them To Your Kids?

These puppets aren’t scary looking and are called hatchlings. You can introduce these puppets to your kids and ask them to give them names. These puppets are made from synthetic rubber which is a non-toxic material, so you do not have to worry in case your child starts to chew the puppet.

Why You Need Realistic Dinosaur Puppets For Your Kids?

In the modern world, where you often notice your kid on their phones or Ipads, these puppets are quite a good distraction. These Realistic Dinosaur Puppets are like adopting a baby for your baby. These puppets are perfect to keep your kid away from the virtual world and keep him closer to the real world.

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What Is Different About These Puppets?

Your kids might have many toys but these puppets are different. Different how you ask? these are not AI toys but with your hands, you can perform a variety of things to keep your kids entertained. You can move their eyes, keep the head movement steady or wobbly. Also, you can teach your kids, how to be caring in the long run. Ale, your kids can feel and pet them as they please.

If you are a performer, These Realistic Dinosaur Puppets Are Perfect For You:

If you are one of the performers who perform a lot in kid’s functions. This toy can be an add-on in your arsenal. And we assure you that entertaining kids with such toys will keep you popular among the parents. These toys are not heavy to carry and you can take them anywhere. And imagine how amazed the kids will be once they see a baby dinosaur in real life. You can become one of the popular kid entertainers in no time.

How To Make These Realistic Dinosaur Puppets Work?

These adorable puppets can be controlled with your hand without any hassle. Make these puppets’ eyes blink, open and close their mouth portraying that they are yawning or talking, make their head move like a tilt when your kids are communicating with this adorable baby dinosaur puppet. And the interesting part is that they can make four different roaring sound. Also, the creators of realistic dinosaur puppets have given you the benefit of uploading your favorite dino sound yourself.

What You Can Do With Our Realistic Dinosaur Puppets?

These puppets fit perfect for different occasions. If its a birthday party and to entertain your kids and their friends, these puppets are perfect. Boy or girls’ night out is an ideal occasion where you as a father or brother can introduce yourself with a sweet snarly dinosaur face and sound. You have several ways of using these puppets to make your kid giggle when he is not in the mood.

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We have created all kinds of Realistic Dinosaur Puppets for your convenience. Baby T-Rex Hand Puppet, Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet, and Baby Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet are some of the most incredible toys you can buy to keep your kids entertained and not shift themselves towards their life full of boredom and join the social media life.

Our Team:

Since 2008, Only Dinosaurs Team is full of renowned paleontologists and artists and are capable of fabricating all kinds of realistic dinosaurs. Our talented engineers, sculptors, machinists, and artists have 3 years of experience and make sure to put life into a toy. You can check our team page to know about our talented team along with their photos and designations.

What Is The Warranty On Realistic Dinosaur Puppets?

For our customer convenience, we offer you a 24 months warranty period. If you are concerned about the payments, you can wire transfer us the money or pay us via PayPal. Also, if you want a customized baby dinosaur puppet, we need 3 weeks and 1 week of shipping it.

How Do We Ship?

We feel proud of shipping your favorite realistic dinosaur puppet by DHL shipping. We prefer DHL because we want you to have the puppet where ever you are in the world. And DHL is capable of delivering it to you on time.

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