Realistic Dinosaur Puppet

Meet Our Cute Baby Dinosaur Puppet — roaring with vivid movements.

What is Realistic Dinosaur Puppet?

Realistic Dinosaur Puppet is more like a pet. They blink eyes, open mouth, move head and roar.

Technically, they are called hatchlings. Because they all came from eggs! Once you meet them, trust me, you will fall in love!

The baby dinosaur is loved by everyone that sees it.

It’s operated by your hand. Inside, there are two buttons. One for eyes, the other for mouth. Once press the button, it triggers the movement. Simple & Easy!

A man with blue shirt is carrying a baby t-rex puppet on his arm

Baby Dinosaurs Specification

Size: 2 feet – 7 feet Long

Weight: around 2.5 KG

Accessory: Speaker

Sound: Four different roaring sound

Movement Demonstration

Eyes: Blink

Mouth: Open and close

Head: Moves

Wings: Flaping (if dragon puppet)

Five Different Dinosaur Puppets

Basically, we are able to fabricate any kinds of full body baby dinosaur puppets.

Their size is between 2 feet – 7 feet Long.

Movements: eyes blink, mouth opens and closes, head mvoes, four different roaring sound. The speaker has four different baby dinosaur sound. More importantly, you can upload your favourite dino sound yourself.

Technically, they are called hatchlings – dinosaur hand puppet. Because they all came from eggs!

They are just hatched from the egg, as cute as a baby.

Once you meet them, trust me, you will fall in love!

The Baby Dinosaur is sitting in a crate.

The operator’s right is reaching into the baby dinosaur. The fake right arm is right out there as decoration.

On the crate, we can spray your company or park name.

The Dinosaur Shoulder Puppet is slightly heavier than the babies. He is sitting on your shoulder like a pet.

Movements are including eyes blink, mouth opens and closes, head moves, four different roaring sound.

It’s great to have it performing in the street.

The dragon shoulder puppet is quite speical, sitting on your shoulder.

Look at the flying wings. It’s flaping.

Movements are eyes blink, mouth opens and closes, head moves, wings flaping, making roaring sound.

Warranty & Payment & Lead Time


24 months


Wire Transfer & PayPal


Normally, 3 Weeks’ Manufacturing & 4 Weeks’ Sea Shipping


Air & Sea Freight

Worldwide DHL Shipment

The realistic dinosaur puppet will be delivered to your doorstep via DHL. With years’ shipping experiences, we have effective solutions to control the freight.

A giant ship in the sea with a plane in the sky

How We Work

There are four main steps to make a full body – realistic dinosaur puppet.

Dinosaur Puppet Sculpting2


Several piece foam to sculpt the baby dinosaur shape.

Dinosaur Puppet Texturing2


Draw realistic texture on the baby dinosaur body.

Dinosaur Puppet Skin Making2

Skin Work

Coat the silicone on the foam and scrape it. Glue the silk stockings on the foam.

Dinosaur Puppet Painting3


Over 3 years’ skilled painter creates realistic dinosaur color.

Dinosaur Puppet Packing 1


Bubble wrap & Foam were packed on the dinosaur. Protect during the shipment.

Dinosaur Puppet Worldwide DHL Shipping


We provide worldwide DHL shipping to your doorstep.

Custom Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet


The shape can be customized. We can make any kinds of dinosaur species.


Tell us your requirement (picture or video), we can create the same texture.


Just provide any color design, even hand sketch, the required color will be duplicated.


Load your favorite dino sound into the SD card. 1 second MP3 file is recommended.

Most Popular Realistic Baby Dinosaur Puppets Gallery

Triceratops, T-Rex and Brachiosaurus are the most popular baby dinosaur puppets in US and European market. With flexible & smooth movements, they are cute pets!


The realistic baby dinosaur puppet price is starting from $800.00

If  you need any custom work or have any questions, please email: