Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Realistic T-Rex Puppet
Realistic Brachiosaurus Puppet


Do you wanna hug our Dinosaur Hand Puppet? It is puppet, but difficult to distinguish from real baby dinosaur.

Realistic Triceratops Puppet
Realistic Triceratops Hand Puppet

Our dinosaur hand puppets have soft & smooth skin, bright & blinking eyes and cries for hunger. These real baby dinosaur features are all perfectly showed on our baby dinosaur puppets.

Realistic T-Rex Hand Puppet

When the performer holds our baby dinosaur hand puppet to perform the movement and roar, a real baby dinosaur is alive. Children will be excited when playing with such vivid baby dinosaur. They wish these dinosaur baby puppets can appear in their birthday parties.

Realistic T-Rex Baby Puppet
Realistic Triceratops Baby Puppet

Three kinds of realistic dinosaur hand puppets are popular — Baby T-Rex Hand Puppet, Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet and Baby Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet.

Do you want to adopt a baby dinosaur? Just come to OnlyDinosaurs Rearing Center. Baby dinosaurs are waiting for their Masters.

Realistic T-Rex Puppets
Realistic Triceratops Puppets
Baby Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet
Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet

Realistic Dinosaur Hand Puppet Video

  1. baby tricepas and walking dinosaure interested
    what are prices?
    do you just sell the mechanical suit?

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