Realistic Animatronic T-Rex Head for Theme Park

US $3,500.00

Item No: AD-108

Size: 1.5 Meters Long

This 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) long animatronic T-Rex head for theme park was made from high-density foam and high purity silicone. It is durable for waterproof, sunproof, even snowproof. You just need to connect several plugs and turn on the power, it will move like a real T-Rex head. Besides, there is a speaker inside the head, when its mouth opens, the visitors can hear the scary roar of the T-Rex.

Place this animatronic T-Rex head in your theme park! Undoubtedly, it will attract the visitors and give them an unforgettable experience.

Here are some other fascinating details about the animatronic T-Rex head for theme park:

✔ Accessory: skin repair kit, control box, and so on

✔ Global shipment

✔ 24 months warranty

More Info :

Movement: Dinosaur: Eyes Blink, Mouth Opens and Closes, Head Moves, Breathing, Claws Move Sound: MP3 format sound Option Function: Smoke / Fog ability, Spitting Water ability (except  Rides)

Control Box, Speaker, Fiberglass Rock, Infrared Sensor, etc… 

Our team is good at building unique and custom creations, including COLOR.

If you wanna something special, please send us your design. Then we will make it happens.

Vivid Moves

Vivid Moves

Custom Design

Custom Design

Finer Details

Finer Details


Global Shipping

We Bring Them to Life with

● High-density Foam

● International Standard Steel

● High-purity Silicone

● Blushless Motor

● Color Pigment

● Gear Reducer

● High-quality Flange

the main materials of animatronic dinosaur

You Can See Them in

● Theme Parks

● Museums

● Showrooms

● Shopping Malls

● Restaurants

● Festival Events

● Theatres

● Recreation Centers

How to Operate Our Animatronic Creatures

Play Video about how to operate animatronic creatures


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