Raptor Costume with New Teeth Style

Raptor Costume with New Teeth Style

Only Dinosaurs Production has always been developing the details of Walking Dinosaur Costumes. To make it more realistic, the eyes, claws and teeth are all based on scientific data as much as possible.

Recently, we produced a new Raptor Costume, with improved teeth, which is made of resin. After teeth installed, it looks more like real raptors, isn’t it?

Velociraptor Costume Teeth

Now the Raptor costume with new teeth style is in hot sale STOCK.

Raptor Costume with New Teeth

Raptor Suit with New Teeth

For more information, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Raptor Outfit with New Teeth

  1. What is the cheapest of these models (including shipping), and what would the price be. I have been searching around for the place that sells one of these the cheapest. Thanks in advance for all replies.

  2. How much do these generally cost and could I do custom coloring and a payment plan?

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