How to Troubleshoot If the Puppet Has No Sounds

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Step 1: Check if the remote control indicator lights when the buttons are pressed.

No light or a faint light means the batteries are dead and needs to be replaced.

The indicator lights means the remote control is working. Proceed to the next step.

Step 2:  Make sure the sound knob is not in the silent position.

Turn it to the center position and try again to see if it makes sounds.

Step 3: Check if any wires are loose. 

Step 4: lf still no sounds, please replace the connector of the battery.

Step 4-1: Prepare a pair of scissors and a 2mm straight screwdriver.

Replace a new connector of the voice box.

Step 4-2: Scissors to cut off the cables of battery connector.

Please cut off the cables one by one to prevent the battery from shorting out.

Step 4-3: Strip the copper from the cables of battery and new connector.

Step 4-4: Screw them together. Red to red. Black to black.

Step 4-5: Wrap the exposed copper wires with insulating tape.

Step 5: Connect the battery, and turn on the power. Check whether the green light is on or not.

If the light is not on the main board is broken and the voice box needs to be replaced.

If the light is on, proceed to the next step in troubleshooting.

If still no luck, please open the voicebox. 

Then take a detailed internal video. Send it over to us.

Our team will look into it, and get back to you with a solution.

If you followed the above steps, still no luck. Please take a detailed video which describle the problem. Our enginners will look into this. And get back to you with a solution.